​​*​Please Note* 

​Unfortunately Kishan can not give just everyone an appointment. 

Due to very high demand Kishan is only seeing selective cases via request,

If you would like to REQUEST an appointment and tell your story please click "Request an Appointment" and fill in the form FULLY, any incomplete forms will  NOT be received or seen.

So when you are ready to take responsibility for your health and decide to move forward, Kishan is ready to help you on that Journey!​

Please note there is a charge of £50 for cancelations forgotten with no valid reason and without 48 hours notice this is a Private clinic not the NHS!

​​Due to The high volume of patients Kishan sees daily, time is spent with those patients first, unfortunately  Kishan can not offer free advice or chats so please request time slots via the Appointment request page

At present Kishan has a long waiting list, However Kishan may add you to the Cancellation list

so you could be called at Short notice.​​

​​"Kishan is a kind, beautiful soul who is an amazing Healer and Homeopathic Consultant"

Why Patients call Kishan   "The Magic Man

Homeopathic Consultant and Psychic Surgeon

Kishan has been a Professional, Registered  Homeopathic Consultant and a Grand Master Healer/Psychic Surgeon for over 32 years, treating people All over the World, he works and resides in the City of Newport in South Wales.

The Clinic is able to deal with adults, children and animals alike and specialises in the treatment of both acute and chronic conditions using a variety of methods including Homeopathic treatments as well as Grand Master Reiki/Psychic Surgery.
Situated in the centre of Newport City, South Wales, UK 

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Kishan is only seeing selective cases due to such high demands you are REQUESTING an appointment only, Kishan chooses his patients.

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