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Arthur 18 years Staff, late stage lymphoma

Thank you Kishan Words just never are enough Beverly [❤️]

This is Arthur he is a 18 year old staff who has recently been diagnosed with late stage lymphoma by the vet he was offered chemo at 4500 pounds that may give him little or no extra time between 2 and 6 months at the very most.
I have a significant amount of rescue animals and have had Kishan’s help before he has treated my animals free of charge on many occasions it is his way of giving something back to vulnerable dogs
I asked my vets if he felt it was worth doing something more Homeopathic alternative and refreshingly he said yes.
I then contacted Kishan and he phoned me back straight away-
I know how busy he is!
He treated Arthur with a Psychic Surgery distant healing as we are over 164 miles away.
Arthur was very relaxed during the healing -most of the healings make the dogs sleepy as if they have come out of a surgery I guess.
Kishan then advised on the Homeopathy needed.
1 week on;
Arthur went for a check up at vets and the vet was astonished to find the cluster like tumours on his jawline had all but gone and struggled to find them and the ones behind his legs
I know just how wonderful Kishan is he has prolonged and given my dogs and cats so much extra quality of life and even helped by them not having to take there usual expensive meds that many Vets (and I know many considering the 100+ animals I have) that have never been able to help.
I owe him a debt I could never pay
He truly is a Magic Man. Who’s loving and caring to know I am so fortunate to have the privilege of calling him my friend [❤️]

Pictures: before and after

Tyler H
“Finding Light where I felt there was non!”

I had been doubting my beliefs, friends and my family and what they thought of me. I had so many insecurities. I never had a thought in my mind to keep me around so I dove into drinking and then I was so very close to ending it all.
Having to leave the army which was my hopes dreams shattered
I felt there was nothing more.
I went to my doctors for help and they told me that Tablets are my best chance to improve my mental state before they even spoke to me face to face so I gave up on the idea of trying.
My dad knew Kishan over 15 years ago and he came into his mind, after trying all avenues with no luck.
So we decided to contact Kishan not sure he was working still but much to our suprise was impossible to get an appointment, so my father left a message on his phone begging for help and he phoned back straight away.
Meeting Kishan well he had such a strong aura, he took all my doubts all my insecurities then put them in the shredder.
I don’t know how but He listened knew things and just gave me a healing I can’t put into words he literally pulled those memories traumas negative thoughts out of my head.
I felt it but it’s hard to explain.
He explained after I was reassured thst I don't need to slouch and hide because of my height and my build any more.
After 1 visit I was changing so much my old self was emerging, which seems total impossible after seeing so many around me with mental health suffering especially after there therapies conventional and unconventional.
I had a follow up phone appointment with the GP and explained I’d only taken 2 anti- depressants but felt alive, happy and going out with friends eating better more confident after seeing Kishan and was hoping he would be supportive and pleased I was doing all those things.
However the response was “ you doing those things to hide your true feelings of depression and need to start your anti- depressants.
I tried to explain yet was continually knocked down again by a frustrated GP -who’s ego sadly was far greater than his professional healthcare training. My confusion was that positive qualified professional practitioners would be encouraging what I was doing. This is seen as “taking responsibility for my health”.
Self healing, ticking the boxes to health.
I put the phone down and now 2 months on after seeing Kishan only 2 x. I am me again thank you Kishan I am strong both physically and mentally. I feel more capable and confident. Kishan is the best in the field their is no-one else like him.


Carly & Ryan

The Magic Man - That’s exactly what he is!

So from the age of two my son struggled with food. Would only eat certain plain foods. First I thought it was a control thing. He lives on chicken nuggets and garlic bread with the odd plain pasta dish. I’ve been told for years that he will grow out of it. I was hoping but he didn’t. It’s been nearly 8 years now and he’s cried to me asking for help with trying & eating different foods. He’s a very active boy and plays many sports. He now realises that he needs good food, fruit and veg for energy and to be healthy. My heart broke for him.
I contacted our GP who basically said to me ‘what do you want me to do?’ After explaining we need some help, maybe psychological help as he physically can’t put new foods to his mouth or even smell it. She reluctantly referred him to a dietician which after a few weeks they wrote back to say they couldn’t help. The GP then decided to refer to the mental health team who was the same, no help whatsoever. In between these referrals being sent I contacted Kirshan to see if he could help. I was stuck and got a 9 year old crying for help. He’s a very busy man and we was put on Kishan’s waiting list. Hoping and praying Ryan would get to see the magic man himself [🤞🏼]
Few weeks later it was a Monday morning and my boy had a very rare day off school, Kishan messaged me to see if I could take him down that afternoon on the off chance. Of course I took him.
Ryan was super nervous as he didn’t know what to expect.
We met Kishan at his Clinic, he instantly made us feel calm and welcomed us in. The first thing he said to Ryan was…. ‘ You don’t look like you got a problem with food’ it instantly eased Ryan’s worries and nerves.
They spoke Kishan was easy for Ryan to speak to, Kishan then did some Psychic Surgery on Ryans head and body, which was emotional to watch but amazing. Finally someone was helping. When Ryan woke up he still thought Kishan was touching his legs as he could feel his hands there, Kishan said he was but wasn’t and it’s hard to explain. He felt very tired after his first healing session. Ryan was then given some homeopathy medication, Kishan Explained what it was and how it would help unlock and continue aiding the healing process. I felt I could trust this man with my whole heart, even though I had only just met him.
Ryan’s has always complained of heel pain, again I’ve put it down to growing pains, he does not complain about this so much now thank you Kishan.
I could notice a change in him, like a weight was lifted from his shoulders. That first week he did try a monster munch and a naan bread which might not seen a lot to many but it was an achievement of trying something different.
Kishan has a calming effect. His aura is just magical and so are his hands.
So after only 2 sessions with Kishan Ryan’s confidence has grown, he’s sticking up for himself in school against his friends that he wouldn’t normally confront. (Not bad things but he’s letting them know he’s there and he has a voice and an opinion).
We have been twice to have healing and he is due back in a few weeks.
I cannot thank him enough for saving my boy. Sounds dramatic but little steps and I know my boy can conquer anything [💜]
He’s helping his whole body and mind and not just the eating part. I will always be totally grateful to this man.
I would also like to mention that the first meeting with Kishan, he helped me after Ryan’s healing. He could see something wasn’t right with me and how much pain I was in with my axial spondyloarthropathy. He offered healing in this session. It was soothing and relaxing. My joints mainly my back felt so good. The healing sensations were still felt for a few hours. It was bliss! He didn’t have to treat me but he did and I will always be super thankful as I know how busy he is and how long his waiting list is!!
Thank you Carly & Ryan x [💜]



We often find we go to a healing for one thing and come away with so much more - this has certainly been my experience here....

​I first met Kishan just over a year ago but I had a feeling our paths would continue to cross and I’m so grateful that they have! Although it had been in the back of my mind for a while to ask about a healing, I was strongly drawn to request a treatment soon after experiencing a miscarriage. Kishan is such a wonderful person and gifted healer. When with him, there’s an immediate sense of warmth, understanding and connection. While the miscarriage was the main experience that drew me to ask for an appointment, so much more happened during the two sessions I had with Kishan (as well as between and beyond) that I find difficult to put into words. All I can say is that it has been a beautiful experience and opened my eyes even further to the world of energy and healing. We often find we go to a healing for one thing and come away with so much more - this has certainly been my experience here. For months I had been feeling quite lost in my direction/purpose as I have a number of passions, working as a healer also being one of them. I can honestly say, I entered the room in a highly emotional state and left in a completely different feeling – the sense of peace and shift in energy was just wonderful. I’m so grateful to Kishan for seeing me and for also offering to help with my healing practice going forward. I’m excited to see what unfolds, while continuing to enjoy the moments here and now.


Helen C

Kishan came into my life at the exact time I needed him. 

I was very unsure about myself, had no confidence and lacking in self worth.
So I contacted him for a request as I know he only sees those he chooses or picks now due to being inundated with request.
I had digestion issues along with other ailments, the biggest of which was mental health.  I had been on the anti depressant Mirtazapine for many years and was anxious to come off them but was very apprehensive as I had suffered a nervous breakdown five years previous.  
Kishan said he’d see me and for that I was so grateful he  gave me healing along with homeopathic remedies, courage and support and I miraculously I was totally off the drug within six weeks.
He never promised to do any of this- however his patients testimonials speak Volumes if you read in between the lines.
Kishan explains all healthcare practitioners can only do what’s in there experiences and abilities 
I have only seen Kishan six times and have been told the door is always open.
I can honestly say that I’m not the same person that I was before I met him. He has given me the ability to continue on my path as a healer of both humans and animals.
He has also been teaching me as he felt I was ready to do more, this has been a dream of mine that’s coming true to.
Kishan is an extraordinary healer who has brought out the very best in me and I cannot thank him enough.

Before you read this next Testimonial I would like to share these words;-
When ever I’m asked what’s the one condition you like to treat in patients, it’s helping those who have lived in Silence, Fear, under another’s Control.
Many Fearful of going out into society because they don’t feel there worth.

Those that are stuck and can’t move forward missing out on all that has been presented in there path.
Fear is a debilitating life destroying emotion we sometimes become attached to because it hides under what we deem as being safe.

But it creates Panic attacks. Low self esteem, no confidence, depression, imposter syndrome, OCD. ADHD. Asperger’s syndrome and much more.


Thank you S.L.S for your beautiful words [❤️]
Before I met Kishan....

I had been through years of emotional abuse and I was painfully living in my past. I missed my life when I was happy. I was lost, crushed and numb. I was just a shell of a person that existed just so I didn't hurt my children by my suicide. I would go out my way to avoid anyone, keep my head down and dread anyone speaking to me. Never looked in a mirror and gained alot of weight. I pushed people out and had so much hate for the world.
My poor children would have a grumpy, stressed and bitter mum. I always wanted to be a mum, but this was not who I wanted my children to have! I had seen 4 counsellors over the years and I've never felt comfortable nor had success from it.
I saw a Mum I know had posted on Facebook a few times she had seen Kishan the Magic Man. After a few times seeing her say that I was curious. Because I had reached rock bottom and scraping by was hurting more and more. A few months went by and I kept looking at Kishans page looking at reviews.
I wasn't sure if to believe his work or not, but something was telling me I had to try it. I had exhausted all other options!
When I first Meet Kishan I was so nervous. I just dumped myself on the chair and said please help me, I cried, which is something I hadn't done for a long long time. My first emotion felt in a while..
Kishan wasn’t suprised.
I told Kishan my story and he reassured me.
From the first healing I noticed changes like being able to look at people and hold a conversation. Then the most magical experience happened when I was on a walk with my children, I laughed with them and it wasn't forced. I saw the look of their face of love and enjoyment. After the second time seeing Kishan, it was like the fog had cleared and I could see!! Its a strange feeling to describe but I can see now. Im good, I'm happy, I have fun with my children, I'm confident. I look for conversations and I'm in control of my life. I make decisions that are going to have a positive effect on me.
Kishan had made me believe in myself, made me feel worth, he is so kind and caring. Thank you will never feel enough for how you have healed me [❤️] you have given me life and the ability to be the best mum to my children [❤️]
Honestly Kishan really is -
The Magic Man!


​Gemma P

Words are not enough! 

Let’s just say I started off a mess! Crying daily,  didn’t want to leave the house, worried about anything and everything, my mind just would just not switch off. I hardly ate and when I did I used to have loose bowels. I could not be bothered to get off the sofa daily - Couldn’t sleep for worrying - I was lost I didn’t know what on earth happened to me - this had been going on for 9 nearly 10 years - after numerous doctor appointments I was put on anti depressants for post natal depression and told I most likely have IBS I got used to thinking “a year on these I’ll be 100% again” nothing changed - 10 years later (still nothing) I  saw a post from one of my friends about Kishan and I had been wondering whether is was worth it and like most people I suppose  (before I went) thought it probably won’t work I was very skeptical, nervous and scared - I can remember lying in bed one night again crying for no reason and thinking I have had enough. The message I sent to Kishan well  I think I must have wrote him a book of feelings! The next day I got a call from him personally he said he wanted to see me! 

I was s***ing my pants crying and nervous! However as soon as I walked through his door I felt calm - I had change my mind Kishan is so nice and calming he actually listened to everything I said and knew how I felt which was crazy as he knew things no one could have known about my thoughts. It was a relief, I wasn’t going crazy and it wasn’t all in my head I was stuck somewhere and I couldn’t get out or back to my normal self. During my first consultation and psychic surgery healing I lay on the bed, I couldn’t relax thinking what on earth is going on -

Kishan would walk around me and heal - I can’t describe it but after what felt like an hour of healing ( which was actually 10-15 min I felt so much better - I felt lighter as if a balloon had popped and everything pored out - I was already more confident - actually smiling again. The homeopathy was to heal me from within and to continue with the healing process- irrelevant of what was thrown at me over the  weeks.

Kishan calls this the Combination Treatment using all his gifts as one.

That night I felt so tired I went home climbed into bed and actually had a full 8 hour sleep, no thoughts, no worries nothing. This continued and ever day got better. After a month I went back to Kishan and another healing was done and in that month I knew this was working - I can see a lot of my old self appearing (outgoing, speak to anyone, always smiling) hallelujah… after the 2nd session it just got better and better - I was buying clothes I never thought I would as I would live in leggings and baggy jumpers not to draw attention! I even make the effort daily to brush my hair (which was a task before) I could not believe what was going on! All I seem to do now is smile! I’ve also found When people are trying to bring me down or have an opinion on my way of life with my children or just in general instead of accepting like I used to I put foot down and tell them this is my decision (confidence is powerful). Today! My 3rd session I didn’t realise Was going to be my last healing 10/05/2022 - and the healing was incredible this time I didn’t even think of anything! My mind was blank - I have been going to bed no thoughts/ - eating as I can now be bothered - I haven’t cried in nearly 3 months and the best thing of all NO ANTIDEPRESSANTS.. AND NO IBS  (the homeopathy used as short term support has worked even faster)so I’m drug free, I thought I could not live without them and they improved my mood! Rubbish! Kishan has actually changed my life completely - it’s incredible - the way I think about things has completely changed - we have 1 life I’m not wasting it - I’ve wasted 10 years!! Anyone who is suffering like me remember it is easy to say - this isn’t going to work, but what have you got to lose you already feel like your at rock bottom! I can’t express how I feel now. Absolutely amazing x x

CD Cait

I am now standing here today, able to sleep, with no infections, my joint pain barely noticeable, anxiety levels decreased... he re-wired my brain; without even trying, I quit smoking tobacco and cannibis, stopped biting my nails, changed my entire diet...got a new job, a new home. The process has been nothing short of unfathomable.

A journey starts with a single step... I was no dummy myself, with a degree in chemistry and a pretty decent understanding of herbology, there was never anything I'd faced that was beyond my capability... until this point. 
I had exhausted my knowledge of different alternative  treatments, cleaned out my diet, used all natural products, been through every medication under the sun. I was baffled, in pain and a medical mystery to doctors and practitioners. 
Complete blood counts, ECG's, Chest X-rays left nothing  but more questions, as they could help me with any of my illnesses or pain.
The universe dropped me into Kishan intentionally - when I messaged, originally asking like a complete novice for reiki... Kish explained he worked on many levels and and well I was sure to learn that shortly after that he was in fact A Master Healer... 

For months - pressing onto a year, I was in deep pain - physically, I had joint pain and inflammation throughout my whole body, a raging UTI infection that had spread to my kidney, heart palpitations, numbness in my arms and feet, veins raising and burning, severe abdominal pain, inability to breathe on occassion, unexplained panic attacks, combined with insomnia...it felt like my whole body was on fire. After visiting A and E unable to breathe, experiencing extreme chest pain and arrythmia on 5 occasions -
The doctors were baffled. All my organs were functioning fine according to bloods, no deficiencies... they did 2 chest x-rays and couldn't find anything wrong with my heart either. I was getting NOWHERE! The symptoms continued to worsen... until I met Kish. 

The first time he visited me was from his own hospital bed; 5 days post being on a ventilator himself he told me after , his energy visited me from the hospital. I lay on the floor - breathed deep, in through the nose, out through the mouth, following his instructions...  I emptied my brain of thoughts and I began to see a bright golden light envelop me, this thick grey sludge being physically scooped out of my abdominal area. My joint pain started to disappear and for the first time in months. After I was drowsy like you’d be post surgery. I couldn't thank him enough - especially given his own circumstances - it was the first full night sleep I'd had in months. He said "good, rest now - I will see you when I return". 
I couldn't help but think, "If that's what he can do from a distance, what on earth was his energy like in person?" Well I was about to find out! 
A month  or so later - really exited to meet this incredible man, I went for my first proper consultation. The treatment, when I was under was nothing short of astounding a sensation indescribable - I left my body and entered a different realm where the pain I was in, didn't exist anymore. I felt ripples across my third eye as it opened up, the calcination cracking and falling away... there I found myself, on a luscious expanse, with my late ferret buggaluggs by my side as my guide - I could physically feel water lapping at my sides, as if I was floating on an ocean with waves underneath me. My ferret jumped into the water - I dove into the water after her, only to find, despite my initial panic to surface for oxygen, I could breathe under it. My soul had been cleansed, washed and anxiety quelled. I felt euphoric as I came back around - like my body was full of light. So the old adage goes "Rome wasn't built in a day" - we scheduled our next appointment. 
I remember this one vividly - Kish cleansed and  re-opened my third eye - I let loose and emptied my brain once again. Only to see and tangibly feel myself being moulded out of clay and then set out in the sun to dry - this bright golden light drenched me and the clay began to crack and fall away from me. As I stood up in this intense bright light which was coming from Kish - I walked forwards, as the clay crumbled away from me. I felt like I'd been remoulded and cleansed - centred and grounded with the earth. When I finally came around - it was as if I'd been sat out on a lounger in the Mediterranean for hours, I felt sun drunk - but recharged. I've had a further 4 treatments, all with breath-taking pivotal experiences, each one has nourished me. 
My journey has been a long one with huge leaps in progress since I met Kish. I am now standing here today, able to sleep, with no infections, my joint pain barely noticeable, anxiety levels decreased... he re-wired my brain; without even trying, I quit smoking tobacco and cannibis, stopped biting my nails, changed my entire diet...got a new job, a new home. The process has been nothing short of unfathomable - I have met many "healers" in my time, self-proclaimed crystal healers, reiki healers... but never in my life have I met an energy like that of Kishan. He is truly remarkable in his understanding of healing - his guidance, friendship and treatment is a gift to myself and many others. I'm honored to have had the universe put him in my path - I would not be where I am today without him. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting this beautiful soul, it is a gift from the universe - embrace it with open arms and I promise you, even as a huge skeptic who had chemistry and physical science as limitations, you would come away from an appointment with Kish, a believer. 
I am extremely grateful to Kish for all his hard work with me over the last few months and even more so to the universe for gracing me with meeting him. It's been a beautiful experience I will never forget. 
Not only has he healed me, it has additionally it has opened my eyes to what I deem to be tangible limitations. Far beyond what the limitations of science and modern medicine offers- medicine which I have taken myself off which I was told I maybe on for life.it’s a boundless energy I can now transverse myself, thanks to Kish. 
I would encourage anybody to venture down this path, to learn just how infinite this universe is. 
Even as I speak today - blockages in my neck and spine that Kish has worked on have eased and reconnected. Each day is a new release into a version of myself, I didn't know could exist. Free from addictions, pain and historical vices. I am becoming truly who I am meant to be... an infinite being, with infinite possibilities. 
Once again - thank you from the bottom of my soul and heart for the incredible work that you do. I will be forever grateful for your wisdom and guidance Kish. 

For those who embark on this journey as I have - enjoy the ride, trust your guide and watch the magic happen ! 💜💚

Izzy.16 years old  

I had been struggling with anxiety and panic attacks since coming out of lockdown and I never really thought I would be able to go back to my normal self.

I’m 16 years old and I know magic isn’t real but the only way I can explain it is as if it was magic

Im 16 years old and Kishan has helped me so much. I had been struggling with anxiety and panic attacks since coming out of lockdown and I never really thought I would be able to go back to my normal self. My mood and anxiety levels would go sky high and then decrease again but every time I felt like I was getting better it came back 10x worse. It got to the point where I couldn’t even leave my house and I would have a panic attack every morning at the thought of leaving my safe space- my room. I started to loose interest in my hobbies and going out with my friends to the point where I would make up excuses or just not turn up. My cousin recommended Kishan to my mam and I had absolutely no idea what he did or how he could help me and all she said was “I’m going to take to take you to a man that is going to help you” obviously I was very scared and I was just ready for it to be another failed attempt on helping me get better. But this wasn’t like anything that had happened before. I can remember walking into his room and thinking what is happening this is insane. I’ve never really believed in stuff like this but at the same time I’d never really heard about it. I can’t explain what happened because it was like magic, obviously not flying or turning invisible but it was magical, Kishan knew everything about me and I only just met him, I felt like I didn’t need to explain myself because he knew my thoughts, it was scary but I felt safe. He had bought up things I’d never really thought of about myself but it all made sense.
He did what he called a healing where I lead down and he worked his magic, I had my eyes closed so I don’t really know what he was doing but whatever he did it worked. I felt so relaxed like I hadn’t felt since the start of lockdown 2020. I felt like I was lifting, I’m 16 years old and I know magic isn’t real but the only way I can explain it is as if it was magic. After the healing I was calm and I felt safe, it was weird because I wasn’t in my room where I spent the last 3 weeks. 
I’d only seen Kishan 3 times and he says he never uses the words discharge anymore - he says “ come back if you ever need me the doors always open for you”.
I’m so much better I’m doing everything I love again and I’m so much more confident, I feel like my old happy self or even better. 
I know it’s hard to accept help when you feel like there’s no saving you but I would 100% recommend Kishan to anyone I’ve met he will help you with a problem that big or small he’s the most loveliest person I’ve met and he is the only person that has helped me become my normal self again


Molly,Healer,  San Francisco, California. 

Having seen many Healers, I found the one on the other side of the world....  

I found Kishan accidentally while I was searching the internet for another healer. I’m so happy my soul brought me here. Since my first session with Kishan my life has changed for the better. I feel a lot of heavy energy has been lifted and my mindset has also shifted. A lot of positive changes have happened in my life and I feel happier in general now that the blocks are gone. His advice is solid and  sincere and his energy healing is powerful!

Thank you Kishan.
Molly from San Francisco California 



He is truly the most inspiring healer I have ever had the privilege to have known.

"It was through our family pet needing help that I have had the privilege to discover Kish and his clinic. To be a healer is something that most of us aspire towards at some point in life. However, I have met Kish and my vision about being a healer has changed. Kish is able to “touch” from a distance with his unique and skilful abilities. 
I feel I am being listened by an old friend who absolutely understands and encourages me to find my light and purpose in life. I had several health issues that needed Kish’s special attention. The current global events have managed to change my family life into something worthy of novel stollen from the seventh circle of hell. That pushed my ability to cope with day to day life into severe depression. Menstruation was suddenly thrown into chaos without any apparent reasons, I was battling general weakness and had very little strength left to see any light at the end of the tunnel or even pretend that there is such a thing. With Kish’s absolute passion for my story, I have managed to overcome the depressive states, menstrual irregularities and a most recent scare with facing stage 3 cancer with my left breast. Where kishan’s advice homeopathic medication sent and trust in how to take changed the pathological state within weeks , confirmed by Scans. Helping me understand the underlining of the physical issues and connecting them with my emotions makes my healing journey so much simpler. 
The reply time when I need Kish’s help is phenomenal as I understand he runs a very busy clinic. He is truly the most inspiring healer I have ever had the privilege to have known. I am truly lucky in knowing that there is someone out there that does not need that much explanation and just sees me as I am, without any preconceived filters. Genuine. One of a kind indeed. It is my pleasure to invite anyone needing help and reading this to visit Kish’s clinic. You will then understand what I mean. 
Thank you so much for being there for me and my family, Kish. May God bless you for your kindness. "



Healings prolonging life, wisdom for the right decision and a peaceful goodbye, thank you Kishan.

I found Kishan when searching for Animal Psychic Surgery and over the last couple of years he did remote healing sessions for my dog & also one for me , which I can honestly say helped enormously every time.
Just before Xmas 2021 our precious little pug took a downturn in health following a tooth op. Her breathing was laboured and she looked tired and sad. I rushed her to the vet, leaving a panicked message for Kishan on the way.
He kindly picked up even though it was quite late at night and I told him what was happening. He asked me to ring back with news once the vet had checked her over.
The news sounded ominous, her organs were falling and it was hard to even find a pulse but the vet seemed keen to keep her overnight, run tests and try her on various drugs. She made it clear we were looking at £2k to (I quote) “keep her alive overnight” and would need half upfront but couldn’t promise anything.
Under the stressful circumstance and assuming she was in the ‘best possible hands’ I felt this was probably what we should do, although in my heart I was thinking  “but we did blood tests last week & she’s already had antibiotics ? what difference will these things make tonight ?”
Now this little dog was truly my world, I would have paid ANYTHING to keep her alive because I loved her SO much but the prognosis really didn’t sound good and I didn’t want to make the wrong decision for my own selfish reasons.
I really appreciated being able to talk with Kishan, he knew my dog and had a connection with her, but was not as emotionally involved my immediate family which made this difficult.
So Kishan explained clearly, compassionately and with such wisdom  I then realised that thinking about the whole situation outside of myself was different as I was thinking of the whole parties present now.

I realised that when a vet says an animals vital signs are failing that basically means the start of death and really the only thing to offer is Palliative care as was in this case because anything else puts undue stress on a weak animal.
It would have been cruel selfish and thoughtless to keep her there.
Kishan also reminded me that everything I had done for her entire life was out of love and with the highest intention & cause she was such a special member of our family that the right thing would be to bring her home to spend her last hours with that loving family in a warm comfortable familiar environment.
He reminded me to leave a family member alone in a hospital dying and afraid where a phonecall during the night to say that they had passed away wasn’t the way to leave this life.  I knew that taking her home to be with my children and one last Kiss  and a loving goodbye (which was the case) was the right thing to do.
Thank you Kishan for saying calm kind words and  helped me make a sensible decision at the very stressful time, and I am so grateful Kishan offered his wisdom in a very non-judgemental way he gently guided me to make the right decision.
My husband and my children agreed that this was the best possible outcome and we have no regrets at all because we know our Princess slipped away peacefully at home as soon as my son arrived. It’s like she was waiting to say good buy to all of us.
I will forever be grateful for Kishans kindness & wisdom both during Tallulahs lifetime and her passing.
He took the time to check up on me and my family in the days following her death, it meant so much. What a genuine, caring human being .
I would (& often do !) recommend him to anyone who’ll listen!



Post virus complications, ovarian cancer, polyps the operation then.... 

Meeting Kishan for the first time, well! It’s like meeting a old friend.. walking into his Consulting Room is like coming home from a hard day at work, comforting, warm, relaxing and full of love..
My close friend got me a appointment, I was desperate.. After being violently Ill for weeks, not eating, drinking unable to move, back and forth the hospital for blood tests, being put on drip and losing weight, we were all beginning to get very worried..
At last I had some results.. one of my blood tests were abnormal, and I was sent for a scan. Out of the blue, on my own with a nurse and a consultant I was told they found a abnormal growth that was probably Ovarian Cancer.. I was given a card, and told I needed a CT scan… The card was for a McMillan Nurse I was devastated.. CT scan showed the same, and I had to wait until the consultants had a meeting to agree my course of action..
My Mental health wasn’t good.. In my head a was planning my funeral and then I met Kishan “my safety net” I could have sat there all day, not saying anything just being in his company made me feel strangely so much better, my head became a little less foggy.. I explained he listened, he spoke I listened, it was a connection that made me feel as if I was in a deep meditation..
I didn’t know what to expect as I hadn’t read any information about Kishan, all I knew that he was a homeopath, so when I was asked to lie in his couch I was quite surprised.. closing my eyes, I could feel warmth, healing warmth, I can’t say healing pain because I had no pain.. deep deep relaxation and a loss of time..I could have stayed all day.. I was told no coffee, for the foreseeable future and given my medication.. I went home and ate for the first time I’m weeks..
With no information from the NHS consultant, I’d booked to see a private consultant. Armed with all my letters that was sent to me regarding the size of my growth and suspected illness, he did another scan, and nothing… NOTHING.. there was no growth….. And I Knew, I Knew… it was Kishan..
Back to the NHS, I was now told there was no treatment needed on the growth as I dispersed and my blood test was normal..I was emotionally exhausted..
My second appointment with Kishan taught me that I need to look after myself, I still needed a op to remove some polyps.. Kishan’s treatment took me to another worldly place.. The warmth is amazing, a kaleidoscope of colours that I see and the healing from his love of life, everyone needs a dose..
After my op! Guess what? I had no polyps, just scarring from a previous procedure..
I feel different.. beginning to get back into tune with myself, a deeper understanding of the rhythm of the life.. my yoga and meditation has a profound affect on how a tackle each day.




The Virus, Parkinson, Anxiety......a distant memory thank you Kishan.

I was newly diagnoses with Parkinsons and the tremors were unbearable (13 months ago) the weakness and depression got to a point of being so real I had to accept it. I had such fear and anxiety because I was about to lose my job, a job I love and had been doing most of my life that was going to be taken away from me.

I didn't want to really believe I was ill and only went to see Kishan for the stress and anxiety all to get my energy back during the virus as he'd treated so many of the Consultants, Drs and Nurses also many staff at the Royal Gwent and The Grange Hospital in Cwmbran, in fact all through lockdown he'd been helping us. this is beyond frontline and not ever seen by everyone else and wouldn't certainly be in the media or papers. Kishan explained he doesn't do what he does for rewards certificates or knighthoods. He does what he does out of compassion love and care. 

Kishan treated me for the virus and I was miraculously well within days 3 days to be exact. watching others suffer and deteriorate wasn't easy as Kishan explained we are all on our own path and people have to ask for help (like a surgeon asking for a signature before surgery).

So seeing kishan 3 months ago was So calming , I was surprised at the level of Knowledge he had both in spiritual and medical areas and even animals when I mentioned my animals.

He knew so much before I could open my mouth to speak and the healing was incredible in fact I left my body on occasion which kishan explained later that most do. (something I've never experienced)

I'm pleased to say that leaving Kishan each time made me stronger, happier, clearer in my head (like it had been wiped of all anxiety, fears and  negative thoughts). my tremors are nearly non existent, my energy has soared and I'm better than I was before I started to get ill. kishan explained we are not out of the woods as it takes time with deep pathological cases on times and ill be seeing him less but need to stay balanced. I have my life back and Parkinson's seems but distant memory.

Words will not ever thank Kishan but Thank you from the bottom of my soul Kishan.

Tanya Smart
I am grateful to say that after 15 long painful years I am no longer on medication and have never felt better....Thank you

'For most of my adult life I have struggled with bouts of depression and anxiety issues due to trauma suffered during childhood. Following GP advice I have spent years of my life rattling around on various medications where  relief was short lived and the deep despair I struggled with always returned.......
I had been working on myself for approx 8 months prior being introduced to Kishan where I had started to reduce my medication and was doing shadow work, using the process of letting go of my fears, working from an inward perspective and using meditation to understand myself and  resolve my ongoing emotional issues.....
My daughter had been receiving Healing /Psychic Surgery from Kishan and had benefited greatly from this kind of therapy and recommended this to me as a form of alternative healing......
This has been a life changing decision, I have a deeper understanding of my emotional response and through Kishans guidance I now feel and listen to my body when these negative energy's try to arise.....
Each session has been a profound experience which has helped me physically as well as emotionally.....I have been reminded who I am....
Kishan is a beautiful soul who listens and has an overwhelming sense of calmness around him.....I have just received my 5th session with Kishan during which I was able to surrender and connected to something bigger than I am...I have never felt so peaceful...the visualisation I received were immense....
From a spiritual perspective, I could feel my guides all around me...I was shown the energy force flowing through my body working and healing me....I felt that I was not alone and knew this as absolute...whilst the Healing/Psychic Surgery worked its way through my body I was cleansed...
The homeopathy helped me undo, clear, detox and deal with any anxiety, low feelings etc.  but I've now found the combination of what kishan does is tailored to me and healing all of me back to the person I should have been.
I am grateful to say that after 15 long painful years I am no longer on medication ( I was told I would be on life for) and have never felt better....thank you Kishan.

Danielle Harris

Thank you Kishan for helping me become the person I was always meant to be and empowering me every step of the way [🌸]

Out of all the sessions I've had with Kishan - no two have been the same. The first time Kish treated me he performed psychic surgery on my spine and I was blown away and instantly gobsmacked by what this man can do.
I felt an instant relief after years of chronic pain. Kishan worked with me for some months after that and opened my mind in so many amazing ways. He introduced me to energy work and spirituality, and even inspired me to start my own reiki practice. Not only has he been my healer and homeopath, Kishan has been my teacher, guide and mentor and I consider him a dear friend [❤]
I've since been discharged from Kishan's clinic and with his help I've been able to ween off all of my medications, this was my choice and kishan never once advised me to do this. Some medication I thought I'd be on for life, and there were a few! I'm now 2nd Degree reiki attuned and not only pain free, but I have a deep mind body connection and I see pain as a way of my amazing body communicating with me [💛]
I set on a journey of fixing my chronic back pain and something even better happened.. all of me began to heal. even the deepest darkest, ugliest and most painful parts of me, began to heal. And to my absolute amazement I'm now healing others too!! I know my journey is not over and there are times when the process of healing is painful, but when you get to the other side my god its truly the most wonderful thing in the world [🥰]
Thank you Kishan for helping me become the person I was always meant to be and empowering me every step of the way [🌸]
And if you don't know who this guy is... look him up [🤙]


Elinor Bond 

10 min healing miracle at a wedding- so glad I met Kishan 

I met Kishan at a wedding a few weeks back & feel truly blessed that I did. It was a life changing experience, after suffering with a shoulder injury for many years, seeing physiotherapists, chiropractors & spending hundreds of pounds on treatments nothing worked until I seen Kishan. After only one short session with Kishan I’m now healed. I do crossfit and every time I lifted weights above my head I’d be in Extreme pain for days after, now I have no pain! It’s nothing short of a miracle. I have hit personal bests on my lifting seeing Kishan something I thought would never happen again.
I’m so grateful to have met him and can’t thank him enough for helping me. We were at a wedding it was his day off but yet he went out of his way to help me, you truly are an amazing person Kishan, so kind and understanding.
I can’t wait to see you in the new year.
Merry Christmas and happy new year [❤️]
Amazing results


Liz Marshall

Tooth Jaw pain, on 2nd set of antibiotics- had a 5 min healing  and ......

Having a session with Kish is truly life altering! Whether it's one hour or one minute spent with him, he can truly impact your life. Suffering (both physically and mentally) Kish has helped me feel myself again which is something medication and therapy has been trying to do for a long time. I hope people are willing to be more open to homeopathy and psychic healing for help as it is an experience you'll never forget! You need only ask.

Louise C
Helping me breath again with Covid!  from his hospital bed.

I was diagnosed with Covid and had been in hospital 5 days, but was ill 2 weeks before that and rapidly deteriorating  when I had a message off Kishan asking how I was, I didn’t want him to know as I knew he was In hospital just 48 hours off the ventilator, so when he asked I finallly explained I was down the corridor as a patient and not nursing (as I also work there).
I hadn’t been able to take a breath and was in pain for 5 days my chest was so tight and i kept feeling like i was going to pass out.
He said why didn’t you say.
I explained he must not heal me as he was healing himself now but he explained he was 53 had an amazing life doing all he’s done and I was young with kids. I felt bad as he explained in depth and I understood what he meant, so eventually asked for help. I was not in a good place but felt bad to ask, but under Kishan’s understanding and that he said he was able to do a psychic surgery at this time because he was already starting to go through the changes which he was meant to.
There is a  law in healing because we have to ask for it - it’s like a surgeon gets a signature before surgery so it’s the same principle. 
So I asked, Kishan said to close my eyes and then …. straight away I felt warm going through my body like tingling everything going calm and my lungs filling up again for first time in weeks I could breath properly.
6 min later Kishan text back saying he’d finished.
I could breath! I could literally breath for the first time in a week.
He explained where he’d worked and what he saw and what was happening.
What I didn’t explain was the consultant felt I def had clots on my lungs and I was about to go for a CT scan.
But I already started to felt better.
I thanked Kishan and text him after my CT which was clear and I was able to go home next day.
I saw kishan after he came out and he’s been healing the rest of my symptoms and life situations as there have been many changes.
Words are never enough there are so many other things I want to write here about his kindness and support but they would seem too embarrassing for kishan as he is a proud man always putting his patients first and loves to just give and heal.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart from me and my children.



Helping my daughter in university with Covid

I was introduced to Kishan by a friend who had been recommended Kishan to her by a medical consultant.
I had torn some ligaments in a ski accident and wanted to avoid surgery. After one appointment I could walk without my knee support.
Since our first meeting Kishan has further repaired my fractured hip (where the radiologist couldn’t understand where the fracture line had gone in previous X-ray after I had broken it in fall), and saved my Springer Spaniel twice from death. Once from cocoa poisoning after eating 2 dark chocolate Easter eggs (which was a story fully documented with vet information access and research all in a national paper.

Also kishan helped her again extending her life when she had liver poisoning 3 years later with dragged bloods and no hope. 
On the 20th June this year my daughter who is 21 called me to say she had tested positive for Covid 19 and was feeling rough. My daughter was a student at Leeds University at the time studying a Masters degree. She was in the middle of  writing her final dissertation. I called Kishan immediately he was confident he could help her, and he reassured me he had already helped many medical staff and others recover quickly people from Covid and there viruses.
Kishan contacted my daughter my phone and performed a healing over the phone. She responded straight away. He prepared emergency packets of Homeopathic meds for me to collect by 9.00 am the next day with full instructions.
I drove up to Leeds and managed to deliver them to her early in the afternoon.
She was already feeling stronger and her sore throat has improved.
She remained in isolation for 10 days as required however she felt so much better within a few days and had no long term side effects at all.
We can’t thank Kishan enough for all his help and support.


Terry P
Hard to describe but now I believe nothing is impossible!

I have not used Alternative therapies much before and any health issues I have had I have always seen a doctor. 
After having a problem with my shoulder during COVID I managed to finally get a steroid injection which lasted three weeks and I was back in pain and unable to lift my arm
My partner has previously seen Kishan so after exhausting other options I agreed to go and see him in the hope he could help with the pain in my shoulder. I also have ongoing chronic incurable issues with my ankles one was multiply fractured and then operated on many years ago in my youth and gives me constant pain. 
Kishan had stopped seeing new patients as he has a 12 month waiting and cancellation list however I was fortunate to be given an appointment thanks to my girlfriend who asked.
During the consultation we sat and discussed these issues then I lay down on my back whilst he performed a healing. It’s hard to put into words what exactly happened, I felt at some points I was being pushed and at others like I was having some sort of surgery in the places I felt pain even though Kishan was not touching me or infact stood anywhere near where I was feeling these sensations. I thought I’d been asleep but I felt quite a lot of it. When I first lay down I asked what to do and Kishan told me to take 3 breaths and relax. When I need to relax I always think of a lake I go to and this helps me, I have never told anyone this and I certainly didn’t mention it to Kishan. Upon ‘waking’ he described to me where he had seen me go, the lake, the entrance in, the cottage, everything. 
The month after seeing him passed and when I went back he asked how my shoulder was and I told him it had been hurting. He asked what I had done and I told him I had been moving furniture and fishing etc. In talking out loud and without even realising it, it became apparent how much I had improved. I had spent the whole year since March in pain with my shoulder, I had been unable to go fishing or to lift anything much. 
I have seen him 6 times since and now am able to come in a few months, I would say my shoulder is massively improved from where it was, so much so that I would no longer consider needing any medical intervention. I had zero hope of anything helping my ankles which I thought and was told was one of those things I have to live with, yet this last month I have noticed a big difference there to. I would get up off the sofa or bed and it would always give way and I find it doesn’t do this in the same way the pain is next to nothing to. Kishan is a Homeopathic Consultant amongst many other things and the homeopathic prescription of bone meds for regeneration and healing as he explained heals deeply when impossible. 
I would recommend anyone to try this even if they are living with long term chronic conditions. 

Terry P


Lilly James​
Thank you for giving me back my lost self.

For many months I had been battling past trauma which had happened to me over several occurrences in my younger years. The main one being the passing of my grandfather in 2015, which was the first time realizing that I will never see that person again and that this will happen to myself one day. I started attending university in 2018, which is where for the first time like many young people we are given our first taste of freedom, but what also goes along with that is an increased list of responsibility for oneself. For the first few weeks I was really enjoying my time there with friends I already had from college and then making new ones from different classes. The lectures I had were also really friendly and understanding if you were having any problems with the classwork that was being given. Some were also somewhat comedic with their approach to teaching others. For some reason I became very better all of a sudden and stopped caring about anything of value or importance at the time. I then started to push away friends and stopped attending classes, even though I enjoyed having both aspects of them in my life.
I stopped maintaining contact with my parents and even when they would get a hold of me, I would lie too them and tell them everything was ok. I would only purchase foods that tasted good but were ultimately unhealthy, like many foods that taste good on the way down. I became a recluse and would only go outside because it became too hot in my room on the fourth floor. For the first time in my life, I started to have panic attacks because I was not facing any tasks that I had to complete and not maintaining any part of my physical or mental health. I would have days upon waking up and wishing that I hadn't since the dreams I was having were better than most aspects of my real life. One weekend my parents contacted me and told me that they were coming to see me for the day, since they both had the weekend off. Once they arrived, they had found me in a total state of self-neglect because both myself and the room I was staying in were in a complete mess since neither were being cared for. Both my parents and I decided that I had to leave university, since I was both wasting my time and their money. I had then started to take antidepressants such as citalopram and sertraline to try and make myself happy, which they did at first but then the affects would wear off. I needed something different in order to maintain myself.
2 / 2
Before undergoing the treatment provided by Kishan I had met him a handful of times and was mainly impacted positively by his presence. I decided to give it a try I had been recommended to him by my cousin, who had also been having a bad time with personal problems most of his own life, and after seeing Kishan he was another person.
At first, I was kind of hesitant to explain the problems that I was having since this was something completely new to me.
However Kishan seemed to just know and mentioned my Grandad that passed he knew about my grief and things going on in my head which I had no idea were bothering me.
He did a healing psychic surgery (which cleared my head completely how I have no idea but felt things being pulled out) after that he gave me a homeopathic prescription.
The next session I had to cancel as I felt I was getting better but had a dip, my mother said to keep taking antidep to keep the dr happy but I realised it wasn’t the drs happiness or other peoples anxieties that needed filling but more importantly my own.
Id also forgot to take the low feeling homeopathy medication tailored for my depression I was given. I apologised to Kishan and managed to get another appointment Kishan was very kind and understanding he has people waiting 12 months to see him, so I was grateful.
The next session brought light to many questions and I started to realize that there is nothing to be frightened of, which leaded to start opening up more. The healing part of the sessions were also pretty weird at the start, since it was hard to let myself go into trusting him as I am quite the reserved person. This then also became easier the more sessions that I would attend. The feeling that I would have would be a combination of total weightlessness and freedom from past events either good or bad. Realizing that I had to expect what happened in the past and that there is no way of changing it, and moving on forwards from that was exactly what I needed.
The third session made me look inside myself as Kishan explained I said I needed to move on and grow, Kishan nodded with a smile it’s what he was waiting to hear.
From the progress that I had made in 4 session -such a short space of time looking at others suffering like me, Kishan had decided to discharge me but gave me the option to return at any time if I have any future problems. He also gave me more Homeopathy to take if at any time I was feeling down or felt another panic attack coming on, but haven't needed to take any. Along with this came a list of a few items that I can no longer eat or drink, which are daily items that I would usually have. One of which is chewing gum, which will be the hardest of all as I really enjoy it. All in all, though I would highly recommend him to anybody who is having any personal issues or internal issues that you believe you cannot deal with alone. He has completely opened my eyes to increase my chances of believing in a better tomorrow and that the past is to be remembered for the good times as memories and the hard times as lessons to not shy away from, as they will happen to all of us.

4th July 2021


Post Covid treatment and Kishan

When Covid hit the world went into panic but I remained pretty calm. I tried to enjoy the positives of it all, the chance to partly have time off work, the chance to see my family more (working solidly I rarely had the chance yet during covid I was delivering shopping to them and their neighbour resulting in spending far more time enjoying our time together). I enjoyed the sunshine, I relaxed. Me and my partner had both had breathing difficulties in the March before lockdown but we recovered. Around about May I switched the news channels off, what had at first felt like a coming together had started to feel like a fear filled source of information. Yes we knew it was bad, but the constant constant scare tactics had started to get at me. So we turned it off and got on with life. We decorated the house, we laughed in the sun, we FaceTimed with family and smiled. I was feeling mentally and physically well.
Skip to December and a week before Christmas when I began to feel very unwell one night. I struggled to breathe, I blacked out, I had the worst migraine ever and I was shivering cold. Although I had no ‘covid symptoms’ I got a test anyway and it was positive. Hardly surprising to me that I became ill at this point working in the wet cold weather and covering three peoples work due to illness I hadn’t been looking after myself. I took the two weeks off, felt better than ever and got back to normal.
It was at this point however that I turned to Kishan. As soon as I felt better and began to start work I struggled and I mean massively struggled. It was as though every weakness my body had ever possessed had multiplied… I couldn’t really stomach certain foods and now they were trying to kill me, I couldn’t use strong smelling chemical cleaners without feeling a bit sick but now they were affecting my breathing, I dyed my hair and for 24 hours thought I was going to die. I am the least anxious person ever and suddenly this ‘pandemic’ is causing me anxiety. Everything is magnified, and I feel like my body is under attack and no amount of ‘pushing through it’ was working for me this time.
I practically crawled into his clinic.
The difference between walking in and walking out cannot be measured in words. I didn’t walk in needing conviction that what he does works, I seen Kishan many years ago and he helped shape the person I have become, and for three amazing years he treated my beloved dog and baffled the specialist vets with what he had managed to achieve when he was so ill. So I certainly didn’t need convincing that he could help me. What did surprise me however was the time it took me to go to him for help, how I had let myself get so physically unwell without reaching out, how I had let the utter bullshit that is going on in the world get inside my head and just accepted the way I was feeling.
I have since taken three family members to him. I love to hear their stories of what they feel under healing, how they are taken to another place, how all their anxieties leave their mind, how they can feel someone working on them when he is nowhere near, how their lives and their long term issues they had come to accept have disappeared. How this person must be magic.
Unfortunately I feel none of that anymore. I used to years ago, under healing was like a wonderful dream and something that everyone should experience at least once. I used to hear the energy in the room (so strongly when he worked on my dog that it would deafen me) The only thing I feel now is a million times the person walking out that walked in his clinic. He tells me I’ve evolved and I think this must be true, but it turns out evolved people can still be massive idiots and not reach out for help soon enough when they need it. I’m just glad not only did I go back to him for help instead of waiting to recover alone, but also that I got three beloved family members to experience the peace that comes with this.
My advice to anyone generally but especially those recovering from this last year mentally or physically is to try it. Don’t let the world get inside your head, don’t get bullied into forms of treatment you don’t wish for, everyone out there suddenly has an opinion on your health and your body and what you should be doing and taking. Think freely… and if this is something you have been considering (and let’s face it you have because you are reading these testimonials) then crap to other peoples opinions, we’ve had enough of those this year, try it

9th June 2021

Danny Dee

My Lifelong battle of debilitating, obsessive thoughts based in fear/trauma gone. Thank you Kishan.

I first met Kishan Takahashi in Jan 2021 and have had appointments once a month since then. From my first session, his warm presence put me at ease and I felt I was talking with someone that could understand me at a depth that I cannot explain. His perception and sense of me were detailed and got to the root of me. Hearing his words confirmed what I was feeling. It was a breath of fresh air and gave me a sense of comfort and confidence.

I won't go into too much detail about my reasons for treatment, yet I can tell you I have battled debilitating, obsessive thoughts based on fear/trauma of various degrees and have had them for many years and some would label these as different conditions. These would cause constant pain and trouble in my brain, heart, stomach, nervous system, sleep, appetite, spirituality, and life in general. As you can imagine this has been more than hard at times to live with and just having the confidence to write this out feels therapeutic and cathartic for me.

Receiving Kishan's delicate and skilled combination of energy work and homeopathic medicine has enabled me to get back on track. I am calmer, my pain has transmuted, my thoughts don’t affect me, I have joined the gym, I sense my own energy better, I am at peace in myself, all situations, and around people. In all, I feel more wholesome, conscious, and reminded of how strong I have always been. My own family and friends notice the difference in me and I do too.

I believe people seldom give themselves a second chance at healing and rely on what conventional health care would tell them or simply think that they are doomed with whatever they got for the rest of their lives. There is no need to inhibit oneself, as to trust in something greater than oneself has been the motto that has allowed me to heal from a place of peace and it is sustainable!
So if you are reading this and are experiencing any kind of suffering and still have a skeptical mind, I invite you to let go, surrender to the analytical mind, and embrace a new perspective on what healing really is. If you are seeking a new lease of life for you or your loved one I would highly recommend reaching out to Kishan.
Thank you

8th June 2021
Hayley Jones

Incredible Natural Home birth using Homeopathy 

I contacted Kishan during my pregnancy & initially he gave me healing for a low lying placenta. Which by my 34 week check had moved to a safe position & no longer an issue!
Kishan made sure I had the relevant remedies on hand that would help with each stage of labour & to help me post partum & it did that with ease!!
Kishan was on hand throughout my labour to let me know which remedies to take that would help with each stage of the labour & delivery of baby & placenta.
Baby was born at home within one hour, placenta shortly after. All this before a midwife had even arrived & only a doula present!
With each remedy I took came relief from after pains, soreness from grazes & the pain from hemarroids.
One of the things Everyone present found Amazing was the placenta was not coming out so as soon as I spoke to Kishan he advised a specific remedy and the placenta literarily flew out seconds after the remedy.
I’ll never forget the Midwives comment before this on ‘’how you have to believe in homeopathy to work”. Treating your allergies, baby’s and animals isn’t a belief when you see it work time next time again these things are impossible to work under a belief or placebo.
I always find it quite sad and worrying for those inexperienced with the 300 year old system of medicine founded by a Professor in Germany, used by Drs with great success during pandemics also the Royal families and the specialists in The Royal Homeopathic Hospital in London. Also by midwives for so many manners of pregnancy complications in war time etc, so I guess they will only know what they are taught these days with the modern system of medicine which seems so quick to invasively intervene.
I took the remedy to deliver my placenta it came out very quickly & pain free. (In a previous pregnancy this was not the case which led to medical intervention). Also in this pregnancy I did not loose hardly any blood during delivery!
Midwife & health visitor commented on how well baby was doing & how well I was feeling in the days after delivery. I explained this was all thanks to the homeopathic remedies I was prescribed!
By day 10 after delivery the remedies had removed any after pains & soreness I was feeling & totally removed the cluster of hemarroids, soreness from breast feeding & the general uncomfortable feeling us ladies can experience after labour!
I can honestly say, with Kishan’s loving support this pregnancy has been easy compared to previous pregnancies I’ve had before I discovered homeopathy.
So all in all a great, relaxed homeopathic home birth, delayed cord tying with no medical intervention! What a result!
Kishan has gone above & beyond to help me & my children over the years. He truly is an Amazing Earth Angel & we are Blessed to have him in Our lives. A massive thank you from me to You Kishan xxx

4 June 2021

Danni Jones

Becoming who I was always meant to be

When I started seeing Kishan in January I was a mess. I was an emotional wreck. I was having regular breakdowns and panic attacks. I struggled to look people in the eye. I often felt angry and overwhelmed and was desperately looking for a solution to my chronic back pain.
I reached out to Kish because I'd been in pain on and off for 12 years, the flare ups in my lumbar spine were becoming unbearable. I was constantly back and forth to the GP and on a mountain of different prescription drugs. Energy healing and homeopathy was my last desperate resort.
After being treated by Kishan I've realised that the doctors and the medication was treating my symptoms, but not getting to the root cause of my physical and mental pain.
So fast forward to June and I am no longer the same person I was. By any means. Kishan has been helping me become who I was always meant to be. Finally at almost 25 years old I am beginning to live authentically and heal. I will be forever grateful for what Kishan has done for me and will always consider him a dear friend, confidant and mentor [🙏]


Mays Mahdi
Dentist BDS

I first met Kishan at work as a patient of mine. The kind warming energy that Kishan exudes I've never felt before from someone walking into my surgery. I instantly knew he was going to be someone I'd remember so positively and dearly.
Like many others 2020 came with many challenges, things that I thought I'd dealt with and come to terms with. But it was clear these were all manifesting and being highlighted in me day to day with the way I was carrying myself. My moods were either very high or very low and my self esteem had reached rock bottom and was helping other people and holding onto their pain to mask my own.
I was having a really low day almost inconsolable but keeping a brave face on for my own patients and Kishan ranged through to the practice for me to talk with him. So I called him and he saw on my lunch time that day.
After seeing Kishan I felt a great sense of relief, slept the best I'd slept in a very long time. The release I felt I could honestly not put into words. The change I felt in myself was incredible and that change was noticed by everyone around me especially my loved ones. I now feel like I'm living and more importantly thriving mentally. I am eternally grateful and thankful to my now dear friend Kishan. You've helped me get back to me and now enjoying life to the fullest and feeling like I'm growing as a person as each day passes. Thank you Kishan x

Miss E.W

I have known Kishan for many years when our paths crossed working together in Newport (Hospital) and he was always so kind and caring, so years later when I was worried about my daughter and how sad and upset she had become I knew there was only one person I could turn too. 

I have followed Kishan’s journey on Facebook and knew he was now running his own clinics as a Homeopathic Consultant and Psychic Surgery and Reiki Grand Master healing, and had read all the fantastic reviews. 
My daughter has always been so bubbly, happy and caring and over the last year or two it has been so hard seeing her becoming very withdrawn and quiet. This all became a lot worse during lockdown and I knew I had to seek out some support. 

Our first visit Kishan, he made my daughter  relax straight away with is gentleness and supportiveness. He asked her all sorts of questions before giving her a healing. She came out of the session with a smile on her face that I hadn’t seen for months and she has gone from strength to strength since then even coping amazingly with the return to school which was something she was dreading! She is also back to spending time with me laughing and giggling like old times not hiding up in her room. 
Seeing the change and happiness in my daughter I also realised that I have for many years been overthinking and worry about so many things and Kishan kindly agreed to treat me too! Like my daughter before me something special happened in the room during the healing he talked about things that no one else knew about that even I didn’t realise I was struggling with. I came out, sat in my car and felt a huge weight lift from me. 
It’s like she tried to explain “it’s like he’s pulling the bad things away from your body during the Healings.

Three weeks on and I still feel so much happier and lighter not overthinking every detail of my life. 
I can’t thank Kishan enough for all he has done and will keep doing for me and my daughter!!
You are one special guy Kishan, I have and would recommend you to all my friends, family and Colleagues xxx


Dr W.W
Consultant psychiatrist

Firstly , I would like to say being treated by Kishan is not just another therapy session ; it is a life altering experience. 
He has a calm, reassuring and positive demeanour that made me instantaneously comfortable and I was confident that I was in excellent hands.
Kishan is extremely knowledgeable and and an expert in his field.
The combination of his Homeopathic medicines and his healing sessions helped me enormously.
During the pandemic, I struggled with stress and anxiety from work and personally as well, it was very difficult year. I’ve seen (during this difficult time) an extraordinary influx of patients with mental  torment and suffering. Sadly this profession like many others doesn’t get the support it needs, especially for those doing the key work ie who heals the healers and as a result we all suffer, asking for help on this chosen life path is extremely hard because so many rely on you.
This has an adverse effect on my physical health as well - constant headaches, palpitations and a feeling that everything was going wrong. Sadly medicines I prescribe for my own patients take time to support the conditions and it’s always a seen as crutch.
That’s when I decided to approach Kishan whom is well known via many specialists in a multitude of areas in this country as well as the world, and it was the best decision of my life.
What I also found remarkable was that Kishan can identify issues even when I would struggle to articulate them . 
My treatment has now ended but I find great solace in the knowledge that if I find myself on troubled waters Kishan will always be there at the other end of the phone .
I perceive him as a beacon of faith and feel so grateful and blessed to have been treated by a wonderful human being and an expert in this field.
He is a gift to mankind and I wish him the very best in his noble job.


Dr K D

I can't thank Kishan enough for helping my Sons Autism, OCD, Aggressive Behaviour and other general illness.

I first found Kishan back in 2019 when I was struggling with my youngest sons  “Tantrums"....I have an older child so knew very well how the pre school years were in terms on melt downs, agression and wanting his own way but this was different. Not only was my son extremely frustrated and angry for no reason he would jump off furniture to release built up energy (although we are an extremely active family), he also suffered with terrible Autistic, OCD tendencies..
Every morning trying to leave the house was an emotional battle. Trousers or jumpers that were fine to wear one day caused such distress another day! Labels had to be cut off clothes and socks had to be lined up!!! ...I tried everything from changing his diet to trying a number of supplements with little change in his behaviour. 
When Kishan first met my son he knew instantly his behavioural tendencies, and personality traits without having to explain. after a few visits  my son was more relaxed, less frustrated and a joy to spend time with. A weight had been lifted from the family home, days out became enjoyable and laughter took over crying. It has been a few months since the start of his treatment but the improvements just keep coming.
no mouth breathing, less parasitic infections, no glue ear hearing issues etc etc.
I am so proud of the little boy my son has become and I thank Kishan for helping to clear his cluttered and emotionally frustrated  mind...
Kishan is a blessing for all my family even our dog now !…. He is a true healer and become a great friend, I can't recommend this man enough ...

Dr R P

Antidepressants, for 10 years stopped and a new lease of life i never thought possible in this lifetime.

I first met Kish around 10 years ago through work, many people he treated had told me about his healing and the many success stories attributed to him. I'd seen first hand what he could do. I was diagnosed with clinical depression back in 2011, and had been prescribed antidepressants, I continued on these for 10 years, having the continual cycles of ups and downs and tried four times to come off medication and get to the root cause of the problem. Last year my mental wellbeing took a dive following a number of events, finally getting to the point where it felt I couldn't ever be happy and stable again. One morning, Kishan entered my head, I cant explain how - but I know why, I had a clear vision and message from him, I needed to see him. I made contact and he was expecting me, I told him how I felt and that I was desperate to feel better, he arranged to see me straight away. Kish has a gift which means when you're in his presence, you feel his positive energy like a warm blanket around you, and you just feel calm and safe. He got me talking - he went through me as a subject start to finish and picked up so much about me from just being near me, things I'd never shared or talk about. Then he performed healing on me, it was an experience I had never felt in my life. He started healing me by relaxing me to music, then something magic happened - like an outer body experience, I was in another plain and receiving a rush of positive energy that was stemming through his hands as he worked over my body. He worked on me whilst a trail of negative images and thoughts were ripped out of me like a film reel out of a camera, then an amazing feeling of hapiness and positivity and warmth and light. Kish woke me up and I had a flood of emotions that made me just cry. Once we had finished, I felt as though a weight had literally come away from me. I left his clinic feeling how I used to be - to the point I came off medication the following day and turned to homeopathy in its place, the first time in 10 years I felt brave enough to do it, something he did made me feel I could do it. I have been going back regularly for a year, and continue to use homeopathy with no prescription meds at all. I continue to have healing sessions and my general health is so much better. I recommend Kish for everything - he is truly magic and would always be my first port of call for any health concerns from now on. Words cant do justice to tell you what he is able to do for you



Long standing Severe lower back pain, Low in mood, feeling negative about the future and Overeating as a result.

I visited Kishan following a recommendation from a friend. I was suffering from severe lower back pain, which prescription painkillers and physiotherapy hadn’t helped with. I was unable to walk short distances without experiencing chronic pain and was also unable to even stand cooking in the kitchen without experiencing the same pain. 
The pain affected me daily and also impacted my social life. I had to do all of my shopping online, as the pain was too intense to walk around the shop and supermarket. I was forever having to sit down to get relief from the pain and declining invites to go for walks, shopping etc with friends.
I also felt like I was stuck in a rut, was low in mood, feeling negative about the future and overeating as a result. 
During my first visit Kishan asked me a number of questions about myself, I told him I wanted help to relieve my back and to stop overeating. 
Kishan is an amazing man, he already knew things about me before being told. He identified a number of internal conflicts I was dealing with and helped me to address those issues too and not just the back pain and overeating that I had first told him about.
The first session of psychic Surgery healing was an experience I will never forget. The overwhelming sense of happiness and pain relief I felt afterwards was unbelievable. I was also given some Homeopathy medication to take between visits. 
I saw Kishan for 4 sessions altogether.
During this time he continued to help me with my back pain, pain in other areas, confidence, overeating and low mood. He was also able to help me let go of the past, which is something that has been holding me back for many years.
I’m writing this whilst being pain free. I am able to walk pain free for the first time in years. I am no longer taking painkillers, feel happy within myself and have been able to control my eating habits and lose weight. 
I would highly recommend Kishan, he is a kind, gentle, understanding person, who is exceptionally good at what he does. He has certainly helped relieve me from pain and has guided me back on the correct path in life. I will always be truly grateful, thank you.

Olivia P

I felt lost and alone now I feel excited and truly blessed to be alive. 

When I first met Kishan I was lost in my life, my life had no direction and I felt clouded, depressed and scared of everything I was scared to be alone, I was scared to make decisions for myself and I was terrified to tell people how I felt.
After my first visit with Kishan he gave me clarity he made my head a lot clearer and I started to feel happier.
I then started to eat the right foods and gained a huge amount of direction instead of worrying about what was going to happen I was excited for what was going to happen in my life.
I felt like my life was going no where before visiting Kishan and now I’m ecstatic about the journey of life itself.
I was a scared lost soul before I met Kishan now I am happier than I’ve ever been.
Since visiting Kishan I have gained the courage to move out of my family members home which was something I was looking to do for years but never had the confidence.
I am now moving out of the country! And I am jumping out of a plane next month thanks to Kishan’s wonderful healing sessions I don’t know where I would be if I never met Kishan.
All this after 4 visits to see Kishan.
I would highly recommend, I felt lost and alone now I feel excited and truly blessed to be alive. ❤️

Sally S
15 Feb 2021
"Dont worry, you'll get your dad back".

I contacted Kishan a few weeks ago as I was very worried about my dad. He's had a long history of depression and even attempted suicide and has had a really difficult 12 months. The stress in his life has escalated over the past few months with family deaths and him having to become a carer to my mum and I just knew he wouldn't handle all being thrown at him. I could see him becoming more depressed.
Kishan went over his case history and current physical and mental symptoms and knew exactly which homeopathic remedies he needed to strengthen him mentally and physically. Kish knew how worried I was for my dad and said "Dont worry, you'll get your dad back". This made me so happy as I know that who my dad has been existing as ie depressed, beaten down by life and fragile is not who he truly is, but the longer he's been like that, the more difficult it became to believe that he was still the happy, fun, easy-going man I knew him to be.
However today I had to contact Kish and say "Kish, you were right! I've got my dad back!" as after two weeks on the remedies Kish sent my dad declared that last night, for the first time in decades that he felt himself saying "I'm happy". I cant believe it as as well as him making this statement, I have also seen him grow in strength and also certainty of who he is and reclaim his hope of having a happy life again.
I'm so so grateful to Kish for his ongoing support, kindness and expertise - I know many others have said it but he really is a magical man. Thank you Kishan.

James Richards
22nd Jan 2021

Words cannot express how grateful and thankful I am...

I was having some issues with my stomach around August last year. It resulted in 2 hospital visits within weeks of each other, as whatever had caused it was causing pains in my upper chest. I had several tests done at the hospital and 2 blood tests at my local GP. Was prescribed some tablets as they believed the issues were gastro related, and was told to avoid trigger foods.
However, the issue was persisting but not as bad as before. My partner recommended seeing Kishan Takahashi. She's seen him in the past, as well as members of her family for various reasons. She did tell me of one of her family members, who was a bit like me, sceptical. But after seeing Kishan, the issue they had was getting better. At this point I was getting fed up of whatever I had So, I asked her to arrange an appointment.
Now, I'm the sort of person who is a bit sceptical about spiritual things. I'm of a mind set of thinking there's something, but can't put my finger on it. Had an appointment arranged for mid September. My partner took me, as she said I might feel strange afterwards so wanted to make sure I got home safely.
Was met by Kishan at the door, his warm greeting set the way going forward. It did take me back a bit, because I'm not used to it. His approach was certainly different to what I've experienced in the past. He was asking all sorts of different questions, about my feelings and thoughts and how I am as a person. He homed in to what he believed was the area causing the pains. He then did his healing, and it's around this point I can't really describe what happened next. I think at a point during the session I nearly fell asleep as I was extremely relaxed, like I was somewhere else entirely. Sort of feeling a little weird when the healing was finished. I was given some remedies to take to aid the healing process.
I left the first session, immediately not feeling much different. However, that night and over the next few weeks something was changing inside of me, which I had zero control over. I was becoming more open with myself, was accepting more opportunities and was moving around more. I saw Kish 3 more times over the next few months, giving him updates on my progress. And, over this timeframe I was feeling a bit better each week that passed. No longer having stomach issues, was eating better and was losing some weight along the way.
It's hard to describe what Kishan does, all I can say is that what he does has helped me immensely. His passion to help people through his treatments, and the way he knows what is wrong with you before you know is beyond me. Again, words cannot express how grateful and thankful I am for his help to get me back to normal. I recommend seeing this fine person who I now see as a friend. And even though I'm now discharged, he's just a call away if any issues start to reoccur.

20th Jan 2021

S Stone

I’m Back!

I was recommended to Kishan by a friend and didn’t really know where to start. His patience, insightfulness and ability to ask questions that I didn’t realise needed answering meant I felt ‘better’ after the first appointment. Having suffered two bereavements and a painful divorce after a toxic relationship there was so much ’stuff’ to deal with that I didn’t know what to talk about first. Kishan did though. I’d exhausted the intellectual side of events by spending a lot of time and energy with a counsellor but still didn’t ‘feel’ right.  Kishan helped me to heal emotionally and physically, layer upon layer as he saw the time was right for change.
Although I’m officially discharged, after four consultations, knowing that Kishan is there and in my team gives me the courage needed to move forward, confident that I’m not alone.
Thank you doesn’t seem like enough, but it’s all I have and I do Thank You Kishan, you’re a fabulous human being and healer.

16 Jan 2021

S Stallone
Our 7 year old Daughter with Stomach issues, Anxiety, Panic attacks , Pain, Challenging diet, Joint pains And Nightmares of 4 years helped by Kishan from 1st Appointment.

We brought our 7 year old daughter to see Kishan after she had been suffering with distressing stomach issues for 4 years. The problems began when she was 3 years old and continued to get worse. We would often find her in the toilet or her room with her legs crossed because she was so scared. Her diet was always a challenge as she always struggled to eat. Also her energy was always low, she was extremely sensitive and suffered from nightmares, her joints would be painful to.
Her doctors prescribed a stool softener called movicol which she took for a number of years, however this was never a long term cure and the problems still continued to a lesser degree. After speaking to her specialist who simply recommended carrying on with the movicol we spoke with Kishan who was also treating other members of our family successfully for different issues.
Within 3 days of the first appointment, a healing and taking her homeopathic remedies , our daughter began using the toilet normal , as though the previous 4 years hadn’t happened. We stopped giving her the movicol after the first week and had the follow up appointment around 3 weeks later by which point she had no problems using the toilet at all. In fact she went on her own.
No more joint pain. No more nightmares. No panic attacks screaming or tears.
She also started eating more than she ever had and grew nearly 2 cm in 1 month which was quite evident thank you for giving us our daughter back and helping her find joy and happiness again.

Laura Pilipczuk
Our Miraculous Journey with Homeopathy all throughout my Pregnancy

11 Jan 2021

For a while now my family and I have been going to Kishan for help and support so we knew when we decided to have our 4th child we'd definitely be relying on him.
Before I became pregnant I suffered with anxiety quite badly and wanted to make sure I was treated before becoming and having another baby - really lucky considering my whole pregnancy was spent in lockdown because of the pandemic! Despite how understandably anxiety inducing that situation could have normally been for me I can honestly say it was my most relaxed and calm pregnancy out of the 4 and it was definitely evident in my mental well-being as well as the baby's happiness.
The other 3 came at 'full term' but on the early side and our 3rd was born very small and had weight gain issues and allergies since birth (which Kishan has treated successfully) so we were really conscious to make sure we had all the help available for our final baby in an attempt to avoid these issues .... Well, she was born a whopper (9lb 6oz) at home just a day before hospital induction after Kishan kindly helped move things along with a distance healing, communication with her and the right Homeopathy.
My labour was incredibly quick but very controlled. I felt calm and able to cope throughout, the midwives amazement was noted by there continual comments throughout and after they said how I'd only used half a cannister of gas and air - I'd put that down to using a tens machine and remedies alongside kishans distance support throughout the labour. I lost very little blood and our babies cord was incredibly thick and healthy. She was also born with vernix despite being 'overdue' ... Clearly a very happy and healthy baby inside of me, and not distressed due to lack of medical intervention.
Without homeopathy I would never have considered a home birth, I'd have been too anxious and scared. I am so grateful to Kishan for all of the encouragement support and knowledge he's given to me and my family and for allowing us the perfect birth. It was completely stress free and natural allowing me to mentally recover from a horrible hospital induction of my third. The midwives encourage home births and were so supportive of our choices and commented on how quick and calm everthing was. With a quick after birth and no stitches they even asked for a cuppa as they said it was too quick and early for them to head off - our 3 older children slept through the whole thing and woke up to their baby sister here in the morning!
Obviously we've continued to use homeopathy afterbirth which has been so incredibly helpful in comparison both for my physical and emotional recovery. We also took Ferne for a newborn check with Kishan and as expected, she's got no allergies and certainly no weight gain issues!
We’ve used homeopathy for her wind and it’s faster than anything I’d used on the others when they suffered.
My husband and I would recommend homeopathy for pregnancy, childbirth and postnatally - I really wish I'd used it in my previous pregnancies / births! Thank you Kishan for all that you do

R Jones
Kishan has not just given me my life back – he has given me a life where before there was none!

9 Jan 2021

I have consulted with Kishan on and off for just over 2 years.  At my first appointment I was a physical, mental and psychological mess, experiencing severe burnout, anxiety, depression and a multitude of significant aches and pains.  Some 10 years prior I had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I had many issues I needed to deal with but lacked the skill and confidence; I was too frightened to face up to what had been holding me back, sapping my energy, spirit and health.  Conventional medicine had failed to provide any effective treatments, let alone a cure.  
Kishan asked me to list my physical ailments and what / who I felt was the major cause of my ill health. To my astonishment, though I only provided limited information, Kishan possessed a degree of insight I found mindboggling.  He was able to home in on what was ‘wrong’. 

My first treatment, a Reiki session was mind-blowing.  Pain, including in areas I had not mentioned melted away, I literally walked out of the clinic feeling significantly better, for the first time in a long, long while I was pain free; I could not believe  I could walk without discomfort or balance problems or that my nigh on constant blurred vision had returned to normal.  Over subsequent appointments Kishan helped me to face up to a number of deeply buried psychological issues – guiding my thoughts in the right direction, providing a template to take away to enable me to continue to work through matters at home. 
Bit by bit, at a pace and intensity that was right for myself, Kishan has returned me to full health.  I no longer consider myself a ME sufferer – I no longer suffer its myriad of symptoms.  Equally, through Reiki, Psychic Surgerys and Homeopathic remedies and by offering guidance and insight and wisdom, Kishan has cured my anxiety, depression and mental ill health.  He has given me the strength to face up to and deal with the demons of past abuse. 
I am no longer chronically tired or mentally exhausted; neither am I fearful of the future.  Where previously I had mentally closed down, and was unable express any emotion, now I have a voice.  I no longer carry a bag of anguish, but one of hope. 
I never dreamt, yet alone believed I would one day return to full health.  I now have a life, whereas before there was none.  I cannot adequately express my thanks to Kishan for his care, compassion and diligence.  He possesses a unique and amazing ability to heal those in need.          

Marc Lewis
12 December 2020 

I'm the biggest Skeptic but after seeing Kishan from day 1 my incurable Folliculitis Decalvans is going now.

I’m not normally one for writing / leaving reviews but this was a must. And for anyone skeptical, please read on. There’s no bigger skeptic than me so hear me out. I suffer with a rare skin condition on the back of my head (Folliculitis Decalvans). Nothing life threatening and minor in the grand scheme of things but something I’ve suffered with for around 8 - 10 years. I’d wake up with blood on my pillow and it got to a point where the shower water would hurt my head. Even putting on and taking off soft t-shirts become a task. I’d been given 4 out of 6 antibiotics / medications that the NHS had prescribed. Nothing worked. Tablets, creams, shampoos. Nothing worked. About 4 months ago I’d paid £180 to see a private dermatologist. I was in the room with the doctor for no more than 10 minutes. I was told that there was no cure and it was too far gone to try anything at all. I left upset. That same evening after venting my frustration to a few family & friends, Kish popped up in conversation. I was very very skeptical. Very skeptical. I’d just paid £180 for a top private dermatologist. What could Kish really do? I had nothing to lose now. I’d tried every other avenue so I’d made the appointment to see Kish. And I can only wish that I’d seen him 8 years earlier. After 8 - 10 years of suffering, I can honestly say that after seeing Kish for around 3 months my head has never felt so good. No more pain, no more bloody pillows, no more wrestling with t-shirts and jumpers. I can now have a painless haircut and I’d go as far as saying that some hair is starting to grow back in patches that hadn’t seen hair for years due to the condition. If you’re thinking about it. Then just do it. Like I’ve already said, I don’t normally leave reviews but this is for the ones that are skeptical. I cannot recommend Kish enough. I can’t explain how he’s done it. But he has.

Rhys Bowen
I can and do not profess to understand or want to know how this man does what he does, from 9000 miles away

13 Nov 2020 

Travelling the world wasn’t some thing I ever thought I’d do
Leaving my own town created anxiety enough.
But thanks to Kishan
I’m here.
In Australia travelling looking back I can’t understand it.
But my life’s changing and unfolding everyday and I’m finding the real me, something that would not have been possible in this life before I met Kishan.
I’ve this year whatsapped Kishan on a couple of occasions during moments where hurdles present themselves and he has worked on me with psychic surgery and I’m 9000 miles away from South Wales U.K.
I can and do not profess to understand or want to know how this man does what he does, I mean how he knows things about me and those I’m in contact with, Also how he just knows what’s wrong before I do, how he explains and makes things just go away.
All I can do is thank him and be grateful I found him.
Thank you Kishan

Susan Sawyers-Rees
Treating my long term Greif, Depression, Anxiety and coming off my Drugs.

26 Oct 2020

A friend of mine referred me to Kishan as i had been though alot over the last 12mths. I already had diabetes, high b.p., depression and p.c.o.s. Then i had a hysterectomy, nursed and lost my husband to cancer. I tried the usual route through the g.p. with everything i had wrong i was on 10 tablets a day and with all the side effects i felt like the walking dead.
As i went for my 1st consultation i was nervous and excited at the same time.Kishan welcomed me at the door and into his clinic. He asked me questions about my health, wellbeing, my home and work life. Through these questions it helped me to dig deep,face things and rationalise issues and my emotions, giving me answers as to why i was feeling or( lack of feeling)the way i was. Dissecting issues all with a very calm,soothing approach.
Kishan then gave me reiki therapy, i felt heat as he did it and saw beautiful colours, i felt so happy and relaxed i thought i was melting into the reiki table. I couldnt stop smiling. It was an amazing experience, as if my troubles had been lifted i felt light.
Kishan explained i had some traumas in my head he had worked on. He gave me 2 types of remedies. Which i used as he instructed me to.
Heres the amazing thing, as i said above i have diabetes, over the years i have been on diets and tried different things nothing worked, but whatever Kishan said to me stuck in my head and i started to eat the right foods, feel better, have more energy take walks out in nature take in the world around me.
I also decided to get another job as i wasnt happy in the current one ( i was there 10 years) he made me realise i am as worthy, important and significant as everyone else and deserved to be happy in what i do.
By my next appt i had more than halved my antidepressants. And i have now stopped taking them all together, my next diabetic check isnt till dec but im sure they will be changing the dose of the tablets for that as i have no symptoms anymore so my levels have become normal.
Without the help, guidance and healing Kishan has given me id still be stuck in that black hole not living barely existing or worse. Kishan is amazing and his mission to help all living things is truly inspiring i feel so lucky to have him guide me and heal me.

Bryony Williams
26 Oct 2020

Seizures, Confidence and general Health 

I have been seeing kish now for over 2 years, and every time he amazes me! Iv had epilepsy since the age of 16, which led to horrible headaches and a lot of anxiety/confidence issues.
When I first met kish, I was so nervous as I didn’t know what to expect but He made me feel really welcome and at ease! Kish spent the time to get to know me as a person and my situation whilst continuously making me feel comfortable to open up to him.
My first healing was focused more on my headaches, I can’t explain the feeling, it was amazing and so instant. It made me feel really emotional as I couldn’t believe how much better I felt after just my first session.
Kish has helped me with a number of things over the past 2 years and is continuing to help me, he is always there for support at any time!
I have come a long way over the past couple of years, seizures/headaches have settled, from having 2seizures a week to now 1seizure a month, and anxiety/confidence issues are much better since kish has worked his magic! I was having sessions with kish every month and from all of his help an support I am now only needing one session every few months! He really is fab!
From that first session I built such a good rapport with kish I now see him as a friend!
Thankyou so much [😁]

Emma Crawley

Trigeminal Neuralgia, Chronic Headaches 

26 Oct 2020

January 2020 I was sat in the house and felt a blow to the head. I was advised to go to hospital where i had numerous tests and scans. I also had 4 lumber punctures as the first three they kept hitting nerves in my back. They found nothing.
In July i started experincing eletric shocks on the left side of my head, when i brushed,washed or touched and even put head on the pillow.
I desided to go to the doctors as it was starting to affect my life, my eyes were heavy and had constant headaches. They said i had nevre damage in my head, and they gave me medication. The medication was anti depresents and i couldnt take them as the side affects were horrible.
I had a look online to see what could help then i remebered Kishan, he previously healed my daughters knee after she couldn't walk propley for 3 years due to being bullied.
I contacted him straight away and due to the nature of my problem and it was affecting my life he fitted me in.
I went in and the first thing he asked me was how was my daughter, i thought how caring it was. We had a chat about the problem in depth i also had a headache at the time so he gave me a homapathic tablet and in a minute it went,and then he peformed his healing.
Straight away i felt a diffrence. I was given so homapthic medicine to take and some for the pain.
The first 3 days i had slight headaches after that they were gone, also the eletric shocks didnt happen as often and when they did it was on 30% pain compared to 100%.
I went for a second visit and had another healing nowni feel like a new person.
Would defantly recommend Kishan as he changed my life as im not in pain and also changed my daughters as she could walk.

Jenna Picton

16 October 2020 

Crippling Anxiety and Depression since I was young.

I don’t know where to start with this. Ive from suffered crippling anxiety since I was young and it’s sometimes coupled with heavy depression. A friend of mine recommended kish to me and honestly I didn’t expect too much. At the time of my first appointment I was crying daily struggling to get out of bed and In all honesty felt completely dead inside. I’ve just left my second appointment and I can’t tell you the difference he’s made to my life in 4 weeks. I feel a genuine calm and happiness like I can enjoy life life again. The crying has stopped as has worrying over things I simply can’t control, I’ll be forever grateful for what he’s done for me and to my friend who recommended me to him. I would recommend anyone go and see him it really is magical what this man does!

Si Mull
15 October 2020· 

Frozen Shoulder Knee Injury

I am a health care professional who has know Kishan for a number of years and have been aware of his healing abilities and knowledge.
I contacted Kishan due to shoulder pain which had been going on for a few weeks which hadn’t reduced using over the counter pain killers.
I knew Kishan has a very busy practice with months on a waiting list, but he was happy to see me being a health care professional and friend.
He carried out Psychic surgery and manipulated the shoulder and was also able to pick up a long standing knee injury.
I felt relief straight away and had more movement.
He also gave me short term Homeopathic medication and I now have full movement in the shoulder and the pain has subsided.
I may not understand how this guy works but I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.
Thanks Magic Man

Gavin Hurn
21 September  2020

Back Injury Healed in minutes.

I was collecting my wife from her appointment with kishan, when I got out of the car kishan noticed I was in pain with my back. I had lifted a steel beam & had pulled my back. I had taken pain killers which did very little for the pain. Kishan called me inside & asked me to lay on the bed.
He began moving his hands over my back & I felt the affected area getting very warm. After a few minutes I got up slowly, kishan told me to rest & take it easy. I was in complete shock, the pain had completely gone & I could move freely.
I can't thank you enough, absolutely amazing!

Damian Sheppard
13 September  2020

Asthma since childhood

I have had Asthma since childhood. After 39 years I found that steroid inhalers had become ineffective and I had concerns about the ongoing side effects. My shortness of breath and tight chest has never gone away.
So I began to look at the root cause of my asthma and whether alternative treatments were available to cure it rather than taking steroid inhalers that manage it at best.
My mother referred me to Kishans friends, that he had also successfully treated.
I also began correctional breathing training and over the course of 2 1/2 months had 3 appointments with Kishan.
I will admit I was skeptical of the unknown.
However from the first appointment Kishan made me feel very relaxed. We discussed my life, health and a great deal of topics that helped Kishan build a personal profile of me.
Although he told me by looking at my hand more than I told him.
Following the discussion Kishan performed a Psychic surgery healing (which is just so hard to explain).
He also issued Homeopathy medication. I made the decision at this point to stop taking the asthma medication so that I could assess the effects of the breathing training and Kishans treatment.
4 weeks later I returned for the 2nd appointment feeling noticeably better. Previously my attempts to stop taking inhalers had resulted in chest infections and breathing difficulties within 4 weeks, despite increasing cardiovascular exercise. I received psychic surgery healing treatment again, after which I felt incredibly relaxed and focused. Again I received remedies to take for the following months.
By the 3rd appointment I had begun to make huge improvements in my personal life as well as the asthma treatment, including an increased inner confidence. I am now around 16 weeks without taking any asthma medication, something which, even with breathing correction training, would have been impossible for me without Kishan's help and treatment.
Since beginning my treatment I have emigrated with my family to Australia. A move that would have been incredibly stressful prior to my treatment with Kishan. I will continue to speak with Kishan from Australia as part of my ongoing treatment.

17th Aug 2020
My Journey with Cancer- with Kishan by my side ❤️

I was lucky enough to have seen Kishan once before being diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago. Having seen him once I knew what a powerful healer he is. I was in total shock after the breast cancer diagnosis but instinctively I knew I needed to reach out to Kishan and that he could help me during this really scary time.
A year down the line I can honestly say that reaching out to Kishan was the very best decision I made. I have been lucky to have been cared for by wonderful people during this breast cancer journey, but Kishan stands out, he has clearly played the most important role. From the moment he heard that I had a large breast lump that was cancerous, he made himself available, despite being very busy and having so many demands on his time. He has been an incredible, steadfast presence and has shown me unconditional support throughout.
When I went to see him for the first time after the diagnosis, I was an anxious mess. I couldn't believe I had cancer and I was terrified by what the doctors had said I would need. They had said I was likely to have two surgeries, one to remove the breast lump, and then one to reconstruct the breast. As well as the surgeries I would need chemotherapy. Chemotherapy filled me with such dread I couldn't imagine ever coping with that. I felt overwhelmed as there were so many choices ahead. Did I want to have chemotherapy before surgery? Did I want to have reconstruction surgery but that would mean more surgery and more risks? Everyone had an opinion, friends, family and other practitioners and I really couldn't work out what it was that I wanted.
When I saw Kishan I was buzzing with anxiety but after another healing, he literally brought me back to a place of safety. His calm, reassuring manner helped me ground myself. He always told me that this had to be my journey, that I had to do what felt right for me and he would support me no matter what. Since then I have never felt alone in this journey. Kishan would answer my texts and reassure me whenever I had a question or I was beginning to panic. He helped me make the choices I wanted, choices not made out of fear, but through listening to that tiny voice of instinct inside that had been drowned out in all the stress,
Kishan reassured me that he would help my body heal and use homeopathy to help me through the surgeries ahead. His presence gave me such confidence that I decided to go for the additional reconstruction surgery because I was far less scared knowing Kishan was protecting me. He was true to his word and he healed me and looked after me throughout.
Kishan began working on my breast lump and managed to reduce in size by half before the surgery. The doctors couldn't believe it was so much smaller than had appeared on the scans. When Kishan couldn't be present in person to heal me for example in hospital, we would do distant healing sessions which were incredibly powerful. When it came to the surgery I had a reaction to the anaesthetic and Kishan provided homoeopathic remedies that worked so quickly on reducing nausea and sickness.
The two surgeries were, thanks to Kishan, very straightforward. Again the doctors couldn't believe how well I had healed, I had no swelling where my lymph nodes were removed and my scars healed beautifully. Within less than 5 days of surgery I was walking and biking around town. Friends kept asking when my operation was going to be and when I said I had already had it they were truly amazed. Most of all Kishan protected my mental health and my positivity. I did not fear the surgeries at all. I did not fear the spread of the cancer, he took all those worries away.
Then after the surgery there was chemotherapy which I had hoped to avoid because I thought my sensitive system really would not cope with such an onslaught. I agonised over the decision to do it or not but my children said if it reduced the risk of the breast cancer coming back then they really would want me to do it. Kishan said he would support me no matter what I decided. So again he did more healing work on my body and used homoeopathy to prepare me for chemotherapy. Again, people were stunned by how well I was. I didn't suffer any of the horrible side effects and those side effects I did have were very mild. I didn't have terrible nausea or aches and pain, I didn't lose much hair, my nails were fine, I didn't get any pins and needle sensations in my hands which can happen with chemo. Again it was Kishan protecting me all the way.
The very last surgery I had to have was to remove a port that had been fitted in my body for the chemotherapy. It was a small procedure and I had it done on the day we left on holiday. Unfortunately the scar got infected and I called Kishan from France to let him know I had seen a doctor in the village who said I needed antibiotics and more stitches once the infection was cleared. Straight away, Kishan called the pharmacy in the village I was staying in and prescribed me homoeopathic remedies. He told me what remedies I needed to take and then again performed a distant healing. When I went to see the doctor four days later she could not believe how I had healed so well and agreed that I did not need stitches either.
To say I am grateful to Kishan does not come close to what I feel. I feel I owe him and my family owe him a debt of gratitude. Sometimes life can be difficult, Kishan has helped me and my family through a very difficult time. He carried the load for me so I did not suffer. This year I've lost a close friend to cancer and I saw him suffer so terribly with it. I feel unbelievably lucky to have had Kishan's support. I also knew two other people going through almost the exact same treatment as me for breast cancer. They both had complications from surgery and they had more debilitating reactions to the chemotherapy. It all makes me realise how very lucky I am to have had Kishan's powerful support throughout.
Finally, I also feel I need to touch on how Kishan has shown me that illness does not come out of nowhere, he has helped me better understand how to lead a more balanced and fulfilled life. When I first met Kishan I was coping with a huge amount of emotional stress and was very much living for others and trying to meet their demands. I now am beginning to think of what I want to do with my life and instead of living through others. Thanks to Kishan, I have learnt that healing is a profound process, one that is totally holistic. Kishan has started this process of self-discovery in me and I now realise that I need to take responsibility for my own health and well being. I suppose Kishan has not only healed me but has opened my eyes and heart for which I am so grateful too.
L.P ❤️

July 21 2020

By Claire

Long term Depression, Low confidence and prolonged Pain. 

I was incredibly fortunate to meet Kishan by chance earlier this year.  Although I hadn’t talked about my issues at this point, I had a strong feeling Kishan would be able to help me.  
I was at a definite low point in my life due to the breakdown of my marriage and knee pain which was preventing me from exercising. I’d been this low previously and had been prescribed antidepressants in the past.  However, this time, I though it was worth trying something else and I’m so glad I did! 
Through our monthly sessions and healing, Kishan was kind, empathetic and insightful.  I was able to talk about things that had happened in my past (bullying in school and in work amongst others) and Kishan helped me understand how those experiences were affecting me now.  Kishan worked his magic as I rarely think of those times now! I also received homeopathy remedies after each session which I truly believe have also contributed to my improved self esteem and confidence.
Since meeting Kishan, I’m much more positive, confident and am finally able to speak up for myself and for what I believe in.  It’s been a big change for me as I usually worry about everything and even people around me have noticed the difference too.  It feels amazing to have a voice now and be confident enough to use it!
I also had knee pain for several months which I hadn’t been able to resolve.  Through deep healing with Kishan, my knee pain has gone completely and I’m able to run again without pain! 
I always think how lucky I am to have met Kishan, i don’t think I’d ever met someone who truly understood me in such a short space of time - it’s really changed my life and for that I am truly grateful.  Thank you Kishan!  🦋

July 16 2020

By Bethan Titley

Health anxiety/Panic attacks for many years, negative thoughts and  Chronic skin condition.

I started seeing Kishan in February of this year due to suffering with health anxiety for many years after a lot of hospital visits when I was growing up and a traumatic experience I went through in university. It got to the point where I was struggling to go about my normal day and would avoid doing certain things as I couldn't cope with my obsessive thoughts that there was something seriously wrong with my health. I would constantly be checking my pulse and assessing my body for anything out of the ordinary, which I would probably always find! I would google my symptoms almost every hour of the day, I felt completely drained and didn’t understand what was happening to me. 
I had seen two separate counsellors and whilst it had definitely helped in some way, i was still struggling a daily battle in my head. 
On my first appointment with Kishan I was very flustered and anxious, however he soon made me feel completely at ease and explained to me in depth what it was that he does and explained the healing process. 
This was really importat to me as I was always worried about the unknown and didn't like feeling out of control of a situation.
We had a conversation about why I was feeling the way I was and then I had a healing at the end of the session which was like nothing I have experienced before. It was an out of body experience but did not feel scary at all, it was relaxing and I felt a huge
weight lift out of my mind and body, as if the negative thoughts I had been harbouring for so long had been released. It was amazing and I couldn't wait for my second session. I left the session with some remedies Kishan gave me to take every evening for a week, and also remedies to help with the anxiety flare ups. Again, taking medication was really challenging for me due to side effects, however I did not feel any effects from it and would always quickly relax after taking the anxiety remedy.
I have been seeing Kishan now every month since February having a healing each time, and I cannot believe the difference in my anxiety since then.
Not only have I noticed that the panic/anxiety attacks have pretty much gone, if I do start feeling anxious at all, before I know it the anxious thoughts slip away without me even realising.
I have a new burst of energy which I never thought would happen as I always felt so low and lethargic. I am now doing high intensity workouts and running daily, which was one of the main things my anxiety would stop me from doing as I was so terrified about my heart rate increasing too much. My work life and relationships have improved as a result.
As I have had such a success with my anxiety, I am now also taking remedies for my acne which I have been suffering with since school. Within 2 months, my spots have started to flatten and my skin is looking much healthier. Kishan never fails to blow me away! He is amazing! 
I hope this helps anyone who is also suffering with anxiety to try something different like I did, as I know how scary it can be not knowing what you are walking into.  If I have any other health concerns in the future I will not fail to contact Kishan as he has changed my life, I would recommend him to anyone! 

Thank you Kishan 💫💛

June 24, 2020

By Dr Manish Chebbi

10 Year Cataract Dramatic Improvement with Homeopathy.

(Phone CASE India)

Just a message to say thanks for my mother’s cataract treatment.
My mother, who’s 64, has had cataract for almost 10 years but declined surgery and managed with glasses. Kishan took a history of her condition over the phone and advised me to get medication from local shops in India. 
A few months later, and my mother gave me the good news that her vision is ‘brighter’, clearer and she doesn’t need to use glasses anymore!
Thank you, Kishan.

June 19, 2020
by Lindsey on Kishan’s Clinic
Kidney, hip and knee injuries, stress and deep-rooted low self-esteem

Kishan had previously cured me of my 20 year Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and resulting immune deficiency and food allergies.  I again sort Kishan’s specialised assistance for a few issues including a recurrence of a kidney problem, hip and knee injuries, stress and entrenched low-self-esteem resulting from childhood issues, which he helped me to overcome with homeopathic treatments, reiki healing and psychic surgery.  Moreover, I saw Kishan just before the UK Covid-19 Lockdown and he prescribed a homeopathic treatment that provided me with a sense of inner core emotional strength and determination that enabled me to complete my Classical Studies Honours degree despite my dyslexia, isolation and stressful study environment.  Kishan’s professional healing powers have far exceeded my expectations and I am eternally grateful for all he has given me, for now instead of dreading the future, I look forward to embracing it, pain free and happy.  As such, Kishan’s therapies are like being embraced by a great big comforting hug.

June 16, 2020

By Jennifer James

Eczema my whole life

I have suffered with eczema, red, saw and itchy skin my whole life, along with various allergies. It has got me down at times and affected my self esteem. I have tried everything from steroids, facials, change of diets, appointments with dermatologist, you name it, I’ve tried it! So when I was recommended homeopathy, I thought why not! 
I googled homeopathy in Newport and Kishan’s clinic came up. I sent and email and swiftly I had a response asking for more details. I was told that this would likely be a long process as I’ve suffered with these complaints for such a long time, it took 5-6 months in total. It did get slightly worse before it got better but I preserved and did what Kishan said, I trusted him during the whole period. 
From the first time I met Kishan I felt at ease and comfortable with what was happening. I never thought that the results would be as good as they have been. I’ve had many comments about how good my skin is looking, this has been a battle for me for a very long time but I now feel more confident! 
I have called Kishan the ‘magic man’ as what I thought was an impossible task of ever having clear skin has actually happened in front of my eyes. 
I would highly recommend his homeopathy treatments and I wouldn’t hesitate to visit him again in the future if I have any further illnesses or complaints!

May 31, 2020
by Declan Norris-Bell on Kishan’s Clinic

I have visited Kishan a few times now and he never fails to impress.
I have suffered with hay fever allergies for years and when summer arrives I dread the itchy through, burning eyes and violent sneezes. I was willing to try something new and perhaps find a permanent solution to the issue.
Kishan offered me a remedy and to my amazement the symptoms have gone. As in, I literally do not have symptoms at all!
I would highly recommend hay fever sufferers to go and visit Kishan for a more long term and effective solution to allergies.
Thank you so much.May 17, 2020

May 17, 2020
by A.K
ADHD, Hyperactive, Aggressive Underweight 9 Year Old

My son Shaun meet Kishan 2 months ago.
Shaun has always had extreme behaviour issues ADHD, hyperactivity at its worst, the constant need for attention, anger issues (which have cause problems in school), diet issues where he won’t try new things and as a result not gained weight. 
Amongst all that he was afraid to go to sleep due to constant nightmares he had at night.
After seeing Kishan and taking the first dose of Homeopathy, Shaun has not just Calmed down over night but his aggressive, frustrated and hyperactive state completely disappeared. His tip toe walking is little to non now.
He is speaking clear and thinking in a more balanced productive manner.
He has dramatically gained weight and changed so much it’s has brought tears to my eyes when he sits and smiles helping me through this isolation time which I was dreading more for these reasons.
I am so happy that I found Kishan to help Us, I can see the miraculous changes in Shaun’s behaviour unfold every day. And I’m finding it such a pleasure to be with my child.

Apr 23, 2020
by Adriana on Kishan’s Clinic
Healing For My Mother In Slovakia

My Mum met Kishan through me, Kishan has just helped my son with behaviour and concentration issues, here in Newport.
My mother has suffered for many years, with stomach, and abdominal issues she’s lately become weakness and depressed. She asked for advice and any help.
Kishan offered her a consultation and Psychic Surgery (distant healing) via Skype or whatapp- which is what he has done for decades.
My Mother has never had any healing of any kind before so not sure what was going to happen. Also she’s in Slovakia that over 1271 miles away. I couldn’t really imagine this working. But Kishan explained the best way to set up the iPad and phone so he could see and hear her for the consultation. He asked to look at the palm of her hand and then it was like he knew everything about her.
He told her to lye down after the consultation and take 3 deep breaths and then close her eyes. This was during the day.
And I was to make sure that she knew not to be disturbed. After consulting I had to switch off the phone and have no contact till she contacted me. She phoned after 1 hour and this is what she said translated;
It was an indescribable experience, she felt air blowing out from one ear and buzzing in the other then crawling all over her body which frighten her a bit but the she felt a huge shift out of her stomach and felt such relief.
(She then strangely fell asleep for over an hour before contacting me). After the healing she felt better and her pain was unnoticeable her weakness was less and she ate and has been able to sleep she is happier in herself and improving since the last 48 hours since healing.
Thank you for this amazing and good energy and all your help.

Apr 23, 2020
by Sid on Kishan’s Clinic
Distant Healing Nearly 7.000 Miles Away

I was coaxed into booking a distance healing by my sister who had had a few distance sessions herself and felt so much better in the process. She forwarded me Kishan's number and we got talking after I introduced myself and proceeded to tell him about my ailments. I am from Africa and it was initially intrigued how distance healing could be applied from such great a distance without the patient being there personally. My issues were a nagging sciatic nerve for which I had numerous treatments from a physiotherapist and a Kinesiologist, all to no avail. Four weeks ago I also had a very bad fall in the bathroom where I slipped and in the process, hit my right shoulder really hard on the commode. the pain was excruciating but fortunately an x-ray showed that I did not have any broken bones . However the fall had caused a soft tissue injury and had also affected my ribs from the back from the impact. Fast forward-after speaking with Kishan he alleviated my concerns and then booked me for the healing. I was really impressed by his prompt replies and answers to my queries. So far I have had three healing session. During the second and third sessions I felt a deep energy travelling up and down in my injured ribs and also felt an ache. In all honesty I was just so pleased! My shoulder pain had reduced by a huge percentage and my sciatica is getting better as well. I intend to continue with more sessions as I feel that they have made a huge difference to the way I feel. Kishan is amazing, the very next day he wrote me a very long text stating where exactly he had focused his healing on. He had cleared blocked up my head and also blockages in my throat area. Kishan told me about things that he had sensed in whilst healing that simply blew me away! How could someone , thousands of miles away, sense what my internal issues were?? What can I say, you are very gifted and I am so very glad that I crossed your path. I hope to get better completely, thank you Kishan, you are appreciated!

Apr 17, 2020
by Sarah G on Kishan’s Clinic
Anxiety Treatment Before/After Covid19 Virus

I am a full time Nurse, I was lucky to get an appointment with Kishan just before lockdown as my anxiety was through the roof, I had not eaten for days lost weight and my OCD was off the scales during this difficult time, I’d not slept and was off sick from work.
Kishan watched me for a few minutes then gave me some homeopathy on my tongue which calmed me down within 2 min, I still can’t understand how that is possible.
He then after the consultation gave me a healing (now this is something I’m still trying to process as I write this weeks later).  Kishan not once actually touched me during the Healing, but I could feel things being moving around in my head and stomach also I felt pressure and things shifting inside my body.
The healing time felt like hours- but on reflection was actually 7 minutes! When Kishan finished I opened my eyes He smiled and said “all gone”?
I felt from that time and to this day, every thought I had of fear, anxiety, death contamination and terror just not there anymore. I can not- nore do I profess to understand how Kishan works, Perhaps I will never understand and actually it’s really not important.
Kishan explained that 40% of his testimonials are from people and animals he has sent distant ( remote) healing to, and he’s never physically met them, so consultations are via phone/video and picture requested, then meds are sent and psychic surgery’s done remotely after the Consultations Kishan also gave me a combination of homeopathy drops for what he explained was coming in terms of the virus to help provide and achieve  Immunocompetence during this time.
I felt hungry straight after the healing and told Kishan, I was going back to work and did, I contracted Covid 19 in work, spoke to Kishan and the symptom’s were days (like Prince Charles duration) rather than weeks (unlike my work colleagues in hospital who are all recovering but taking a bit longer as you would with a virus). Looking back now I'm better than I’ve been in a while.
Thank you Kishan, words can never express all you do for your patients including the hospital staff.

Apr 11, 2020
by M. Hansie on Kishan’s Clinic
Distant Healing from Newport to Manchester -Wheezing,, Prolonged Cough, Burning In Chest And Lethargy.

I am writing this testimonial regarding a distance healing session I had with the very gifted Kishan. My issue started off a few weeks ago-I was diagnosed with Esophagitis with acid reflux which caused wheezing (asthma like symptoms) and coughing accompanied with a very tight chest. I have never had these issues before and I have been told that they are very much symptoms that co-exist with issues such as mine. Much as I would have liked a 1:1 healing with Kishan unfortunately that was just not possible as I live in another city altogether and travelling far was just not feasible. I texted Kishan and requested him to send me a distance healing which he very kindly agreed to do despite his busy schedule. Mind you, I had also been prescribed medication to reduce the inflammation in my esophagus but there was nothing that could be done for my wheezing, cough, burning and tightness in my chest going on for weeks.
Prior to my distance healing session, Kishan called me up and asked me several questions pertaining to my problems after which I settled down in my room on my bed. Kishan started my healing as soon as we disconnected the call. I felt powerful surges of energy running through my head and my whole body which caused mini jolts, it was very powerful indeed! 
Kishan had mentioned that I would automatically know when the session would be over, I certainly did! Mine took approximately 15 minutes but he did point out that it varies with every patient. I slept very well after my distance healing.
The next morning I was amazed at how light I felt. My tightness and discomfort in my chest had completely disappeared and I wasn't wheezing ! I immediately texted Kishan to let him know and all he wrote back was, 'excellent'. Kishan, you have no airs about your gift and are so nonchalant about what you do. As I write this testimonial, I have stopped wheezing, coughing and also the burning and tightness in chest has disappeared.
I used to feel that healing can only be effective on a one to one basis but that is definitely not the case. Healing can take place from a distance and make a massive difference in how one feels. Kishan is extremely empathetic and despite his busy schedule he takes time to contact his patients and enquires about how they are feeling. I personally feel that that is a beautiful quality to have as that shows how much he cares about the people he helps to get better. He is also nonjudgmental and does not put you in a position where you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. 
I can only say that anyone can be healed and no one does it better than Kishan!

Thank you Kishan.Mar 9, 2020
by Pat Glynn on Kishan’s Clinic
Calming Wonderful Kishan

I was recommended to Kishan by a very good friend. I had panic attacks due to a history of falls where I lost my confidence, I was very anxious and my balance was not good. After the first appointment I improved during the month being less anxious and no panic attacks and generally walking better. The next appointment I had Kishan did a healing due to my old spinal fractures which had caused pain and discomfort during mobility, the healing a healing helped immediately my back and left knee and the anxiety and panic attacks continued to improve at the last meeting with Kishan I had another healing with homeopathy again which I found so calming and relaxing, much to my surprise I’ve only seen Kishan a few times and was discharged.
I would not hesitate to go back to the magic of a Kishan if and when I need to.

Feb 12, 2020
by Ashleigh on Kishan’s Clinic

I decided to have sessions due to my anxiety and short temper. I would get extremely nervous about the smallest situations like driving and meeting new people. I would also lose my temper so easily in situations, again like driving. After a couple of sessions I have managed to get over my fear and anxieties of driving to new places and meeting new people. Just today I was in a situation where I had to attend a meeting on my own with people i’ve never met and I carried it out with the most confidence i’ve ever had. I have managed to stick to a gym plan whereas I would always talk myself out of going to the gym. Overall, I know I have some room for improvement but I have been taught how to get to where I need. On top of that, Kishan is one of the kindest people I have ever met and he made me feel so comfortable. This is a massive deal for me as I am also getting over the trauma of being sexually abused my a male school teacher. I normally get very uncomfortable around men but Kishan instantly made me feel at ease. I recommend anyone who is suffering to get in contact with him. .

Feb 10, 2020
by Lowri Jones on Kishan’s Clinic

Hi, I'm Lowri Jones, a 16 year old girl from Blaenau Gwent, and this is my review on the wonderful Kishan Takahashi.
I previously found out about Kishan as my dad is a paramedic and knew him from work. I suffered years with water infections and have been symptomatic of them for a long while, but I suffered worse with my menstrual cycle (very heavy bleeding, excruciating pain that crippled me, anaemia and being rushed into hospital a few times). My first session with Kishan I almost didn't attend because of the amount of pain I was in due to ongoing water infections, but I am so glad I was able to attend because if I hadn't I would have missed out on meeting a genuine, caring and lovely man. When I arrived to my first session we firstly talked about the pain levels, symptoms etc before we got into an actual healing along with being given some Homeopathic remedies ( is never known about before) to take, which I later discovered to be UNBELIEVABLE and faster responding to my symptoms than anything is ever taken !! 
After we finished talking he took me to a separate room which was next door and proceeded with a healing, 
At one point I just felt a sudden urge to laugh out aloud as I felt he was by my head then heart, my father was in the room to and the Psychic Surgery lasted about 6-8 mins maybe longer, but trust me EVERY SECOND IS A BLESSING. 
After the healing was over- Kishan asked me to answer one question- “How is the pain”
The pain was actually gone,  it was magical I couldn't explain it. 
I said that I could feel like someone was pulling things and moving things inside my abdominal area, and my father who was looking so surprised and stunned said “ he was literally just doing that I could see”.
I carried on going to see Kishan over some months and honestly, I have not experienced anymore water infections/symptoms or had anymore hospital visits, also I am a lot better, happier, more confident and healthier within myself and I owe it all to Kishan.
Thank you for helping me and thank you for being so truthful and supportive, I will never ever forget you.

Feb 10, 2020
by Myra on Kishan’s Clinic
Kidney Pain, Cholesterol Granuloma Headache

I learned about Kishan whilst searching for healers online. I had not been feeling well since many months due to a severe one sided pain under my left ear that caused a severe headache . This was not a normal headache that I experienced before but a strange throbbing one which only dissipated for a few hours when I took my medication. This was a headache that was caused by a growth in the base of my skull known as a Cholesterol Granuloma Not only my headache, I had also been experiencing an ache in my left kidney since the past 7 months. I underwent x-rays and a urine test but they were all clear. The ache would be more pronounced during the nights when I was in bed. When there is no cause it is normal to worry because your body is trying to tell you that something is not quite right despite what the results are telling you. I searched for several healers , read all the testimonials and booked myself with a well known healer who had a website that is full of testimonials. I had 4 sessions with her regarding my headaches and the kidney ache. I didn't experience any relief whatsoever and was really disappointed as it was a loss of both money and time. However I did not give up on looking for alternative healing as pain relief medication was only providing temporary relief. Kishan appeared to be someone who was really empathetic, kind and genuinely concerned about his patients/clients. I was also impressed by the fact that he had very many years of experience working in a busy hospital as a nurse. I felt that this experience meant that he was knowledgeable with any medical terminology that i would use especially when talking about my Cholesterol Granuloma. I contacted Kishan via Whatsapp and he replied after an hours time. We exchanged information and Kishan was kind enough to book me for a healing session for both my ailments . He asked me to prepare for my session which I did. During my session I felt a powerful surge of energy in my chakras and felt my body growing hot. It's indescribable! I never felt this kind of experience with the first healer. It was just brilliant. Over the next two days my headaches continued as did my kidney ache. On the third day there was no pain at all!! My kidney pain had disappeared and so did my headache on the left side. Mind you, I was told by my neurologist that I would experience headaches till the time they would drain out the growth (benign) in the base of the skull. I am so very happy that I have no pain at all. I do not know how to thank Kishan, he is so gifted and truly magical, I have no words. It's a huge relief to be pain free and I have only Kishan to thank for. God bless you Kishan , please continue with your good work, you are so appreciated!

Feb 10, 2020

by Kaz on Kishan’s Clinic
Becoming The Person I Was Meant To Be!

I consulted Kishan on a dear friends recommendation and I can honestly say its the best thing I ever did! After suffering years of anxiety, depression, low self esteem, confidence issues and then Menopausal symptoms I finally went to see Kishan who was so patient, kind and understanding and explained what was going on in my body which made complete sense to me. I was given remedies to take and had healing which was so soothing, I could feel the warmth flowing through my body. I saw Kish once a month for 8 months and have now been discharged and I have to say I feel the best I have ever felt in my life! I'm so much happier in myself and able to deal with life's ups and downs. I now feel I am the person I was always meant to be all thanks to Kish.
Thank you Kishan you wonderful man!

Jan 23, 2020
by Jacqueline on Kishan’s Clinic
No More Skepticism!

Ok where to start. I'm afraid this is going to be a long post but if I can convince anyone reading this to make an appointment with Kishan if they need help after trying everything else....it will have been worth it!
I didn't believe in Homeopathy, Reiki, crystal healing or any of what I thought was mumbo jumbo before I visited Kishan. I basically was only doing it to appease my friend who recommended him and tick of a box of one more thing I've tried.
I'm a woman so I don't easily admit i'm wrong but less say I have lived a sheltered life and now I've seen the light.
I was most definitely in a very bad place both mentally and physically. I'd suffered severe depression for roughly 10 years due to toxic relationships within my close family and the main physical health problem I needed some relief from was inflammatory bowel disease with bouts of really bad indigestion. I have other age related issues such a arthritis but it was the tummy issues and depression that were ruling my daily life.
I didn't tell Kishan this but at the time I felt that I was on the brink of a complete breakdown and I was also what I considered to be a functioning alcoholic as every night I'd drink several large glasses of wine to mask the emotional pain I was dealing with. I didn't miss a single night; I couldn't and the glasses were getting bigger and the drinking was starting earlier in the day... 
I'd tried every antidepressant my doctor would throw at me and although I’d had several colonoscopies my doctors were unable to confirm a diagnosis for my tummy problems even though I often passed large amounts of blood and gunge so apart from imodium which I've taken since I was in my teens for diarrhoea I've had no relief with the problems that when I was having (what I considered to be a flare up) were debilitating. 
On top of this I had started to have many anxiety attacks and at times couldn't cope with going out and being among people. I'd been unsupported in my last job when I’d taken on the system due to its negligence in care of people, although brave, not an easy thing to go through, so this was pushing me over the edge. Some thing had to be done...
So I figured I'd take my friends advice and take the plunge. My friend was relatively a new relationship in my life, so I'd only known her a few months.
OK so the day of my appointment I arrive at Kishan's clinic and my head was all over the place. I sat opposite Kishan and the tears started to flow as soon as he asked me any questions. (not the impression I want to give when sat next to a good looking guy but hey ho!)
He identified the three areas of my tummy where I had been experiencing pain and burning without even touching me or looking, he also identified which knee I had/ have arthritis in... scary sh%t, right? 
I guess I should of felt uneasy at this point recalling such incidents as smuggling a Tortoise into the UK in my bra and other escapades and wondering how much he knew but if he did pick up on them he didn't say! Phew
when I think back I'm gobsmacked by some of the things I did open up to him about but I felt comfortable to confide in him. That's a first for me too!
I then went into Kishan's healing room (for want of a better description) and he did his stuff.
I had my eyes closed but had a few sneaky peaks throughout the session and I was amazed to realise that I could feel the energy from his hands inside my body even though he made no contact...
I felt very chilled which again isn't/ wasn't me and I had a sense of euphoria and complete calm when he finished.
I didn't notice until I got home that my knee was vastly improved and my hubby commented on how relaxed and happy I appeared. My hubby doesn't notice anything so this must of been major!!
Over the next few days my tummy pains subsided and I found the Joie De Vie which had been missing for a very long time. I have renewed interest in life and smile an awful lot. I have given up the wine but I'm sure I had some input into that as I'd gone TWO whole days before seeing Kishan without a drop so I can't let him have ALL the credit but I'd never gone more than 3 days without a glass in far too many years.

My confidence and self esteem have improved greatly and I can honestly say that I'm happy and I still have all the same old sh%t going on in the toxic relationships as I had before but it's not affecting me now. I felt mentally strong enough to try and rectify some of those problems and went to see very close family members who have estranged me within two days of seeing Kish. The outcome wasn't what I hoped but I coped with it. I coped really well in fact.
"The dark can make it hard to see the light but the time is always right to do whats right" 
I am getting back to the old me, the happy me and it's Kishan that I have to thank for this bless him. All this after 1 month of seeing Kishan .
I'm so grateful that I found him as in doing so I found me too. 
Thank you Kishan  [❤️]

Jan 9, 2020
by Emma on Kishan’s Clinic
Finding My Happy Place

When I asked for Kishan’s help I was feeling stuck in a place I couldn’t move on from. I was disconnected from myself, people and life. I felt distracted, chaotic and unpredictable.
I have struggled with myself, (mostly lacking in confidence and varying degrees of anxiety, inconsistent moods, trust issues and self destructive behaviours) on and off for most of my life. Although, I have made lots of attempts to fix myself through counselling, hypnosis, reiki, meditation, EAM, mindfulness and countless self help books. They have all contributed in some way to helping but these were usually temporary fixes. Deep down I felt I was still searching for something. Something bigger within myself.
So when I met Kishan, I was open-minded but a little weary. If I knew then what I know now I would have said to myself, “don’t worry, he’s so non-judgemental, unfazed, loving, funny and he ‘gets’ you.” He also gives the best hugs : ).
Kishan has helped me find myself and has given me my heart back (which I didn’t know had gone). I am calmer, more empathetic, compassionate, contented and most of all I feel so much more loving towards myself and people around me. I’m really hoping this stays with me forever. I guess, time will only answer this.
For me, this has been an emotional experience. A couple of days after my sessions (I had 4 altogether), I experienced a range of emotions, from absolute elation and love to full-on crying and vulnerability. I trusted that this was all part of the process of releasing past traumas (which it was).
I now feel more confident to go out into the world and be the best person I can be. This is the beginning of a new journey for me. I am truly grateful for Kishan’s help and would recommend him to anyone who has emotional issues. The only negative comment I have is, Kishan is difficult to walk away from, because he’s such a lovely person to be around : ). Thank you. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Jan 4, 2020
by Fathima on Kishan’s Clinic
Excellent Alternative Therapy

I met Kishan in 1999. He helped me with allergies that no doctor could cure for 3 weeks.
I was free if itching and scratching with 48hours. A few years later he helped me with kidney stones, I didn’t want to medical intervention and pills as my stones were too small.
This year , my mum took a turn that no doctor could understand- she is 74 and perhaps was given 8x the dose of a calming sedative to relax her before an MRI. She deteriorated over 2 weeks and at the end did not recognise any of us, or speak or eat. Kishan , a psychiatrist and lots of prayer seemed to have helped. I can’t say which did. She is now back to her normal self. thank you Kishan for what you did. Pure magic

Jan 4, 2020
 by Hayley on Kishan’s Clinic
Low Oxygen Sat High Temp Not Controlled By Antibiotics

My whole family have been treated by Kishan for over 2 years with homeopathy & healing with great success each & every time. This time was no different.
My 15 month old daughter was in hospital with a chest infection. Her oxygen levels were low and she had a high temperature which wouldn't stabilise.
Kishan sent distant healing to my daughter while we were in hospital and within no time her oxygen levels stabilised and her temperature went down to a safe level. She was no longer coughing, lethargic and irritable. The oxygen mask was no longer needed!!!!! She was able to sit up, smile, she started to eat and interact with us.
The next day the consultant was happy with my daughters progress and we got just discharged from hospital.
As always, a Huge Thank You to You Kishan for the incredible distant healing that you sent which healed my daughter.
I recommend this wonderful beautiful human being to anyone with any health issues they don't call him 'Magic Man for no reason 

Dec 19, 2019
 by Ramees Farooqi on Kishan’s Clinic
Thank You For Taking Away My Anxiety And Mental Turmoil.

Kishan came highly recommended to me by my dear friend. I instinctively felt that his chosen specialised area of treatment may have been the right one for me, as I had tried the conventional route even with emergency care where they could not help.
I was also advised that The Anxiety and the Mental Turmoil I was experiencing would take years of treatment and medications to be controlled.
But I was able to book an appointment much sooner than I had expected.
I had both been informed and reassured, prior to my first appointment, that Kishan would speak to me as an individual rather than just another patient.
Upon meeting Kishan, I found him to be a warm, kind hearted, very friendly, down to Earth, approachable and thoroughly engaging person with a lot to offer, and therefore I felt completely comfortable with him.
He and I were barely ten minutes into our very first session, and I already felt that he understood me perfectly. It became immediately obvious to me that he wasn't simply making a load of text book references or painting by numbers. Neither did he once speak to me in a patronising manner.
After only ten minutes, I felt so excited that I wanted to run off and find My Freind who recommended Kishan so that I could express my gratitude to her and tell her how happy I felt with my first combination treatment (something kishan has devised) which is healing Psychic Surgery and Homeopathy combined with other skills acquired over nearly 3 decades.
As my following three sessions progressed, I consciously made an effort to remove much of the toxic presence and negative influence which had been surrounding me for far too long. Consequently, I welcomed a return of Confidence.
Another significant factor was that I started to venture back into a lot of things which I had ignored: I got back into my guitar playing and felt that I wanted to learn a couple of new techniques. Additionally, I have fallen in love again with the sight of vintage guitars.
I also started attending live gigs again, and started to become something of a social butterfly. For the first time in many years, I have started window shopping for Mod clothes.
I truly feel happier since my sessions with the wonderful Kishan. I honestly cannot recommend him highly enough.
Thank you so much Kishan for everything you have done for me and have helped me to achieve. Meeting you has definitely been of the highlights of my 2019, and I count you as a true friend as well as a brilliant Homeopath and Healer.
Please keep up with all your great work.Dec 13, 2019

Dec 13, 2019
by Leanne Barriball on Kishan’s Clinic
A Saving Grace When The Vet Thought There Was No Hope

Really thankful for Kishan answering a plea on a homeopathic facebook group for one of our heifers who had a serious reaction to mould she had eaten. When the vet had seen her, she had said she will either live or die. I haven't been doing homeopathy long but I thought well I can't lose anything. That is when I posted asking for help. Kishan then gave me so much of his time via facebook messenger helping me to literally bring the poor heifer now named Rachel back to life. I have no doubt that had we not have done what we did, she would have died. So I am very grateful, and it has taught me more about the power of homeopathy and learning to see the signs of changes within animals.
Thank you Kishan

Nov 22, 2019
by Suzy Bryant on Kishan’s Clinic
Menopause HRT Side Effects, Large Lipoma Half Size In 4 Weeks.

Where do I start ... After suffering with debilitating Menopausal symptoms for 5 years I visited my GP who put me on HRT after trying it for 6 months and having some awful side effects that i couldn’t cope with, I went to visit Kishan “ Mr Magic Man” who after a long chat about EVERYYHING prescribed me a homeopathic remedy I have been taking it for a few weeks and have also had 2 healing sessions ( which are totally amazing ) I can honestly say I have felt so much better, the flushes are at a minimum and only last a few seconds,my mood swings have gone along with the brain fog, the 6 month period at last has stopped, thd dragging pelvic pain has gone the bloating has disappeared along with the awful acne , joint pain is bearable but most of all I feel “ Normal again “ not a complete emotional angry gibbering wreck that I felt I was turning into, I didn’t know which way to turn I couldn’t sleep , felt like I couldn’t stay awake In the day and constantly felt tired and drained, life was a vicious circle , I also I had what I thought was a double chin it was actually a fatty  lipoma tumour  and yes you’ve guessed it has now gone to half the size , so Mr Magic Man I THANK YOU  [🙏🏼] [💛]


by Joni O’ Brien

Long term Anxiety

I went to see Kishan a little while back due to anxiety. My partner had to make the appointment as I was to anxious to message and a little embarrassed. I Thought if I reach out for help It’s almost  openly admitting I have a problem that I masked for a very very long time. 
Ide been to GPs been on every tablet going, but due to the side effects took myself off them. I masked my anxiety very well for years , Always smiling, but those close knew that I wasn’t what I was portraying to be. 
That’s when I met this man. Well where do I start..... 
he’s the most amazing, professional, down to earth amazing angel on earth! 
I don’t actually know, or explain what he does. The healings are absolutely mind boggling and an out of body experience! You can’t even explain what happens! 
You just feel like the biggest weight has gone! 
I’ve been seeing kishan for a few months and from the person I was when I walked in there, to the person i am today is incredible! 
- I have my blips now and then , but nowhere near what I was before seeing Kish ❤️
And it’s all down to this magic man ❤️❤️ I’m truly humbled and blessed to have him in my life 💓💓💓 

Oct 28, 2019
by Sarah Lavender on Kishan’s Clinic
Stan - Wobblers And Cardiomyopathy

My wonderful Doberman Stan suddenly collapsed in March 2017 and I rushed him to the vets and was referred forward to a specialist.. he was diagnosed with Wobblers which is a horrendous condition affecting the spine and unfortunately one I was all to familiar with as my first Doberman had died during an operation to correct it. I was fortunate to be sent to a wonderful specialist who openly admitted the operation was often widely disputed and not always successful so agreed to treat conservatively. He responded well to a short course of steroids and painkillers and within the month he could walk reasonably well. However what I wasn’t prepared for was the depressive state he had gotten into. He was an active dog and with my job as a dog walker he was out as often as he pleaded in his adult years whether walking through the woods or enjoying slow sniffs with elderly dogs. He just loved being outdoors.
A month after his initial collapse he was depressed, dark, unhappy... like a light had gone off behind his eyes. After blindly following vets advice and peer pressure to go ‘ the science route’ with my first dog only to lose him so tragically I felt at liberty to explore other options with Stan, I had seen my consultant, spent the thousands, nobody could judge me professionally that I hadn’t done the right thing by him.. and now I was free to do what I thought might help
So I took him to see Kishan and what a difference between walking in and walking out of his clinic that day
The light came back on in his eyes so much so that people around me commented, even seemed confused as to why this could have created such a transformation in him
We had a whole year of a bright happy Stan and during that year I popped him back and forth to see Kish
Then a few months ago he suddenly developed DCM and went into heart failure. Within an hour I was at a cardiologist specialist and the outlook was bleak. We were prescribed medication but whether Stan would make it home was uncertain.
I went back to Kishan again and he treated his heart condition also. Two months later and one 48hr ECG result later Stan is doing better than well.. his results have ranged back into normal and he has amazed the vets and specialist with his turnaround
As a person I learnt many years ago after many trails that I responded better to alternative treatments than what the doctors may throw at me, but I am one who believes that we all choose our own path and it’s not something I shout about or expect others to do.
As a professional who works with dogs I always refer to vets and specialists regardless of what I know to work as I would find I would get judged. Kishan never once tried to push me away from doing this (which is ironic because as soon as you tell a medical professional you are seeing a homeopath or psychic surgeon they openly laugh at you). For me this is the best of both worlds to be seen to be ‘doing the right thing’ and also doing the right thing that sits with me.
All the wishful thinking in the world couldn’t have made the dark cloud lift from Stan after he went down. All the airy fairy beliefs couldn’t have made me walk into Kishan’s with a struggling dog then struggle myself to keep up with him when we left. If I had walked out the vets with a similar result people would throw their hands up and say how great he was... yet if I said it had happened with a psychic surgeon they’d have laughed
And you know what? I think people are scared. I think professionals are scared.
And if I can give one piece of advice to anyone reading this who feels under pressure from
Vets or loved ones to go a certain route... just go once. Take your beloved animal to see Kishan just once and don’t deny anything you see happen  [💜]

Oct 17, 2019
 by Laura on Kishan’s Clinic
Cluster Headaches/ Hemicrania Continua

Kishan was recommended by a friend who had worked with him when he worked for the nhs, this friend was in awe of his energy just by being with him & this struck me because I would say my friend is somewhere more sceptical, I was encouraged by her belief in Kishan.
I was desperate for something or someone to help me, I have suffered excruciating pain on one side of my face & head for 34 months, MRI can not detect any abnormality & pharmaceutical drugs can not ease the pain, whether the epilepsy drugs, codeine, 100% oxygen fitted at home I was just feeling less & less myself.
My general practitioner is a wonderful doctor, my neurologist superb I cannot underestimate their attempts to help me.
However, I have had many stressful situation occur in a very short space of time, I cannot help but wonder if the pain is mental strain presenting as physical pain.
I am a mum of two, I run my own business & other than doing the absolute basics for work that is all I do, there is very little social life outside due to the pain & the light & noise sensitivity I experience too.
I am chronically unwell & massively overwhelmed by life. I have met with Kishan twice & received distance healing once, the relief in terms of stress this has provided & somewhat for two weeks after I am relatively much better pain wise, but the greatest gift I have learnt so far is I can now look forward, where I was once stripped of joy or any hope to look forward to a time where I will be well & enjoy better times is a true gift.
Kishan is a kind soul, who welcomes you & makes you feel very safe to open up & to them relax so to receive healing. I look forward to Kishan’s healing on my journey to being well in body & in mind.

Greatest appreciation Kishan, Laura.

Oct 9, 2019
by Lynette Board on Kishan’s Clinic
Chronic Suffering Of My Daughter Gone.

My daughter had a diagnosis of Chronic fatigue syndrome 18 months ago and suffered greatly. She was previously a competitive swimmer but then crawled from upstairs to downstairs where she spent the day exhausted on the sofa repeatedly. She was unable to tolerate light (photophobia) or sound (hyperacusis) and had no energy at all, as a family this was devastating to witness on a daily bases. I also rang the Drs practically every day to see if someone could help her and would get so frustrated at the lack of help.
She had seen Kishan when she was younger with migraines that could not be helped by anything.
So we were lucky to see him one day in-between patients and he gave her an appointment straight away.
Mia had healings with him, which she said were an amazing experience and hard to describe and had Homeopathy like she did before with her migraines, we saw a remarkable improvement every time! Her ability to tolerate light and sound increased after the 1st session and continued until they were back to normal with Homeopathy and Psychic surgery Healings, Mia has successfully sat 13 GCSE’s achieving A*-B grades which we never would have believed possible 18 months ago.
Kishan is very kind and caring and has a very perceptive nature which enables him to explore the whole person in depth and find the right treatment for his patients. We are so grateful to him and would, and have highly recommend him. Mia has also had CBT and physio which she was able to do after her energy picked up which have helped.
Mia was being referred to Dr Esther Crawley at the Royal united hospital in Bath and she has repeatedly been turned down ! There is no specialist in the whole of Wales that would see her as she was under 18 so they were happy to leave her on a waiting list. We paid privately for the diagnosis and cbt treatment. She is still on the nhs waiting list to see a consultant !!

Aug 18, 2019
by Ellie O'Bryan on Kishan’s Clinic
Exams And Anxiety

I have always suffered with anxiety and a lack of self confidence so, when it came to completing my AS level exams I was very nervous despite months of revsion. Kishan helped me to reach my full potential by giving me remedies to help with my confidence and concentration and I am so pleased to have achieved 2 A's and a B. Kishan has always been so genuine and sincere and I have always felt as though he cared. Thank you kishan for all your help.

Aug 2, 2019 

by Nickie on Kishan’s Clinic
Amazing -Insomnia & Depression Healed

What can I say this man truely is a miracle worker. I was in such a desperate place before I found Kishan. I have been suffering from insomnia linked to anxiety and I really could not take much more. I had two sessions with Kishan and he helped me so much. He was very calming and reassuring throughout his sessions and he knew what I was like before I even opened my mouth when going through the consultation. I will recommend him to everyone who is going through struggles. Absolutely amazing, thank you Kishan xx

Jul 15, 2019 
Donna On Kishans Clinic on Kishan’s Clinic
Changed Me- An My Life  [🙏]

I Found Kishan while Searching for a Reiki healer and I immediately felt drawn to him. this man is an (earth Angle). [😇] I was in desperate need for help wasn’t feeling myself and wasn’t leading a Normal life in anyway Shape or form. Most of my life I've had toxic relationships and friendships around me which has affected me Mentally Emotionally and Physically plus my Anxiety was dreadful. These past 4/5 years have been real draining for me, having toxic Manipulative people draining my energy an controlling me I felt vulnerable and fearful to say the least. I lost my Mum 2 half years ago from Cancer and my Grief was pretty messed up. last October I had life saving surgery and made me feel even more vulnerable felt like I was in Shock. I started to stay in my comfort zone week in week out was afraid to face the outside world even a trip to the local shop gave me bolts of Anxiety plus having no confidence what so ever, I knew deep down I had to do something to help myself.
I first contacted Kishan in early February baring in mind he had a 3 month waiting list in which I was happy to wait he got back to me same day was lovely and understanding to me with plenty of empathy, Kishan gave me an appointment for 2 weeks later. When i first met Kishan I was really nervous didn't know what to expect but as soon as I saw him I felt at ease instantly calmer inside. Kishan explained everything and did a full consultation to he asked me some questions about the past and present I couldn't remember alot about the past an told Kishan this and he said not to worry, it was like he already knew things anyway, I felt like he knew me better than I knew myself. Even talking in depth with him made something lift inside. Kishans the most Spiritual person I've ever met, and I’ve supposedly met a few, he’s so intuned with himself and what's around him it's incredible. I've never seen anything like it. Kishan then gave me Some Homeopathic remedies to take and explained that he was going to do Psychic surgery on me and then Gave me another appointment for a month time.
In The Healing room I felt So relaxed just the set up made me feel at home. Kishan then performed Psychic Surgery on me it's just out of this world I felt like my body was sinking in the therapy bed and had a warm feeling with tingling sensations it felt like all my  blockages were lifting up and out of me and my energy started flowing again- it's hard to explain!!
After the first healing session I felt instantly different from within it was one of the best feelings I've ever experienced. A Smile came on my face which I haven't had for a while. My mind felt like it had decluttered no end. When I left kishans I headed straight for a Coffee this use to be difficult for me, to be around people but it was quite easy to do after the Healing . Kishan did advice I  take baby steps to begin as it may overwhelm me, he didn't want me to push myself, he was right too. I've had Several Sessions now with Kishan I have noticed after each one how much more strenth and will power I have gained inside and out and my confidence is also back, my Anxiety is practically gone if I do have it it's like I Can control it. I’m not fearful of much anymore it's like I'll go anywhere now lol. I've managed to distance the toxic people out of my life with Strength and Courage and that alone as done me the world of good, I'll never put up with anyone toxic ever again. And My Raynaulds Disease kishan has actually Cured completely, the after pains from my Surgery have gone and the arthritis in my kness has eased no end. There's no comparison to how it use to be. I'm over the past tramas aswell, I don't even over think anymore - I couldn't if I tried!. Family and friends say I look different more healthy younger and very different. 
New me, New life thanks to Kishan. (Small price to pay for your health and dignity).
This whole experience is a miracle and Kishans a miracle  [💯] I would advice/recommend Kishan to absolutely anybody even if it's a one time appointment. Wish I'd of found him years ago that's my only regret. 
Thank you Kishan I'm forever greatful to you, your a god send  [🙏]

Jul 8, 2019
Beverly Bottomley on Kishan’s Clinic
Rescue Dogs Found The Magic Man

l take in mentally and physically disabled rescue dogs and cats that are in such a desperate state because of their mistreatment at the hands of people. I found out about Kishan because I was searching for an alternative treatment for one of my dogs Minxy. She has had a very unlucky life with bad people and bad illnesses, numerous surgeries and unfortunately she had now developed a ventricular bleed which made her heart pressure drop and her heart was incapable of pumping correctly, which made her abdomen fill with water. The cardiologist I consulted offered her meds but said the prognosis was all but hopeless
Then I found Kishan. I explained her plight to him and told him she'd been given maybe days, maybe weeks and he agreed to try and see what he could do. Before her treatment with Kishan I asked my vet to check her heart rate and pulse and scan her heart, I offered all this information up to Kishan who said he preferred to work on his own and would look at medical records later - bear in mind at this point he had little or no information on her - and after the treatment  he then gave a full report on her illnesses.
I was astonished at his accuracy! There is no way at all he could of known all her current and previous history, in addition to this Minxy's health has improved no end and I took her back to the vets just last week and asked him to examine her, he openly admitted that he had no explanation for the stabilisation of her heart rate. This is only one dog, he has gone on to treat more and his accuracy of their history has been incredible, and the treatments are working phenomenally.
I bless the day that I discovered this man and his unexplainable and truly extraordinary gifts, he is passionate about his work and has given me answers to problems that - up until now - were hopeless.
Thank you Kishan


Jul 2, 2019

by Angela on Kishan’s Clinic
Anxiety (Gone In A Few Months)

After a particularly traumatic (to me) event at the end of last year I started to suffer extreme anxiety, I felt out of control and could not focus on going forward with my life, I visited my GP a few times and was only being offered anti anxiety meds which I was reluctant to use due to the side affects. So I decided to contact Kishan after being  recommended by a friend, I was lucky enough to get an apt within a week. I didn’t really know a lot about homeopathy but Kishan took the time to explain everything to me, he asked me many questions about how and what I was feeling,  he then gave me the most amazing healing along with some homeopathic medicine, and an appt to return in a month, after 2 days I started to feel a sense of calm, it was a very soothing calm and this calm has gone from strength to strength. On my second visit I was a different person going in to that of who I was on my first, again we talked about how I had and was now feeling and again gave me a beautiful healing, the healing is difficult to explain only to say I felt an energy moving within me, a very gentle and relaxing sensation, I was so relaxed Kishan had to nudge me when it was over.
At my last appt last week and Kishan was so pleased with my progress I have now been discharged with the knowledge that I can return whenever I feel a need, I cannot explain what exactly Kishan does only to say whatever it is, it works and I cannot thank him enough, for anyone suffering with Anxiety do not hesitate to contact him,  I am now in a place where I feel I can move forward calmly and confidently, Thank you Kishan xxx

Jun 25, 2019

by Sharon on Kishan’s Clinic
Eye Problems (SND- Salzmann's Nodular Degeneration Healed)

I was diagnosed with
Salzmann's nodular degeneration in 2016
for those who have no idea of what that is; It’s is a non-inflammatory, slowly progressive nodular corneal degeneration.
There is no known cure for this condition
Management includes observation in asymptomatic patients, medical treatment with lubricants or topical medications, and surgical treatment in more severe cases. There is no quick effective treatment for this.
I had made an appointment to see Kishan for other issues but he explained how Homeopathy treats the whole person and all their ailments (I guess this is one of the many reasons Drs are against it)
At my monitoring appointment recently and expecting some deterioration to be seen - I was surprised to hear - The nodules have disappeared?

The Consultant was confused and now they don’t know what alternative diagnosis to make...
I didn’t explain I was under the exemplary care of a well known Homeopath; Kishan as the attitude to alternative therapies seem to be dismissed by medics...
So for a medicine they think is placebo based it’s cured something incurable and I had no idea till they told me.

Jun 25, 2019

by Laura May on Kishan’s Clinic
Amazing ( Help After Horrendous Botox Side Effects)

I first rang kishan around 7 weeks ago. I had gotten botox for the first time and was experiencing horrible side effects. I explained to kishan my symptoms, muscle spasms, shooting pains, tingling/pin and needles, insomnia ect.
He advised me to go straight to A&E and if they couldn’t help then to come back to him. Which I had to do.
Kishan was very sympathetic throughout this horrible time, he must have heard how upset and panicked I was, as despite having a long waiting list, managed to fit me in not long after whist keeping an eye on me.
When first meeting kishan I was a little nervous and didn't really know what to expect. Kishan did a full medical history beforehand. I felt at ease. I don't usually open up to people about my emotions, But I felt I was in safe hands with Kishan. He gives a warm, capable, empathetic vibe.
I was given some homeopathic medicine to treat the symptoms I was experiencing. Kishan then performed a healing. It is very difficult to describe the feelings that you feel while having this treatment. You can feel your body internally healing. Emotionally I felt a pulling coming out y chest, as I felt this pulling I had thoughts of upsetting memories from the past come to mind. It was as if they was being pulled out of my heart. Although I have done my best to describe what it feels like to have a healing, the experience can't really be put into words.
After I left I felt uplifted. Like a weight had been lifted of my shoulders. I felt that there was light at the end of the tunnel. After leaving Kishan I started to heal quickly, and over the last several weeks I have improved and feel that I am so much improved. I still have some of the symptoms. But not as severe as in the beginning. I also feel that I am not alone in trying to get better. I am so grateful to kishan for his help. He truly has an amazing gift.

Jun 20, 2019
by Sarah on Kishan’s Clinic

6 mths ago i met kishan through a family member. I was yet again about to make another appt with my gp for another course of anti depressants. That empty hopeless feeling had returned as it had done repeatedly for the last 10 years. Its an awful feeling when there seems no other way to get through the day than to take pills. Pills that make you feel nothing....not sad not happy.. just nothing. I hated being on them but thought there was no other way. I'd take them for a year or 2 then stop....then 6 mths later feel depressed again. It was a viscious circle. As i was about to phone the doctors surgery...kishan popped into my head. "I wonder if he could help me" i thought to myself. I decided to text him and make an appt before i phoned the doctor.
Walking into his room i was very low and a little apprehensive. We talked for a while and then he gave me a healing. I had never done anything like this before. I felt very relaxed. I felt a pulling sensation around my head. After i left i felt an inner peace. It was so nice. The depression did continue for a few weeks and then day by day it gradually lifted. I visited kishan each month and everytime i felt changes in myself. I was becoming more assertive and happy. After 5 mths a bad experience which hapoened to me in my early teens was keeping me awake at night...not in an upsetting way but in a way where i felt like after 30 years i was able to connect to what happened and there after as a consequence. When i told kishan, he explained to me that through the healings and homeopathic treatments i have been able to clear the past. I wish i had met kishan earlier but will be forever grateful that i did meet him. Thankyou kishan

.Jun 18, 2019
by Shakayla on Kishan’s Clinic
Eczema And Dermatitis

I have suffered with Eczema since I was born which got worse over my teenage years mainly effecting my legs arms and eventually my neck and face I have used steroid creams and emollients for as long as I can remember which only ever helped for a short period of time and then it would flare up again also the overuse of steroid creams would take the pigment out of my skin so i know have vitiligo as well, Ive tried light therapy numerous times which did help while pregnant but not so effective afterwards I also suffer with contact dermatitis which eventually forced me to change my job as I was a beauty therapist and my fingers and hands would split open weep and bleed constantly which would need to be treated with antibiotics, as soon as the antibiotics was out of my system it would return with a vengeance. I have also tried acupuncture to see if this could help with retuning my immune system unfortunately it did not make much difference on my skin, all this has gone on for years and started to bring me down as it effected my confidence I no longer wore makeup as i didn’t want to irritate my skin and also felt it highlighted my problem areas, then one day my partner suggested i go to see Kishan his friends father, as he could see how low I was feeling I felt defeated not knowing where to go from here, so I read Kishan’s website and his fb page all the reviews and immediately I felt confident this man was the answer to all my problems and I wasn’t wrong from my first consultation with Kishan I felt completely comfortable and at ease I opened up to him about everything and even the things i didnt mention he knew anyway, Ive been seeing Kishan now for 6 months, Ive had 2 healing sessions which have helped with my mood tremendously, my skin is soo much better Kishan gave me Homeopathic medication  to take immediately, which we altered slightly as time went on depending on my skins reaction, he did warn me it would take time and would also get alot worse before getting better because treating a person that’s suppressed it like I was taught and educated to do by all the Drs I’d seen, was never going to cure it, which it did, at one point I called Kishan to say I didn't think I could continue as every morning i would wake up looking puffy, red and flaky and I just felt like I didn't want to leave the house however Kishan reminded me that I had gone years feeling like this and there was light at the end of the tunnel so I persevered and Im soo glad I did as now there is a massive improvement in my skin everyone has commented on how much better it looks and I feel so much better in myself, Ive recently brought my 4 year old daughter to see Kishan for various things as I trust him to help in ways no doctor or dermatologist could, I highly recommend anyone who suffers with any physical or mental issue to go and see Kishan he truly is amazing at what he does.

Jun 14, 2019
by Rob on Kishan’s Clinic
Kishan Is A True Earth Angel.

Kishan is a true Earth Angel.
I booked an appointment with Kishan as I had pain in my lower back. I was also feeling anxious about a lot of things and thought that my back pain could be related to my personal problems.
As soon as I walked into Kishan's room I felt completely safe and open to talk about how I was feeling. After this initial talk I already felt better! After providing me with homeopathic treatment we went into the treatment room where I experience reiki healing. The first time I could feel emotions bubbling up and wanting to come out. The second time I felt like he had a sweeping brush in my brain and was sweeping away all of the negative thoughts.
It sounds odd but it's an experience everyone should have! It left me feeling more confident to face the things I had been worrying about!
I was intrigued by Kishan's work and he was even kind enough to explain to me how he works with his gift, for which I am extremely grateful!
If you have any physical pain or you are feeling a bit 'stuck' I highly recommend Kishan!
Thank you!

Jun 10, 2019
by Craig on Kishan’s Clinic
Life Changer & Saver!
Very honest testimonial from a once was sceptic.

Following a few traumatic experiences and years of suffering from depression with suicide attempts, I was recommended to see Kishan. Slightly sceptical about the practices Kishan conducts however, I went with an open mind as years of counselling didn't achieve what I'd hoped.
The first time I met Kishan it felt like i'd known him for years. I instantly felt less anxious, relaxed even, due to the friendly atmosphere.
Kishan and I talked through my problems, feelings and thoughts. Mainly discussing how I was feeling currently, how I had been feeling and chatting in general about my life. Even from that brief chat, Kishan stopped me after 15 min into the consultation and told me what had caused me to become the way I was. I then felt that Kishan could understand what I was going through and help me understand why I was feeling the way I was. Kishan explained a few things to me and it all started to make total sense, more so than the multiple hours i'd spent with numerous counsellors previously.
Judging by the way he works it’s like he’s tuned into everything around himself and the patients looking, asking and getting multitudes of information somehow.
After around 40 min, Kishan provided me with bespoke homeopathic remedies to take when instructed. We then went into the treatment room where Kishan performed  Reiki healing, and Psychic Surgery, tailored to my needs. THIS WAS INSANE! One of the main issues Kishan discovered was that during a traumatic event in my past, my spirit had left my body hence why I was feeling certain ways. During the healing I could physically feel my body "popping back into place". Believe me, I know this sounds strange to most but it's the only way I can describe what happened. Amongst other healing techniques Kishan performed, grounding my spirit mostly, and locking it back In, I instantly felt so much better than ever before.
I left that day feeling completely elated which is something I hadn't felt before. Constantly smiling for the rest of that week for absolutely no reason.
All though I’ve only seen Kishan a handful of times  it's by far the best thing I've ever done. Every time i'd build up the courage to see a different counsellor or therapist it wouldn't have the affect I needed to help feel better. 1 hour with Kishan and my life changed.
If you are seeking help in any way at all, whether it be for something physical, mental or spiritual then you need to see Kishan.
Thank you for everything.

May 30, 2019
 by Laura on Kishan’s Clinic

Kishan has changed my life, in every way imaginable. I had never truly realised how my anxiety had been impacting me until I began the healing and treatment process.
I've always been quite a sceptical person but having seen the magic he worked on my dog I wanted a piece of the action! From my very first meeting I felt at complete ease with Kishan, I am not a people person and I do not like meeting new people or sharing my personal life with strangers but i couldn't shut up! Since that first appointment I have changed my whole outlook on life and am a complete homeopath convert. He has a gift that he so generously shares with those who are willing to accept his help.
Immediately I felt the changes, I wouldn't even consider myself an 'anxious' person now - after 3 appointments! I no longer let situations and concerns consume me or take over my life. I feel balanced and in control. You cannot change other people, you can only change how you respond or react to them - This is huge for me, it isn't just saying this but truly understanding and accepting it, which Kishan has allowed me to do. Kishan seems to just know and understand you, he is so in tune with what you need before you even realise it. Since my appointments my PMT has become almost non existent, I am able to enjoy more family time and my need to know everything isn't as overwhelming. Overall I feel so much happier and content, I am not over worrying or overthinking everything and I feel content.
I find it hard to put into words what Kishan has done for me. I believe everyone should have an appointment with him; it will absolutely change your life. It's unimaginable to consider how consumed I was by anxiety and worry only 3 months ago compared to how capable and strong I feel now. If you had asked me then I would have said that it wasn't possible but knowing what I do now I urge anyone to at least try it! Thank you so much.Type your paragraph here.

May 21, 2019
by Khrystine Harper on Kishan’s Clinic
A Wonderful Experience

Wow, where do I begin!!
Kishan and I met, in the strangest of ways, onboard a train! We began talking and he mentioned he was a healer and a psychic surgeon, I was astounded by his knowledge and his kindness, so much that we arranged to meet up the next day.
I was an hour early, walking into the coffee shop. I didn't know what to expect, yet I saw Kishan standing there!! It's like the universe prodded me with a pointy stick!! We got talking about how important grounding is for the human body and how it can help trauma, which is something I especially have trouble with myself, he imparted so much knowledge to me that my head felt like it was going to explode!! I now know how to ground myself and how to help others to ground themselves as well. We spoke at length about opening the door and not being scared to walk through it and that opportunities are always waiting they just have to be taken. 
During the teachings covering Chakras and colour meanings in the Auric field Kishan noticed I was sitting strangely and asked what was wrong with my back, I couldn't answer him, I didn't know myself! But I did have a long term problem, I asked Kishan if he would help so He kindly said he'd do surgery on me, without payment, the kindness of this man is astounding.
I lay on my front, in a churchyard of all places! With people walking by, Kishan seemed use to this as he said he’s healed in many places including coffee shops, ally ways and on the streets. 
During the healing I immediately began to feel my lower back tightening like a big squeeze, I felt some pain during this, my body seemed to tense and release. When Kishan was finished I got up slowly and it was amazing, I felt like I was walking taller, without any pain!! He also did some Psychic Surgery on my neck, I didn't feel any pain but I felt fuzziness in the area.
I cannot thank you enough Kishan!!! 
Truly inspirational, I plan on seeing him again in the future!!

May 15, 2019

by Cerys on Kishan’s Clinic
Very Happy !

I have seen Kishan for a few years and he has helped me endlessly. My hound daughter was suffering with stomach and allergy related issues and her diet was becoming evermore limited. She had lost weight had no energy and was heading down a long road of examinations tests who knows what.
After seeing Kishan for the first time, the very next day she woke up so hungry! Since then she has seen him a couple of times. She is now able to eat a more varied diet without it affecting her. We are both very happy and would like to thank Kishan x

May 14, 2019
by Moira Cooper on Kishan’s Clinic
Grace’s End Of Life Care

My beloved cat was in a critical situation, emaciated from refusing to eat. All the vets could suggest was admission for further tests. I feared that she would die there, alone and afraid, away from her home and I desperately wanted to spare her that.
It was then that I found Kishan. He offered distant healing for her, which is perfect for an anxious cat. He pinpointed her major problem during the first healing- strictures in her oesophagus. This made perfect sense to me, she had struggled with hairballs all her life.
Thanks to his healings and The homeopathic remedies I had ordered myself, they worked fast  and accurately, my cat was able to enjoy another 4 weeks of quality time on Earth, eating small amounts of liquid food and following her normal routine in her own territory.
How different it would have been had I not had the good fortune to find Kishan! I can’t praise him highly enough. There was never one occasion when he didn’t quickly respond to requests for assistance. It’s hard to believe that there is only one of him!
What he did for us both was nothing short of a miracle. He will always be my first port of call in future. I have already recommended him to others and will continue to do so. My only regret is that I didn’t know of him years ago!
Thank you Kishan, you are a gift from the universe [😇] [🌟]

May 13, 2019
by Laura Pilipczuk on Kishan’s Clinic
Completely Changed Our Family For The Better!

Kishan was recommended to us for our Dog but after seeing the fantastic improvement in her we decided to send the whole family!
Our daughter (age 8) has really been struggling with anxiety and stress with very little improvement using conventional methods. After her initial appointment with Kishan she became much more expressive and aware of her own emotions; in turn, her confidence has grown and she is much less anxious as well as sleeping again - She even calls Kishan her "worry guide".
Our son (age 6) was very emotional and he had trouble releasing his feelings in a controlled manner, which resulted in aggressive outbursts (verbal and physical). After his first appointment with Kishan we noticed a quick improvement in his ability to listen effectively and conflicts are diffused quickly without tantrums and aggression. He is now able to verbalise his emotions successfully and calmly. He has also stopped frowning and scowling, which is lovely to see!
We are so thrilled with the changes in the children, they are both much happier and contented as well as expressive of their emotions. All this just after 2 Appointments with Kishan he then discharged them both during there follow ups.
Since beginning treatment as a family we are all much happier. We have managed to communicate better which allows us all to appreciate and understand each other.
We recommend Kishan to all of our friends and family ... and anyone else who will listen!
Thank you so much for all that you have done for us so far and what you will continue to do; we will always turn to you for your healing and support in the future :-)

May 8, 2019
by Wayne on Kishan’s Clinic
Head Declutterer!

Kishan has used homeopathic treatment and healing which has helped me to distinguish the wood from the trees! I also had problems with indigestion but that has also diminished.
Thanks Kishan.

May 6, 2019
by Joan Rees. on Kishan’s Clinic
My Life Back.

I have suffered with brochiectisis, chronic back pain and migraines for many years. About six months ago, I was feeling so ill, but not able to explain how or why. I had no energy and it was getting impossible to do the easiest of tasks. All I was able to do most days, was sleep in the chair, and then at night sleep again.
I knew I needed help, and that was when I contacted Kisham, and went to his clinic. After a long consutation he prescribed homeopathic and healing treatment. After the first treatment I could feel improvement.
Now,after several months treament, my breathing is much easier, my back pain so much improved, and I have not had one migraine.
My life has been transformed, I am now able to do my housework, and have been working in my garden. At 88 yrs old, I go to exercise classes twice a week, and am able to keep pace with everyone there.
My family and friends are amazed at the improvement in my health and well being.
For all of this Kisham, I thank you so much.

Apr 25, 2019
by Debbie on Kishan’s Clinic
Confidence An Pain

Every time i see kishan i come out feeling on top of the world,my pain is under control an my confidence as rocketed, sych a calm atmosphere, i would definitely recommend this therapy to everyone, feeling a much better person thanks to kishan [😀] [😀]

Apr 16, 2019
by Beth on Kishan’s Clinic
Anxiety And Insomnia

I went to see Kishan after suffering from anxiety and insomnia all my life. I had tried all conventional medicine with no benefit. From the first session with Kishan I felt the calmest I have ever felt and sleep better than ever. Since then i have also taken my husband, daughter and cat! Kishan is kind and understanding, and I have also recommended him to several of my friends. Thank you Kishan :)

Apr 16, 2019
by Ed on Kishan’s Clinic
I Have My Life Back

I had struggled with ME for over a decade by the time I met Kishan. I was also seeking to confront a number of other health and psychological issues.
I was advised to seek Kishan's healing by another of his patients who felt that her life had been transformed by treatment. As she put it, she felt 'reborn'.
I hoped that my health would equally benefit from Kishan's intervention.
I have been treated by a number of Reiki and other alternative health practitioners in the past and often felt an easing of my symptoms post treatment.
Kishan's treatment was of an entirely different order - I did not feel an easing of my symptoms, I experienced a massive improvement, for the first time in a long while I left a treatment (session) pain free and without the ME 'brain fog' that had blighted my life for so long. I was utterly astounded by my improvement, more so when it was sustained over the following weeks. I have experienced so many false dawns in the past but now truly feel I can class myself as free of ME. I am unable to fully express what this means, or the improvement in my life. Moreover subsequent treatments dealt with and resolved my longstanding psychological issues.
My days are no longer filled with pain, confusion and the myriad of symptoms of ME. Equally they are no longer filled with anxiety, distress or depression.
I have my life back. I cannot adequately express my thanks and gratitude for remarkable turnaround brought about by Kishan's care. I can only say Thank You.

Apr 6, 2019
by Emma Crawley on Kishan’s Clinic
10 Year Olds Knee Fixed After 2 Years Of Suffering

In August 2017 my 8 year old daughter had a swelling to her knee. I took her to the GP and they asked me if she had fallen on it, which she had not. The only thing I could think of is that she had her appendix out in the June, so maybe it had something to do with that. She was sent for x rays which showed nothing. 
The next few months her leg got worse she couldn't bend or straighten it, and it turned to the side. She was referred to the hospital to see a paediatrician. We waited for the appointment and he sent her to physio. After a session of physio there was no change. We were told to stop her doing all her sports as she was a very active child.
Christmas came and she ended up in a wheel chair, we felt the Nhs were failing use, as they said they didn't no what it was and we had to wait for a mri, and give her Carpol, so we were put on a 6 months waiting list. I could not see my child in pain any longer so we took her to a chiropractor. He did 6 months work and still couldn't fix her leg. We then decided to pay private health care and it happened to be the same Consultant  we seen at the hospital. This man said there he’d consulted 10 surgeons and couldn’t figure out what to do so she must be faking it. 
As a mum who knows there child I knew he was totally wrong. He then sent her back to the hospital for more tests and physio, the leg was getting worse, and the pain was unbearable she could not take we were fed up of giving her medicine. So after trying all these things we were running out of options, then I came across a well known Healer called Kishan, at this point I thought we had nothing else to lose so would give it a go. We went along to his clinic and had a chat about what was going on, we then went into a room and started the healing process, after here 1st session her leg felt lighter and could walk with less pain we both burst into tears as finally we found some one who could help. She also had emotional problems and no confidence left in her due to being bullied in school, which Kishan also started to heal. After 2 more sessions my daughters leg was fixed and all he emotional problems were gone and her confidence came back.
Kishan is magical he saved my daughters and my family's life as he gave us our little Princess back, and now we can get on with our lives.
She can now ride her bike, play football, go boxing, bend backwards like a crab and dance again as well as her acting work.
All the above were things we never thought possible again.
We cant thank you enough.

Mar 26, 2019
by Lauren on Kishan’s Clinic
IBS And Acid Reflux

I been suffering with ibs for many years, but last year was the worst its ever been and started having very bad acid reflux, in the doctors twice amonth and wasnt getting better. So when i bumped in to Kishan felt like this was the sign i needed to get better.
I have now had a course of treatment from Kishan and IBS feels like its healed and acid reflux healing, my systems are better then they been in a year when they started getting bad. I went to Kishan for IBS and acid but not only did he fix that for me he fixed my attitude to life and mental health.
Kishan is a kind, warm, lovely person. I dont know he does it but it works, he is like an angel miracle worker. Thank you sp much for giving me my life back

Mar 23, 2019
by Adele on Kishan’s Clinic
Kishan Really Does Perform Miracles !

My partner introduced me, my son and my dog to Kishan. As far as I am concerned Kishan performs miracles. My son was in the depths of despair and the change in him over a short amount of time has been phenomenal. My son had anxiety and depression and I was at my wits' end not knowing which way to turn. After several visits of healing and homeopathic treatment my son has made decisions which he never would have made prior to meeting Kishan. He is now a happy and confident young man travelling around Australia!
I felt that I wanted to see Kishan myself as I had also suffered with anxiety, depression and irritable bowel. Kishan has made me realise how every part of your body is connected to your mind and the damage that negativity has on the body. Through healing and homeopathic treatment Kishan has made me feel far happier, more confident and less of a worrier.
My IBS has also improved. Kishan is easy to talk to an extremely kind and positive person who has a fabulous sense of humour who acts in the most professional manner.
My dog had a nasty lesion on his belly and as my family were visiting Kishan I thought I might as well take the dog as well. He had a couple of visits and miraculously (there is no other explanation) the lesion gradually disappeared.
Kishan is an amazing man whose friendship I value greatly

Mar 9, 2019
by Dr R S S on Kishan’s Clinic
Sleep Problems

I am a Psychiatrist working with children and Young people .I struggled with sleep problem for more than 5 years and I was very apprehensive going down the route of allopathic medication, due to side effects and dependency issues.
Kishan took time to understand the core of the problems, and it really helped talking through them, and the remedies that he gave started to work from day one.
After just 5 days of treatment I noticed considerable change and it has been nearly 5 months since my initial consultation, and I can confidently say that my sleep has improved by 75% .
Thanks Kishan for helping me through this.

Mar 6, 2019
by Faye on Kishan’s Clinic
Toddler Trauma

I came to Kishan over a month ago now after my son (19 months) spent a week in hospital having to be continuously restrained to take blood etc. When we got home my son was a shell of the person he was before. He was clearly traumatised and was flinching at us. We were all heartbroken. I booked an appointment with Kishan and he gave my son the combined treatment of Reiki and homeopathy. Within a week he was near enough back to normal, and then some. During the healing he became very emotional and was teary eyed and beaming at me and Kishan. My son was extremely calm and relaxed around him which I was the most surprised at. 2 weeks after he appointment my son started eating properly again and eating anything! (it had been 5 months of eating the same 2 foods and sometimes none). He's gained confidence, his sleep has improved and his speech has gone from 3 words to about 20 in a really short space of time.
We can't thank you enough Kishan, for helping him SO much in just one session. We visited Kishan again recently and he has discharged my son as he feels that he is absolutely fine now and I 100% agree with this. I'll never forget the experience of watching him perform the healing on my son and his reaction was so incredible! Thank you so much you really do work miracles :)

Mar 6, 2019
by V on Kishan’s Clinic
Thank You

I attended Kishan's clinic recently, he had been encouraging me to attend for some time but guess I wasn't ready at that time. I was pushing myself very hand and had noticed that I was loosing priductivity. Also I was easily provoked. Kishan was very understanding and guided me through a process of healing which has improved my life considerably. I am feeling more relaxed and generally less tense.
A big thank you to Kishan.

Mar 1, 2019
by Rhys on Kishan’s Clinic
Back On My Feet

Been stuck in the head loop and no way out for quite a few years, getting nowhere and things just got worse as time went on. Things were coming to a head and I went to see Kishan.. I found the Reiki healing an amazing experience that you would have to participate in for yourself as it is indescribable and I found highly beneficial. Anyway after a few appointments things changed for the better. I found a new job and a new lease of life, but I don't think I would be where I am today if it wasn't for Kishan. I asked someone for help and he came to me. Thank you so much Kishan, I feel alive once again.

Jan 19, 2019
by Sue on Kishan’s Clinic

Kishan was recommended by a family friend, during the past 18 months I have lost my mum, my dad, had falling out with sibling and recently lost my son-in-law. I felt angry with the world and people around me. After 10 minutes meeting Kishan and discussing only a few details I felt we had a connection and he knew more about me than I did. After a healing session, which I can't describe, I feel you need to experience this for yourself. I left the clinic with a sense of calm. I saw Kishan 2 weeks later and my emotions we calmer and was able to cope with lifes traumas. Kishan was honest with me, although he happy with my progress he sensed child hood issues and the lack of self confidence but rather than book another appointment, he has given me the strength to come to terms & deal with the past 18 months and when I feel ready see him again. I will definitely see Kishan again as I achieved much more with Kishan than seeing a bereavement counselor. Thank you for you honesty & support xx

Jan 18, 2019
by Ellie on Kishan’s Clinic

I am 16 years old and before I went to see kishan I had suffered with anxiety through most of school. when I got to the sixth form I was at the point where I felt so worn out that I felt ill. I was fed up of not having any energy and struggling to do normal things and I was worried that it was going to stop me from doing things in the future if I didn't do something about it. I was experiencing symptoms such as feeling sick, shaking, racing heart, sweating and panicking and I had also experienced my first panic attack not long before where I eneded up in hospital and susequently being off school for a week. This had left me feeling even more worried and not well. So, when my sister was working in the Optic Shop and she called me and told me about kishan and said that he happened to have a cancellation that day, I went straight there, hoping he could help me as I had already been the doctors and didn't know what else to do. I wasn't really sure what to expect as I had never really heard of anything like it before and I was a bit nervous but I was open to trying anything that might help. On my first appointment kishan asked me lots of questions about how I was feeling but it was like he already knew the answers. He was very kind and caring and made me feel comfortable straight away. He gave me homepathic drops and healing and I immediately noticed a difference after the first appointment. I saw kishan once a month for about 5 months and I now feel like a completely different person. I feel so much calmer, I worry less and I feel much more confident and ready to take on new opportunities. My outlook on life has changed and as a result of this I am much happier in general, I have even surprised my family with the things I have been able to do. My sister has been seeing kishan for her asthma and eczema and my mum is planning on going to see him too. I have told so many people about him and I would recommend it to anyone. If I ever need help with anything in the future I will definitely be going back and I am so grateful for all his help as it has made such a difference to me.

Jan 12, 2019
by Vicky on Kishan’s Clinic
Treatment For Psoraisis

Having battled with Psoraisis for many years last winter I contacted Kish as it had flared up really bad. Kish was great and after a very thorough consultation he started a mix of healing and treatment with a homeopathic remedy’s. I was also under the dermatologists for UV and I didn’t want to come off the list as it takes so long. Kish agreed to keep on with the treatment however he advised I may not see the true results. After finishing my UV treatment I still had patches and they have always remained on my elbows even when the rest of my body is clear. I’m now full on homeopathic and healing treatment and I can hardly believe it’s been months now of now flare ups and absolutely no Psoraisis on my elbows. I thought this winter would be a good test as it’s always worse and I also tend to suffer with viruses etc. So far it’s been brilliant- no flare ups and my immune system is so much stronger. I’m a great believer in alternative medicine and I’m so thankful I managed to find Kish! Thank you

Jan 1, 2019
by Mike H on Kishan’s Clinic
Happy Dog ( Ligament Damage And Limp Gone)

We had Charlie, a Staffy/French Bulldog cross as a rescue puppy aged just 9 weeks. He'd been hand reared from 2 days old at Bridgend Dog's Trust.
Right from the first time he was allowed off the lead, he would charge about like a mad thing, sadly resulting in some significant damage to the ligaments in his left rear knee.
He was never able to go for long with out having to hop on his other back leg and when he wasn't doing that, it could still be seen that he was favouring his left leg.
Trips to the vet did little to help the situation, so we took him to meet Kishan.
After only one short session, Kishan has reversed the damage, and Charlie, after a few days integration hasn't limped or hopped since.
I shall be sure to be returning to Kishan should Charlie ever need his attentions again.

Dec 31, 2018
by Elle on Kishan’s Clinic
Feeling Myself Again!

Kishan was recommended to me one day when I was feeling so ill and run down I would have tried anything! I had been having stomach problems for nearly a year, severe pain, bloating gurgling and with diarrhoea and constipation being back and fore to the drs. It had got so bad I was not eating in the day at all being told it was related to my existing medical condition or IBS and given more. medication. I text kishan and was so happy when he had a cancellation - I was a little sceptical but as I said I wanted to feel well again and have my energy back. He has been marvellous both with the Homeopathic medication and healing slowly but surely I’ve been improving and discovered I have food intolerances which are improving to.
What I didn’t tell Kishan at first was Being born with spins bifida I had no felling in my left leg from the knee down and limited feeling in my right. This has caused me many issues over the years including a lot of amputation of my foot and bone knitting problems in the leg resulting in lots of infections and many bouts of being in and out of a wheelchair and using crutches having difficulty with my mobility, after visiting Kishan and him also working on healing my foot/leg area, it was very strange and quite difficult to put into words but It felt different to walk less stiff and painful and also the strange verruca like wounds which had been there for sometime and could not be healed cleared up!
I am feeling so much better in fact my dog also sees kishan and has changed for the better.
This man is extraordinary and I can not recommend him highly enough, thank you Kishan I feel myself again.

Dec 20, 2018
by Joanne Kitt on Kishan’s Clinic
He Can Breath!

My son has suffered with his chest since a bad case of whooping cough when he was a baby. Constantly at the doctors all through winter and any exercise would make him cough. After being so frustrated at the doctors not listening to my concerns I contacted Kishan. Leo had the nasal flu vaccine In school and developed 2 bad coughs in a few weeks following. Kishan was so friendly that Leo felt at ease having healing and taking his magic Homeopathic medicine! I could not believe the difference! After the Psychic Surgery healing my son sat up and said I can breath!! How would a little boy say this If it was not true. It was incredible watching Kishan do the Psychic Surgery, picking up on the areas that we knew were the problems at one point he pulled out what he called a blockage in a certain part of the lung, Leo could feel this although his eyes were closed, yet felt so calm and happy enjoying the magical experience. His energy and breathing since has been greatly improved and yes he has had the odd cold but not affected him anywhere near like it would have, where it would go on for weeks and months. The only downside is that he has grown over an inch and a half in a month!!!
But as Kishan explained this is because is body is well for the first time in a long time the healing has thawed out the frozen energy and allowing him to grow. We cannot thank Kishan enough!

Dec 19, 2018
by Amanda on Kishan’s Clinic

Kishan helped me whilst facing a life threatening situation having been diagnosed with a uti which had affected my kidneys, pyelonephritis and then sepsis. I was rushed to the hospital and immediately put on a drip, losing a week of my life in a fog of extremely high temperatures and being so so ill. The remedies made a huge difference, even the Drs were confused as to how I was recovering during the first stages of sepsis and how the fevers were dropping using homeopathy, they even admitted I would not have been here If I didn’t take the Homeopathic remedies like I did. I recovered so much quicker. Also the Drs advised that it would take me a good 6-12 months to recover... I felt well again within 3 months. Kishan was so wonderful sending me remedies and healing. So grateful for his wisdom and help. I can not recommend Kishan as a therapist enough! Thank you Kish x

Dec 4, 2018
by Jan Hart on Kishan’s Clinic
New Zest For Life.

I initially saw Kishan as I felt physically and emotionally drained with no zest for life. During our first meeting he immediately made me feel at ease and I knew that I had come to the right place. Within minutes he was asking me specific questions as if he knew how I was feeling without me even having to put it into words
After seeing Kishan for a number of months I fell both emotionally and physically energised. I no longer suffer from heartburn and Vertigo and headaches which were frequent are now few and far between.
I am much calmer, worry less and instead of being fearful of new opportunities embrace them and am hugely excited about my future.
Kishan is now known by all my immediate family and have recommended him to many over the last few months. I cannot speak highly enough about him. If you are contemplating seeing him don't put it off any longer.
He is an amazing man who is kind, caring and a gentle soul.
Thank you Kishan.

Nov 24, 2018
by Pru Wallis on Kishan’s Clinic
Miracle Man

Kishan was recommended to me and I am so thankful for this. I mentioned to Kishan that I have two seriously sick cats and Kishan kindly came to my house to observe and treat them and some of my other cats. One cat, Arthur, who is FIV and has a weak immune system, had been on antibiotics and pain relief for over eighteen months due to a severe gum infection before Kishan helped him. I had even been advised a year ago to have Arthur put to sleep. Since Arthur has been treated by Kishan I have been able to discontinue both the antibiotics and the pain relief, Arthur's gum infection has at last healed, he is eating much better and is a much happier cat. The vet was both thrilled and amazed at the incredible improvement. On top off that, another plus point, I have saved a lot of money using Alternative Medicine as the veterinarian medication was very expensive.  Another cat, Penrod, has chronic kidney disease. Thanks to Kishan Penrod has maintained his weight, is eating well, is active and has a good quality of life. Sadly, before I knew about Kishan, I had had to have a cat put to sleep because she too had kidney problems and there was nothing the vets could do. A third cat, Made, has had a very deep cough, this is sounding better thanks to Kishan. Kishan has also helped two other cats who were stressed at times as I have a multi-cat household.  I now have a happy cat family where everyone gets on.  Kishan has helped my cats emotionally and physically.  He really is a miracle worker. I am so indebted to him.  Kishan is such an amazing person. I now have the pleasure of healthy, happy cats instead of ones suffering so much.

Nov 19, 2018
by Sarah on Kishan’s Clinic
Truly Transforming

Kishan is a truly gifted healer. His combination of treatments has had transforming effect after just a few treatments.
When I first met Kishan I felt emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted and didn't really know why. Kishan quickly got to the root of my issues and since treatment I've felt a significant improvement with a new zest for life.
I've found Kishan to be a real professional and so easy to open up to, I couldn't recommend him more.
Kishan - thank you for everything!

Nov 8, 2018
by Sally on Kishan’s Clinic
What An Amazing Man!

At the start of this week my dog had a limp and went lame in her front leg. My dog is terrified of vets and always has to be heavily sedated even for a check up. I just couldn’t bring myself to put her through all that but knew she needed help. I was very anxious but remembered I had saved Kishan’s details so contacted him. He arranged to do a distance healing on my dog first and then me. Straight away she could walk again (albeit with a limp) and 3 days later after the healing and giving my dog the recommeded homeopathic remedies I choose wanted and bought with guidance as Kishan has a plethora of knowledge on this subject matter. She is walking again and her limp has gone! I also feel deeply energised. I don’t care about naysayers or people needing to understand this, this is a miracle and has saved my dog and me from a week of unnecessary pain and trauma - and instead we’ve been peaceful! What a gift to have found the heart-centred, reassuring, kind and compassionate healer that is Kishan. I’m forever grateful and feel so happy knowing he is here for us should we ever need him.Nov 7, 2018
by Bethan on Kishan’s Clinic
An Angel On Earth

I don’t know where to start... I’ve known Kishan for a long time and my first encounter happened many years again when I had an extremely painful shoulder that I never told anyone about... One day in work Kishan said come to me... He didn’t even touch the area but I felt this great sense of warmth in my shoulder the pain disappeared immediately I just couldn’t explain it and was amazed... Well the past week I’ve been suffering in silence... I felt I had the weight of the world on my shoulders and my mind has been full of thoughts but not knowing where to start... Out of the blue I had a message off asking was I ok... With our lives being so busy I haven’t seen Kishan for about a year... It was as if he knew. At first I said I was ok but he knew and said exactly how I felt... It was crazy! Kishan offered his help and I don’t know how he done it but I had the worse headache and he told me to just take 3 breathes and let him do what he does on a daily bases to people that contact him from all over the world ... The headache went and I felt an almost rewind going on in my head I could see everything reversing then nothing but calm... I can’t explain it but I even tried to think about the things that had been worrying me but I just couldn’t and I fell straight asleep...
I spoke to Kishan in the morning and he explained things further.
Kishan amazes me and I truely believe he is some sort of angel... Thank you Kishan I will be eternally grateful xxx

Oct 16, 2018
by Jo Cromwell on Kishan’s Clinic
Truly Grateful

Kishan was recommended to me by a friend and I am forever grateful to her for introducing me to Kishan. I went to see Kishan as I was struggling with asthma symptoms and it was getting me down.
As soon as I stepped into his room I felt an overwhelming sense of calm. Kishan puts you at ease instantly. He asked questions to start off the session but I got a sense that he already knew the answers and had a clearer sense as to why I was there to see him than perhaps I did myself.
Kishan doesn’t just treat the symptoms that you visit him with, he treats you wholistically and gets to the root of why you are suffering with dis-ease. I only saw him 3 times and he has now discharged me, but each time i saw him I left feeling calmer, uplifted and more positive. I’ve barely had any asthma symptoms since my first session with Kishan and I know other issues I was suffering with have also resolved, but more than that I feel much better in myself, more positive and confident. Kishan is a true healer, I am full of gratitude for the care that he showed me and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone.
Thank you Kishan  [🙏🏻]

Sep 27, 2018
by Sarah Pope on Kishan’s Clinic
I Have My Sparkle Back

I went to see Kishan when I was physically and emotionally very unwell. I had been experiencing severe pain all over my body, insomnia and flu like symptoms for about a month and felt very unwell and was concerned for my health. A friend of mine suggested to me, to go and see Kishan. My GP was convinced I had the start of rheumatoid arthritis, as my blood tests were deranged. My hands, feet, hips, knees were horrendously painful and I struggled to walk at my worst. This is when I visited Kishan. I desperately wanted to get better. I had never felt so low. I burst into tears in the first consultation with Kishan. We chatted and he asked me questions, some of which he answered for me, as I was too upset to answer. He knew things about me that no one could know….. it was very surreal. Kishan reassured me and told me that he was going to help me get better. I had lots of symptoms but after the first healing session with Kishan my head felt clearer. I almost felt like he had worked magic on me. Kishan gave me some homeopathic remedies to help with my symptoms. My GP referred me to see a rheumatologist and she diagnosed reactive arthritis. I continued to see Kishan after this diagnosis and since seeing him I have continued to improve and my bloods have returned to normal.
Kishan has recently discharged me from his case load as I am feeling back to my old self. I have got my sparkle back and I am eternally grateful to him for helping me get better. Thank you so much Kishan.

Sep 20, 2018
by SB on Kishan’s Clinic
Miscarriage And Grief

Kishan Takahashi helped me get through a real rough time, me and my partner had been trying for a baby for a while now, then we had some amazing news in the beginning of August, Yes I fell Pregnant and we were so happy, but maybe we got happy too soon because not long after I started bleeding heavy I was too frightened and felt alone through it all because I could feel I was miscarrying, the pain, the gutted feeling and the grief was so overwhelming, I just wanted to shut myself away and felt so low-Bad times!
Heart broken to say the least and in a lot of pain, my partner knows many people with his business and they know of Kishan in wales as they all call him the ‘’Magic Man’’ he told me about Kishan and said that I should talk to him about what has happened, and even though he is very busy he will make time, so after thinking and trusting my partner I got in contact with him, what happened next was crazy because straight away Kishan just knew what I needed, he gave me a Homeopathic remedy for the pain and for myself, within a couple of hours of taking these remedies I could feel them working for sure, its like he just knew exactly what I needed and was going through and it helped me so much, my body just naturally healed (clearing) what I was going through, and the grief disappeared within 36 hours, I can not understand how these little pills he gave me work quicker than any painkiller and anti depressant.
Kishan Also had other early pregnancy professionals at hand I could contact, but I was happy with everything that happened as it was so quick when I look back.   
Also since treatment I’ve changed, my confidence has gone up, and I’m starting to become the person I’ve always looking at inside myself.
I will forever be grateful for Kishan taking the time day and night on call if I needed him and highly recommend him.
Thank you Kishan Takahashi from the bottom of my heart you really are ‘’The Magic Man”

Sep 17, 2018
by Manish on Kishan’s Clinic
Holistic Healing

I saw Kishan for sleeplessness and unresolved grief. He actually knew what was wrong even before I said. He has an uncanny knack for unlocking the person you want to be and initiates healing from within. Within weeks, my confidence grew and sleep was restored. I felt more comfortable in my own skin..as if the handbrake had been lifted. I would thoroughly recommend a personal consultation and a course of treatment if you have any significant unresolved issues.

Sep 4, 2018
by Monica Denny on Kishan’s Clinic
Marley And I

Luckily a friend showed us the Mail article on therapists who have helped animals as well as humans through different forms of healing. We were drawn to Kishan instantly so contacted him about our beloved dog Marley who was terminal. He made an appointment instantly with us. I am so grateful that we made the effort. He saw Marley a few times in person and did some distant healing as well - Marley responded very well. At first I wasn't too sure how distant healing on a dog would work but it was unnecessary - Marley looked up at me during the healing and there appeared to be a small light that appeared around him. Sadly, Marley passed away on 6th July - he had advanced prostate cancer and skin cancer. Just before Marley passed away, Kishan gave a distant healing to help him transcend. I believe strongly that Marley would not have been such a happy dog during the last 2 months of his life if we had not found Kishan. My friend Anne who accompanied me on some of the treatments thought Kishan had a kind and caring face. Only the spirits know if the outlook for Marley would have been different had we found Kishan sooner. One can only do the best one can at the time and not reflect what could have been - thoughts like that only make one depressed and crazy. I have also had some rekki healing from Kishan to help me deal with the loss. I would strongly recommend him - he is a genuine healer who really cares about the animals and people he treats.

Aug 31, 2018
by Sarah on Kishan’s Clinic

I first heard about Kishan clinic 3 months ago from a friend through Facebook,I was literally on my last legs and willing to try anything to stop my anxiety and panic attacks, my first 15 mins talking to Kishan I felt better we talked about everyday life etc, the healing process I had felt amazing instantly I felt better and full of energy, obviously when I left I was waiting for anxiety to hit me with a attack it’s been 3 months now and I’m still waiting for it to come, it’s gone! I also mentioned my ibs and serious fear of spiders to point I would not enter a room with one, I’m currently catching spiders in my hands and putting them outside with no fear at all and my ibs problems feel a life time away! Can’t thank Kishan enough for what he’s done for me and I will never forget how he’s changed me life thanks again Magic Man xx

Aug 10, 2018
by Jen on Kishan’s Clinic
As Good As New

For about a year I'd noticed a slow decline in my left knee... it would creak and click when I walked each step, when driving and on bad days just when walking around and standing from sitting, sometimes being uncomfortable.
I was just visiting Kish and I told and showed him the problem
He dropped all that he was doing to take a look and try and see what was wrong. Within a few minutes he'd moved my legs around and listened to the joints then began healing ( psychic surgery over them individually for 5-6 min.
I felt a ticklish feeling and Kish put me at ease when I was laughing.
Then that was it !
I stood up and wasn't sure what to think. Walked away and turned to my friend and said "I have a new leg!" "I have a new knee ! "
I can't thank Kish enough for his time and patience with me. It was unreal experience. Magic. Now I'm pain and creaking knee free it's been over a month !

Aug 1, 2018
by Khaled on Kishan’s Clinic
Unbelievable My Diabetes Sugars From 20-6 Mmols

I have been suffering from diabetes since year 2012, Kishan  visits the restaurant where i work for a long time and as the years went on my diabetes really got hold of me and because of that my confidence level got really low, i wasn't looking after myself and hit really really low, so fast foward to 2016, when i was completely down and my feet was really bad, thats when kishen asked my and i explained everything to him, so he told me to go and see him, so i went to see him just to see lets see what happens, by god that was the best decision i took in my life, now my sugar level is on 6-7 where as before seeing kishan my sugar was 19-22 or some days even worse, but kishans medication and healing got me to love my life again and i feel new me, im enjoying work and me feet is not hurting anymore at time to time i feel like i got a new feet :)

.Jul 24, 2018
by Sharon on Kishan’s Clinic
Distance Healing

I have been seeing Kishan for a number of months now, he has helped me tremendously in his clinic to help deal with anxiety and low mood / self esteem following a difficult period in my life. Kishan has helped to uncover and fix problems I didn't realise I had and I cannot recommend his help enough. Recently however, I had an accident at home during which I injured my knee. This was extremely painful the following day and I was unable to weight bear comfortably, straighten or bend my knee. I work at the local hospital and a physiotherapy colleague assessed my knee, mentioning bony and muscle/ligament damage, X-rays and possible surgery if it didn't improve. I contacted Kishan promptly who offered me a distant healing. I have had several healings with Kishan in his clinic, but could it really work with me being nowhere near him??? He'd not let me down yet. At an arranged time, I sat quietly, (albeit somewhat anxiously) awaiting the treatment, would I know it was happening, how would it feel? It was like he was in the room with me, I felt the sensation of my knee being worked on, my knee straightening and the pain subsiding and the calming sensation that comes with a healing at the clinic. Later that day, my physio colleague reassessed my knee. She questioned her earlier diagnosis, and suggested a further review the following day. True to her word she checked my knee the following day, and was unable to explain the "miraculous recovery" it had made. How does it work? I don't know, I just know that it does... I cannot thank Kishan enough for all the help and support he has provided me over the past several months.

Jul 17, 2018
by Lauren & Barrera on Kishan’s Clinic
I Have My Youthful Boy Back! (From Seeing Kishan In The Daily Mail)

My Grandmother saw Kishan’s article in The Daily Mail. So I emailed him that same day to see if he could help my little dog Barrera. He is 13 and was struggling to walk and was just lethargic most of the time. After our first session with Kishan he was like the little pup I remembered, being mischievous again and wanting to play and eat all the time. Barrerra even started to bark like he use to, I was so happy with the result.
On the second visit Barrera managed to jump off of a really highly step (for a very small dog) and raced off down the pavement. Kishan also worked on his neck and that was always down, during The Psychic Surgery healing we witnessed Barrerra head started to straighten slightly. He holds his head a lot higher now and doesn’t seem to strain doing so. Seeing the results of his treatments I have highly recommended him to my family and friends. All in all I couldn’t be happier! And neither could Barrera.

 Jul 16, 2018
by Mandy on Kishan’s Clinic
Scruffy - Poorly Boy Feeling Great (After Seeing Kish From Daily Mail Article)

I read about Kishan in The Daily Mail on Sunday and ‘sussed Kishan out’ on Facebook and the Clinics website. I thought it was worth a visit, and see what effect it had on my boy Scruffy, before deciding about follow up appointments. I am so glad now I made that appointment.
My 12 year old terrier cross little dog Scruffy, was diagnosed by the vet with liver cysts, a liver tumour believed to be malignant and I was told he only had days to live. Take him home and give him love and TLC.
I visited Kishan not for any cure, but to help him feel as good as he could. Scruffy has seen Kishan 3 times and now 2 months later, Scruffy is looking well, smiling more (yes dogs do smile). Scruffy. Is an older dog, and sleeps during the day, but late afternoon he brightens up, enjoying his food, enjoying his walks, and has bursts of energy. This is miraculous and lovely to see considering he was not meant to be here.
During the last few years, Scruffy also had several small ‘full body jerks’ like fits, which happened several times during the day, and now, he very rarely has them, when they happen they are only very small ones and unnoticeable.
Kishan is a lovely gentleman, kind and compassionate. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jul 5, 2018
by Lucy on Kishan’s Clinic
3 Year Old Type 1 Diabetic Incredible Changes

My 3 year old daughters inital appointment with Kishan was to do with her diabetes type 1, which was diagnosed at 18 months. Also her mood swings, partly to do with her condition as well as her age. She was also very shy around people outside of our immediate family and overwhelmed by crowds. After only 2 appointments her blood glucose readings seemed to level out, Instead of many highs and lows. Her behavior has improved, although she is no angel, and seems more confident within a crowd. Thank you.

Jun 19, 2018
 by Shannon on Kishan’s Clinic
Anxiety And IBS

I recieved Kishan's Combination Healing and Homeopathy for 6 months.
Before this time I wouldn't be able to travel 20 minutes in my car without having to stop off and use a toilet due to becoming stressed anxious and nervous.

Now ... I can  travelled 2 hours in the car to Tenby.. 2 hours to London airport etc.
previously I was turning away experiences, friends and opportunities... however following Kishan's treatments  things have changed and I now feel that I can live and be me for once. I also  have the confidence to push through previous limitations.

I would recommend Kishans clinic to any one .. its magic!

Jun 16, 2018
by Lauren on Kishan’s Clinic
Purdy's Our Cat With Naughty Habits Part 2

Since Kishan first helping my cat Purdy back in January, she wasn't urinating around the house as often, but still time to time. But during my honeymoon, according to my lodger, Purdy started to urinate around the house again. A lot. Kishan contacted me for an update on how Purdy was doing whilst I was away, I told him she's very unsettled with us being gone for three weeks. He kindly offered to communicate with her when I got back to England. He did do so and advised me she doesn't feel we understand how important she is. She needs us to show her we know. So we did, we spent extra time giving her attention & we told her how special and important she is and how grateful we are to have her in our lives. My god, she transformed. The accidents have stopped completely. She has been going outside more so much more (she hardly ever goes outside!) and she lounges around all over the house. Whereas before she stuck to her bed and the stairs! Thank you again, Kishan for your help! I really appreciate it and I think Purdy does too!

May 7, 2018
by David on Kishan’s Clinic
Singing On The Inside

I was feeling low and self critical all the time and without really realising it, I was hiding in a dark place. Images of failure would dance behind my eyes, colouring the best of days with doubt and conflict. Because we make the world as we see it, my relationships were suffering and work had dwindled. I was on long term anti depressants which initially prevented the blackest depressions, but left me feeling unbalanced and contaminated. I was stuck.

Once I had been to Kishan for a course of homeopathic treatments and a healing, life began to change. A lot of darkness in my core started working its way out through my skin. I began to feel lighter and cleaner. During the ongoing treatments, it felt each time as if Kishan shone a powerful light into me. Every healing lifted away another layer of grime. My heart began to sing like a lark and create its own truth again. My Mojo came back! And in work - because I reflected a new energy - contracts began appearing from new clients and I became very busy. I continued with the treatments for six months. Being given the means to feel love in myself has been a great boost for my mental health and my spirit thanks Kishan.

May 3, 2018
by Alexandra on Kishan’s Clinic
Heart Burn

I was at work and unable to get my acid reflux tablets from the doctor so I mentioned to kish I was having really bad heart burn and he performed his psychic healing on me and it worked almost instantly, what an amazing experience. Thank you again

May 1, 2018
by Keera on Kishan’s Clinic
Blocked/Popping Ear

I was dealing with a very annoying ear problem which was causing me headaches. My one ear kept popping every time I yawned or coughed and felt blocked up causing me to hear less etc.
Kish took time out during his break from his clinic to psychic surgery on  my ear for me, something I'd never known or had before, while I was at work. It worked instantly in fact a min and a half to be exact  and helped so much, it made me feel so much more comfortable, thanks again. X

Apr 24, 2018
by Jyoti Devi on Kishan’s Clinic
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Following Infectious Mononucleosis / Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome

For the last part of 2017 I was suffering with endless infections and was constantly perscribed anti- biotics. I had endless doctors appointments, hospital appointments, blood test and X-rays. The whole experience was draining and making me very anxious. My health was deteriorating I was losing weight, I was off work for long periods of time and simply I didn't feel like myself, physically and mentally drained.
Diagnosis was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Following Infectious Mononucleosis or
Post viral fatigue syndrome as it's known.
Thankfully my mom who had travelled 100s of miles up to South Wales visited Kishan early this year for successful treatment and had advised me to go to see Kishan for help. I was unable to travel due to my anxiety and had asked if Kishan could contact me for a consulation on skype.
Kishan agreed and asked a series of questions to understand how I was feeling and explained what steps needed to be taken towards healing holistically. Kishan then posted my medication and I can honestly say how greatful I am. I can really see the difference. Phyically and mentally I feel alot healtier, I've put on weight within weeks and I started to feel myself coming back again. It's been 1 month and I'm me again. I would definitely recommend Kishan, as even though I was unable to see him in person, I was still able to receive treatment.
Thank you so much Kishan.

Apr 23, 2018
by Becky on Kishan’s Clinic
Long Term Depression,Lack Of Confidence

What an amazing experience seeing Kishan over the last 2 months has been! I went to visit Kishan due to having depression and everything that comes with it, no confidence, so much anxiety and feeling like I had nothing to live for on my darkest days.I found myself opening  up to Kishan about my past and the things that were  still having an effect on me from many years ago. Kishan then gave me a healing,I cannot explain this healing,it felt very intense,but amazing,straight after the healing I felt like I’d been re-born and been giving a new lease of life, all that after the first meeting and healing with him.
For the first time in many years my head feels totally clear but most of all I feel extremely happy,I now see and feel that I have a lot of amazing things in my life worth living for!! I still have to pinch myself some days at how good I feel! I have so much energy these days and nothings to much trouble.before seeing Kishan I was taking antidepressants, I don't take these anymore or feel the need to take them.
Kishan has definatly changed my life and for that I will always be greatfull, he is a wonderfull man,he makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed,he’s just amazing!! xx

Feb 19, 2018
by Felicia on Kishan’s Clinic
Long Standing Headaches And Body/Joint Pain

After suffering from long standing headaches and body/joint pain and done full circle with a holistic approach I tried something new. Homeopathic medicine & Psycic surgery....I stumbled across Kishans page in total desperation as my pain levels were sky high. My first treatment was totally amazing. The sensation and energy was very profound as if something was being "removed" from around my head and abdominal area. The whole experience was very relaxing, which in it's self Was therapeutic. I have and will still continue to have as and when healing with Kishan who is a very compassionate soul

Feb 16, 2018
by Olivia on Kishan’s Clinic
Eczema All My Life Improved & Feeling Me Again

Kishan is truly amazing at what he does. He is so passionate about helping and curing others. I had been seeing Kishan for approximately 4 months and I can honestly say that he has completely changed my outlook on life. Kishan has totally helped me with my moods and helped me tremendously with my ecsema. I have large patches of ecsema all over my arms, back and chest, and while seeing Kishan, he explained to me that not only is it a skin problem, but it’s an internal problem that is due to how you feel. A month or two after finishing my sessions with Kishan, I am feeling so happy and content, and with my ecsema drastically improved. Although I’ve only known Kishan for a relitavley short time, I can honestly say that he has changed my outlook on life and my overall happiness. He is an amazing healer, and you really end up forming such a bond with him. I highly recommend Kishan to everyone!! Words cannot describe this man and his talent.

Jan 31, 2018
by Sophie P on Kishan’s Clinic
Emotional Healing

Words cannot express how much Kishan has helped me over the seven months. When I first saw him I was lacking in confidence and suffering with anxiety, low self-esteem and overthinking. Through his healing and caring nature he’s literally changed me as a person. I’ve found myself dealing with challenges in a completely different way. I feel calmer and confident that I can handle anything life throws at me with balance and objectivity I lacked previously. My immune system has improved and I have found I can clear myself of illnesses so much quicker and without the need for prescribed medication. I feel healthier, more positive and happier with who I am. Most importantly, he has made me realise that everything in life happens for a reason. Being treated by Kishan has been one of the greatest things I have ever done and I’ll be forever thankful.

Jan 31, 2018
by Jules on Kishan’s Clinic
Stress, Low Confident And Anxiety

I’ve been having treatment from Kishan for over 3months. My husband and I can’t thank him enough. I have been suffering from stress and confidence issues for years. After just 1 visit I felt a big change in myself. My memory was becoming clearer and the stress levels halved within 3 sessions. My treatment is still on going but I can honestly say I look at life in a totally different light. After each session you leave with a smile. I strongly recommend Kishan.

Jan 28, 2018
by Lauren on Kishan’s Clinic
Purdy's Our Cat With Naughty Habits Healed.

I rehomed 2 cats from a colleague 2 months ago. One of the cats Purdy has been going to the toilet on the sofa a couple of times.
I asked her previous owner if there was any previous bladder issues, and there was not. We cleaned the litter more often and still there was no improvement.
So it appeared Purdy was showing she was not happy.
I called Kishan and asked if he could connect to Purdy to find out what I could do to help her settle.
He agreed straight away and started with a great reading getting her Princess attitude spot on. He also explained that she did not like us picking her up, as she likes to be in control. Which we tend to do quite a bit, along with her anxiety of the change this has formed the new habit and can't be bothered attitude. Kishan also gave me knowledge of some remedies on request that I chose to try that worked wonders to.
It was wonderful to find out how she was feeling and what we could do to help her settle in our home more and stop her naughty habit before we have to get another new sofa!
Purdy has also improved since Kishan connected with her. There has been far more less accidents and she seems more peacefully and loving in her eyes rather than angry.
I highly recommend Kishan for healing for animals and us humans (I recieve an amazining psychic Surgery healing from Kishan 2 and half years ago after an accident) He is very intuitive, extremely helpful and kind. Also The flow of healing he channels is very poweful!

Jan 21, 2018
by Julie Dobson on Kishan’s Clinic
Awesome Healing For My Husband With Necrotising Fasciitis In ICU

I have received treatment from Kishan myself over the last year or so but recently my husband was critical, on life support in ICU and I asked Kishan for help. Not only did he do numerous distance healings but also charged a beautiful crystal for us and then came to ICU to do more healing. My husband found it very beneficial and relaxing and has since moved out of ICU. He is now awaiting further treatment for substantial tissue loss due to a rare condition called necrotising fasciitis but we are hopeful that Kishan will continue to help with his healing when this has been completed. We are all extremely grateful for not only the treatment and healing, but also his kindness.

Jan 19, 2018
by Lee And Leanne Langly on Kishan’s Clinic

My son Rhys was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 4 (now 8yrs) . For months after the diagnosis Rhys continued to suffer with a barking type cough symptom that would leave him struggling to catch his breath in between coughing. Despite numerous gp appointments and asthma clinics for advice and medication we could never control his asthma to a healthy place. Rhys has even had two hospital admissions throughout this time and still no one could control it to the point he wouldn't have a daily cough. We have known Kishan through the family for a number of years having had him treat several family members and so decided to try his clinic. Rhys has been seeing Kishan for around 6 months now and we have seen a massive difference in his cough to the point we have been able to reduce the amount of times he has his asthma pump/steroid medication that he has been taking daily. He is not having his daily cough or had any type of coughing fit since. Throughout the time Rhys has been seeing Kishan he has changed as a person. You can see that his confidence in everything has grown. Rhys was always a shy and quiet child who lacked confidence in most things especially sports, however since seeing Kishan his confidence has grown. He is enjoying his football more and has the confidence to try anything asked of him. He has also grown in height. Rhys is a small, petite boy and his height has always worried us due to the steroids in his medication, however since seeing Kishan he has grown an extra cm a month! This is massive for Rhys which has also impacted on his self esteem and confidence. We would really like to thank Kishan for everything he has done for Rhys with his chest as the results have had a massive impact on him and our family life as we are no longer anxious about his cough and we are eternally grateful for this. Thank you Leanne and Lee.

Jan 19, 2018
by SB on Kishan’s Clinic

Where do I start. I was in a very difficult place emotionally the loss of my Dad and my own health scare. My GP took the easy option prescribing me anti depressants. These unfortunately worsened my symptoms. Perversely a friend of mine from a conventional medical background signposted me to Kish. From here my positive journey to wellness started. Like all the previous reviews state he's a gentle kind appropriately attentive man. He fixes you, how he does it, I don't understand. I however am testament to his treatments work. Thank you Kish for healing me XxxNov 6, 2017
by S.A.M on Kishan’s Clinic
"Mister" The Golden Retriever With Thymoma And Mass In Chest.

We first took our golden retriever, Mister (then aged 12), to Kishan in November 2016. 
Mister’s bark had become high-pitched, not his usual ‘gruff’ bark and he was not sleeping well at night, often pacing around and moaning. At times he would also have some walking difficulties.
The vet had found a mass in his chest, likely a thymoma or lymphoma, which would require surgery or chemotherapy. As Mister had a severe reaction to anaesthetic during a pre-med in September 2016, we didn’t want to have to put him through any invasive treatment.
Kishan has treated him a number of times. At the start of some treatments Mister can be pacing around until suddenly he settles down.
Over the time we have been going to see Kishan, Mister’s walking and breathing have improved and he has more of his old bark back. He still has some breathing difficulties but hasn’t deteriorated as the vet believed he would. We are grateful to Kishan for the help he has given Mister and for the improvement to his life – and ours, todays date is Nov 2017 and he's doing great.

Nov 3, 2017
by CP on Kishan’s Clinic

Thank you kishan for helping me deal with my anxiety. I have seen kishan for a few months now and am dealing with situations in a different way to how i would have dealt with them (or not!) 6 months ago. I have never used alternative therapies before but went in open minded and willing to try anything before going down the medicated route. So far, i feel much more confident in myself and am able to deal with situations that i dont think i would have previously. Thanks again  [😁]

Nov 2, 2017
by Steph B on Kishan’s Clinic
Panic Attacks, Anxiety Gone.

I have been visiting Kishan now for a few months and I can't believe the difference in me only after 3 sessions!
I was suffering from severe anxiety and panic attacks for over 4 years, so I was willing to try anything to help.
My grandmother and other people I know recommended him because he has worked miracles for them.
I really can't recommend Kishan enough.
I feel like a different person.
I managed to even take a flight to Amsterdam without any panic whereas before I would be dreading it.
There have also been miraculous changes in my long term health and self that have simply gone.
But I don't khow how he does it, but it truly is wonderful.

Oct 30, 2017
by Lynn C on Kishan’s Clinic
Sinus Infections, Pain, Vertigo And Chronic Disease NO MORE!

I consulted Kishan with severe dizziness, echoing and a horrible pressure in my ears following a nasty sinus infection. I have suffered from sinusitis for years. Now this was restricting my lifestyle.
After two consultations and treatment the dizziness and pressure has gone. As has the pain. I can now play and spin and jump on the trampoline with my grandchildren. I can now also sleep on my side and breathe through my nose. Something I had not been able to do for years.
I had also noticed that my urine was darker than it should have been with the amount of water I drink. Being me, I ignored this. Then the sinus problem took over. I had not mentioned this to Kishan. I now am passing larger amounts of clear urine and do not have the bloating or slight breathlessness! My skin is clearer and my nails have less ridges.
Thank you so much Kishan for this. I really feel so much better and can do the things important to me in my life! You are amazing!

Oct 17, 2017
by Rhyanne on Kishan’s Clinic
Herpes Simplex Completely Cured
Our 5 year old Ava (now 10) developed large blister like sores on the top of her arm. These have reoccurred every few weeks for the past 5 years. Ava was left with some discolouration and light scarring to her skin. Over the years we have taken her to the GP and also paediatric dermotologist who have been very helpful in trying to cure with medications but unfortunatly with no Joy. With Ava growing up and now becoming very concious of her appearance, and after hearing amazing reviews of Kishans 'magic' work, we decided to give it a try. Kishan is amazing, from the second Ava walked into the clinic she was mesmerized, we are now over two months with no signs of an outbreak and also the discolouration marks on the skin are barely visable. All in all she is a much brighter child and has her 'sparkle' back.
Kishan absolutely has magic hands, and we recommend him to Everybody.
Kishan we cant thank you enough, Ava will be eternally grateful.
Thank you. Xxxx

Oct 13, 2017
by Vash on Kishan’s Clinic
Abdominal Growth Gone Within 2 Weeks After Psychic Surgery

Three years ago I started to develop a number of medical ailments, which became more serious when I was diagnosed with problems of my Pancreas and Adrenal gland.
I was also on a number of medications, totalling to around ten tablets per day.
A very good friend of mine introduced me to Kishan and his Homeopathic treatments and Psychic Surgery so I travelled a long distance to see him, Kishan  has increased the quality of my life tremendously.
Having worked closely with Consultants in the medical field most of my life, this has been some what a revelation to me.
Within a year of my consultation with Kishan, I had a rescan of my Pelvis and there was a massive improvement of my Pancreas and Adrenal gland, and my medication had been reduced from ten a day to four tablets per day.

Recently, I had a scan of my Abdomen and it revealed that I had a growth in my transverse colon and I needed a colonoscopy to investigate it further.
I contacted Kishan and he asked me to book an appointment to see him asap which I promptly arranged before the investigation. I was given Psychic Surgery and a course of Homeopathic medication for a month.
The Psychic Surgery I had was very moving and I could really fell It working inside me.
Two weeks later the medical procedure was performed and the growth could not be found which baffled the consultant, who then sent for a second consultant for another look.
Thanks Kishan and your good work.

update Jan 2018;

Confused Drs ordered another colonoscopy and another CT Scan .

Consultant phoned and gave all clear -No tumours can be found after the other tests to find them.


Oct 10, 2017
by Kaye on Kishan’s Clinic
''Finding Kishan''

''Finding Kishan''
I want the world to know that on finding Kishan, my life changed.
It was time; -my friends in the 'spirit realm' decided to 'find Kishan' for me.
How did they do this you may ask,?..never mind that for the moment, but now that I have found him my life is so different.
I had been diagnosed with a life threatening, serious heart condition and have suffered leaving me feeling vulnerable and ill, I also had an eye condition plus vertigo for several years.
All these conditions were mixed together, it being difficult to distinguish the one from the others.
Living with a sense of spaced out-ness and not quite fully in my body, had become part of my life bringing about lack of confidence to.
However, Since I found Kishan everything's changed.
I have been having healing from him for three months now, but when first I lay on the treatment table for the 'Psychic Surgery' I was aware of my heart being massaged. it was a physical feeling, as if Kishan had reached in and taken my vulnerable and sick heart and soothed it; telling it to be calm, as he, somehow weaved a spiritual healing tincture into it's fibre. This continued for 1 week, I immediately began feeling so much better in every way. My heart ceased it's troubled booming and fluttering and surprisingly I was soon to be told, that my chronic 'left bundle branch block' condition could now, not be picked up on the ECG report. To add to this I've felt stronger each day and my eyesight, although not being perfect, is so much improved too. Overall, I am feeling stronger and healthier on every front. I am not breathless on exertion any more and actually ran up 40 steps without giving it a thought, only last week!
I feel like I'm whole again, not dizzy spaced out or lacking in confidence as I was.
My Spirit friends led me to Kishan there being no question that he was revealed to me at every turn.
On being diagnosed with my cardiac conditions of many years the 'left bundle branch block' and myopathy, my cardiologists said there was no cure with my long history.
I had telephoned a colleague to explain to her what had happened and she told me that she had been having psychic surgery and suggesting that I find someone in my vicinity and do the same, as her condition was identical to mine and that she felt so much better because of it. The following day, I had a visit from a friend, who is, herself, a Crystal Healer. We sat and chatted over coffee and then she dug into her pocket and brought out Kishan's card, telling me that she had been in a health shop on the previous day and had met a man who when asked gave her his card. She in turn, just by chance passed it onto me. Spirit certainly had everything well in hand as they pointed me to him and now I have found him.. At last, thank you spirit realm for directing me to the pathway along which I found Kishan.

Oct 2, 2017
by Debbie on Kishan’s Clinic
A New Lease Of Life

I have been suffering with many ailments over a period of 40 years and tried many things to improve my health but nothing seemed to work so when my daughter read one of Kishan's reviews and suggested I try it I was very sceptical but agreed to make an appointment just to placate her. It was the best decision I've ever made. After only 4 weeks there has been significant improvement in my whole being and am really looking forward to more sessions with Kishan. For me a small miracle has already happened, I was born with a lazy eye  and have only ever been able to see large blobs from it but after The Psychic Surgery with Kishan I was able to distinguish shapes on a face such as eyes, nose and mouth. All my fears of going blind should I lose sight in my good eye have now been alleviated as every day my lazy eye shows more signs of sight. I can't thank Kishan enough for what he has done already and can't wait to see what else can be achieved over the coming months.

Aug 14, 2017
by Deb on Kishan’s Clinic
''From Anxiety To Self Worth''

I didn't know what to expect when I first went to see Kishan. I'd never engaged with alternative therapies before, but I felt so sad and lost and overwhelmed with various circumstances that I didn't know what else to do. I hadn't realised but I had been running on empty for years. I had worked so hard for so long that I had lost sight of the importance of my own health and happiness. I had forgotten how to be myself, how to value the important things. I was exhausted, very emotional, my mum had been diagnosed with a terminal illness, work was incredibly stressful, I was selling my house and moving to a new area - needless to say my children, husband, family and friends were hardly getting the best of me. I'm not sure they were getting anything at all from me. I certainly wasn't taking care of my own physical and mental health needs.

I met Kishan and first of all I just cried and cried. He was so kind. I generally take a long time to trust people, but Kishan is different. In the first appointment he showed such incredible insight into who I am: behaviours, preferences, tendencies that the casual observer could not possibly have picked up on. I felt like he knew me, inside out, in a few minutes. He offered me complete and unquestioning acceptance, when I had been feeling very guilty and inadequate. I am usually very reserved, but as soon as I'd sat down with Kishan, I absolutely poured my heart out. He was so open and accepting of me, and all my flaws, that I felt supported and valued straightaway.

I have seen Kishan around five/six times now. For me, each healing is different. My hands and feet will often tingle. I will usually feel an incredible sense of calm and relief. I usually feel warmth on my face. Afterwards I always want to spend the rest of the day outside, and I will always have the most incredible night's sleep. Two things I'd missed out on for years.

Kishan has helped me to resolve many issues, physical and emotional. My periods are stabilised, I've stopped drinking caffeine. I had had chest pains for nearly 15 years, since a bout of pneumonia, that have dramatically reduced. During the last healing I felt as though something had been 'removed' from this painful area, and this continues to improve.

The most important improvement for me has been in my own self-perception. I am much more inclined to speak out when I am overloaded. I am able to focus much more positively on the wonderful things that could happen, instead of wasting energy on the frightening or uncertain things that may or may not happen. I am learning the power of positive thought. After all, you cannot continue to pump negative thoughts and actions into the universe and expect it to come back to you positively. This makes perfect sense! Having adopted this, I am amazed at some of the wonderful things that have happened to me and my family. Having previously felt I needed to know everything, I needed to pre-empt and mitigate every possible situation (very stressful and tiring), I am finally learning to trust in the natural flow of life. Whatever happens next, I will cope.

My personal circumstances continue to develop. My job is still stressful. My Mum is still poorly. I have not morphed into super-mum overnight. I am still tired. I still cry. But I am a millions time better than I was. I count my blessings. I am calmer and happier. I am more confident in myself, my worth and my abilities than I have ever been. Whatever is coming next, I will cope. I will be happy. I do not need to achieve someone else's idea of perfection. Turns out that the very best version of me is pretty good anyway :-)

Kishan and my experiences have been amazing. He is a genuine person with a real desire to help others in whatever way he can. I am so different to how I was just a few months ago. I honestly don't think I would be coping now if I hadn't gone to him. Perhaps the most amazing thing to have come from all of this though, is that I went in initially just hoping to find some calm. I needed some clarity. I hadn't imagined that beyond the journey from anxiety to calm, there was another journey from calm to actual happiness! This is where we are now. Kishan assures me there are even more incredible things yet to come, and I cannot wait.

Aug 14, 2017
by Sue Morris on Kishan’s Clinic
My Autistic Son's Transformation

June 2016.
Our 3 year old son had recently been diagnosed autistic and we were struggling to come to terms with this when we were introduced to Kishan. From the moment we booked an appointment for our son to see Kishan we noticed a marked improvement in him. The improvement over the last 3 months has been nothing short of amazing – medical professionals who see our son every few months have commented on how much he has improved in ways which they would never had expected. He goes to nursery and the nursery staff have also commented on his rapid development over the past few months. It’s a long process as it’s a complex condition but we intend to keep on seeing Kishan!

Update August 2017
Our son is now 4 years old and about to start mainstream school next month – something we never dreamed possible before we met Kishan. He still sees Kishan and it keeps him balanced. He is now a happy, mischievous, funny boy and rarely gets frustrated. He has started saying a few words too – again something we always hoped for but never thought would happen. We have had the odd crisis – the hospital prescribed him something and he reacted badly to it but Kishan came to the rescue again.
I could write pages on situations that show how well he is doing. One example is - recently he had a block booking of six appointments with his speech therapist to move to the next level of communication. He chose to do nothing on the first two appointments but then on the third did what he was supposed to do in less than two minutes flat – not the six one hour appointments that the speech therapist said it usually takes. When she said this he turned to her and gave her a gorgeous mischievous grin – this from a child who never even used to make eye contact.

There are so many things that have change since that first consultation in Kishan's room. Things that we or all the specialists that we saw didn't think possible for my son.
Thank you Kishan for all that you do for Autism

Jun 24, 2017
by Lindsey on Kishan’s Clinic
20 Year Food Intolerances And Fatigue, Gone With-In Months!

I first met Kishan when he gave a talk on Homeopathic medicine to our Mindfulness group in Usk. At that time I approached him for a consultation regarding digestive and fatigue issues I’d had for over 20 years. The initial consultation was friendly, open and thorough. It was welcoming to have someone take the time to collate a fuller account of my particular issues. That first consultation was the beginning of a healing process that was remarkable and transformative. Over 3 months, I had 3 healing sessions of Homeopathy, Reiki and Psychic Surgeries consequently, I have not since suffered the usual extreme allergic reactions such as anaphylactic shock, skin irritation and mood swings to wheat, gluten, yeast, lactose and dairy. My symptoms of chronic fatigue also began to subside and lost daylight hours have been regained. Moreover, I was able to eat and enjoy foods that for many years had been ‘off limits’ to me and I can’t wait to eat birthday cake! The ‘normalising’ of the simplest things like eating out for lunch or having toast for breakfast has brought back immense joy to my life. Equally, the awakening of genuine positive feelings has been a transcendental experience. Therefore, through Homeopathy Reiki and Psychic Surgeries Kishan has provided me with the sustenance to feed not only my body but also my soul.

Kindest regards


Monday 3rd of July 2017 thats -
8 Days ago I had blood results from Gp and there's no sign of any allergies!

Informed the  doctor that I'd had treatments from Kishan and she was really pleased. She's an open-minded doctor and really cares about my health, having seen me suffer.
It's a Genuine miracle !!Jun 19, 2017
by C Philips on Kishan’s Clinic
Years Of Suffering Gone.

The healings and treatments I have received from Kishan have helped immensely.
Kishan started helping me with my chronic lymphatic swellings in my arm and leg due to cancer hence removal of the glands. After many years of treatments nothing worked to drain the fluid, which was affecting my work. Since seeing Kishan, it's better, more manageable and I'm working.
A few months ago I was having an Aura before a fit. Kishan started the healing and the Aura just disappeared, I was able to explain to him afterwards about what had happened. He advised safety measures in future and to inform anyone around and/or call emergency services. Since that healing It's been a few months since my last fit.
During the healings I feel many different sensations, for example;
things being pulled away, a feeling of balance, heaviness being lifted away. Also floating, tingling and almost out of body experiences, it's incredible!
I feel my old self again, something I've not felt in years.
I've let go of my past major traumas, I was grieving for so long too- that went after the first session.
The Arthritic pains and nodules on my hands are going too and I have more movement.
There was a long list or problems and that's shorter now, I'm just improving and it's nice to be me again.
Thank you Kishan - words never seem enough.
XMay 24, 2017
by Prem Chand on Kishan’s Clinic
Brain Tumor

My mother started deteriorating at the end of 2013 she complained of headaches and visual disturbance in her eyes, she had 2 MRI scans in Nov/Dec 2013 which diagnosed;
Contralateral Hemianopsia and visual disturbance due to a 18mm Right Occipital Tumor.
They monitored her and after 4 months of no change and gradual deterioration, I contacted Kishan to see if he would be able to help as he has helped us before.
So on the 25th Feb 2014 and Kishan travelled over 100 miles to see us.
My mother had her 1st Healing and Homeopathic treatment.
1 month later after the healing on the 20th March 2014 my mother had another MRI Which revealed that the Right Occipital Tumor Was now ;
15.2 mm in diameter
That's 15.5% smaller!!

During the healing my mother seemed dazed and could feel pulling sensations around her head. Which were not uncomfortable and she felt at ease and at peace.
After the healing my mother was very tired and sleepy her Headaches became easier
And she felt lifted in herself.
Much improved no headaches energy up.
I've noticed a difference in my mums life style and energy.
She's just more content in herself.

Kishan reviewed my mum on the 8th of May 2014 she experienced less headaches also that they were not severe anymore.
She is happier, has more energy and her sleep is deeper, nicer and less disturbed.
Of April 2017 my Mum is well happy and has seen Kishan for a balance for wellbeing and she feels great.

Thank you for all that you do Kishan .Mar 31, 2017
by Sheli on Kishan’s Clinic
Bandit My Dieing Dog Given More Time, And An Amazing Quality Of Life.

Kishan messaged me after he read my status about my 14 yr old staffy being diagnosed with kidney failure. Bandits health had been getting worse which is to be expected at such a good age. He had a few seizures which made me take him to the vets for tests. He had also been coughing and having accidents in the house. Kishan kindly offered to send Bandit healing. Kishan mentioned that Bandits heart was worrying to him. The vet had confirmed weeks prior that Bandit heart was struggling and that was causing his cough. Kishan messaged me one night asking if i was near Bandit and that he was going to send him healing and asked me to watch him and tell Kishan what Bandit did. Bandit was sleeping. His muscles twitched and then i noticed his breathing slowed down. At the end of the 5 minutes he had a really big stretch. It was amazing to see.

Since then Bandit is like a different dog. His energy and appetite is back. We have hardly any accident in the house. I had noticed his back kidney area had ribs that were raised. This changed over night after that healing, the area just droppers and is more relaxed. No more seizures, appetite great, energy up, happier and looks amazing.

His cough is virtually gone too and also noticed his breathing improved. Bandit is back to the old dog we had.
Kishan refused any payment even though I offered time and time again. We cant thank Kishan enough for all he has done and made my precious old man happier and healthier.Mar 25, 2017
by Jackie on Kishan’s Clinic
Marvellous News On A Brain Tumour Scan After Seeing Kish

I came to see Kish after a recommendation from a good friend who had had amazing results with him for Chrons disease. A small brain tumour was found behind my eye in September 2015, whilst it was small it was also close to some optic nerves which made it difficult to operate on. The plan was to monitor it for growth and as soon as it had grown 2mm then I would go down the radiotherapy route.

I came to see Kish shortly after the diagnosis and had some treatments from him. I went there with a view that anything that can help me keep relaxed and stress free would be a good thing. One time I can remember was when he did Healing over my eye area I felt an intense pulling (not painful) behind my eye. Now anyone who has had a treatment with Kish knows that you are so relaxed, your eyes are closed and you do not know where his focus is. But the pull behind my eye was, to this day, very memorable. I could also 'feel' him taking away other areas of confusion in my body as well.

Some months after I had my annual MRI, most tumours are expected to grow between 0.5mm - 1mm per year, I was hoping for just 0.5mm to keep the radio at bay. I had my scan and was told it hadn't not grown at all - in the slightest.

So not only was it extremely beneficial for my tumour but the calmest and rebalancing of the 'self' was wonderful as well.

I am looking forward to seeing him again soon, next scan in July so fingers crossed :)

Thank you Kish, x

Mar 12, 2017
by HP on Kishan’s Clinic
Child Behaviour, Hyperactivity ADHD.

We came to see Kishan after my son's school was about to expell him due to him being uncontrollable.
He couldn't concentrate, couldn't sit still for a second, couldn't focus on anything! He was answering agressively and even hitting out. With his friends and brothers, he was always fighting. He was becoming a danger to himself and others.
He'd already spent a year one-on-one with a psychologist who concluded he was "busy" and His behaviour a typical of ADD and Hyperactivity.

He is 10 years old now but he's been like it since a very young age. His sleep, since he was born, was always restless...moving, talking, even walking.
After his first consultation with Kishan he was given a remedy to take that night. It was the first peaceful night's sleep he had in his life.
The next day at school his teachers were amazed. He was quiet, softly spoken, polite and showing consideration for others. He was a different boy! Everyday saw an improvement and he's settled now at school and within himself.
I am very happy and have so much gratitude for Kishan for what he's done.Mar 9, 2017
by Sarah on Kishan’s Clinic
Hearing Resolved

being at the end of my tether with my anxiety and panic attacks a friend told me about homeopathy. I've known Kishan for a long time and felt this was my last hope, as the Drs basically told me to get on with it. I'm still far from relieving my anxieties but can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. About two years ago I lost 50% of my hearing in both ears they couldn't tell me why it happened but told me my hearing would not really improve. I was devastated being only 37 with a young family i thought I can't take this. I was fitted with hearing aids and just accepted the fact this was me from now on. After my second session with Kishan he told me to stop wearing my aids and that my hearing would improve. I was sceptical at first as the drs told me it wouldn't return. I put my faith in Kishan and my hearing did improve. I've had a review by the ent Drs and another hearing test. To my surprise my hearing is near enough back to normal. The Drs asked what I had done and told them I was seeing a homeopath for my anxieties and saw that this had helped me. The Dr looked surprised but didn't really comment. I have been discharged from there care as I dont need my hearing aids anymore. I thank Kishan for this my anxieties are improving day by day and I am so grateful to him for giving me back my hearing.Jan 20, 2017
by Layiba Ahmed on Kishan’s Clinic
My Medical Story

I'm 15 years old and from a young age I have suffered from headaches and severe migraines, this affected my school work and my lifestyle for a long period of my life. I went to see a lot of different doctors and specialists I had a lot of appointments in hospitals and I have also went through various different treatments for the past 7 years. The doctors put me on medications but the affects would never last as long so they would change it but then again it wouldn't work. As the seasons would change my health got worse, then one day my mum heard about a Homeopathic Consultant and Healer in Newport  from a family friend and decided to take me there. when I got there I told him about my self and about my health, after attending a few appointments and taking his medication me and my mum noticed I started getting less and less headaches and migraines, this improved my school work and made me more and more confident every day and now I am all better. By seeing this Homeopath/Healer and taking his medication I have grown physically and mentally, now that my health has improved I have learned to understand things much better and I feel more like myself than I ever did. After several treatments I am perfectly fine and I have been discharged from his clinic. I just want to say thanks to Kishan I am all better.Jan 17, 2017
by Elise on Kishan’s Clinic

I suffered through university with stress that built up and up to a point where I couldn't even sit down to relax in my second year; I couldn't do things I used to like read a book or watch TV without thinking about all the more important things I should be doing. I would panic about deadlines to the point where I started having these meltdowns of tears that became more and more frequent, and incredibly painful headaches. I wasn't really sure what was wrong with me but my emotions were completely all over the place and it was giving me such a horrible sense of whiplash that I'd be like 2 different people in the space of 10 minutes!

I went to see a Councillor at university and unfortunately they couldn't give me help with my deadlines and work unless they had a note from my GP. I already told them I didn't want to go because I knew exactly what they'd say. Eventually, I made an appointment to my GP and he was utterly useless. I was so angry and upset when I left because I couldn't believe that my feelings were just swept under the carpet like it wasn't important enough to be taken seriously.

My mum booked me an appointment with Kishan that same day and the appreciation was completely different. My GP didn't want to know and told me to 'look at some helpful websites' while Kishan actually listened to me and after each appointment I felt another improvement in my confidence, my ability to relax and my attitude with others.
I was incredibly self-conscious and I used to walk into lectures terrified of everyone around me. Now I'm more happy in myself, I'm able to spend an evening relaxing and I even had an exam recently that went far better than ones in the past when I was in a constant state of panic where no information was absorbing.

It's strange because to think that I was actually like that only two months ago is really difficult, but when I look back it's a shock to realise how far I have come with the remedies.

Thank you Kishan!!!Dec 17, 2016

by Menna Williams on Kishan’s Clinic
He Made Me, Me Again!!!

"UPDATE" Crohn's Disease review after 1 year
I have been symptom free since I last saw Kishan, I posted this review nearly 2 year ago. I'm very happy and enjoying my life, thank you Kishan for all you did.

I was 13 years old when I started to feel ill.
I was 17 when I was finally diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.
I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome on and off as far as I can remember.
Just before I came to see Kishan I was at my lowest point. I was on an array of medication from anti depressants, immune suppressants which made my hair fall out and steroids in total I was taking over 40 tablets a day!
A friend of mine who is a pharmacist gave me Kishan's number but I wasn't convinced as I’d been everywhere else and tried everything else. My friend explained that Kishan had helped so many people in the Hospital, so I thought I’d try it, as I had nothing to loose.
When I went to see Kishan I did not initially think he would be able to help me. Crohn’s is incurable, and I felt that I had tried all known avenues for symptom relief.
During my first visit to see Kishan, 10 minutes into the consultation, Kishan asked me for permission before he could scan me. I stood up and agreed as I was in too much pain to ask questions. I felt the pain go within minutes. He asked me how much the pain had improved, I replied 60% better! Kishan nodded as if this was a normal thing he does. I received a one-hour consultation and was also provided with Homeopathic medication to take home. When I left and got into the car, my mother said “You're better aren’t you?” I said “What do you mean?” She explained “I've seen you get into the car for many years and you've always been in pain, this time it was like your pain has vanished!”
This was eight months ago. Looking back, I felt pain-free from that moment onwards. I decided to cut down my medication. Although Kishan is able to work alongside whatever medication you're on, I was feeling so well, it felt like the right thing to do for me. I cut down on pain killers quickly because I just didn't need them, then I stopped my steroids one by one. Admittedly, I was worried my symptoms would come back, but I had no problems at all.
As any one with Crohn’s would know, the pain and suffering I’ve endured over the last 20 years has been soul destroying not just to me but all those around me. These days, I’ve gone from being quiet, broken down, lifeless, hopeless, always in pain, emotional and insomniac to me again! A happy, independent, working, busy, travelling, confident, driven, pain-free, and normal person. I didn’t really know who I was until I saw Kishan, so I’m living everyday like it means something.
When I went to see my specialist she just looked at me in shock as I walked towards her! Her first words were “Don’t stop what you're doing, it's obviously working!”
I have my life back, it's amazing! Everyone has noticed the changes in me. Because of my treatment with Kishan, I have not taken a single tablet for 5 months. I have had 1 or 2 twinges of what I would call discomfort, that's all.
Words can not express enough how grateful I am, so all I have is a big thank you to Kishan. Thank you for being there and giving me my confidence back and making me, me again!Dec 16, 2016

by Ausman on Kishan’s Clinic
Very Helppful

I had lots of chronic pains in my body .kishan has helped me alot im still going through treetment and I am very pleased with the results so far .he is very kind and helpful.
I would recommend Kishan to anyone with chronic pain.

Dec 8, 2016

by Emma on Kishan’s Clinic
Astounding Results!

I had experienced a physical attack and was experiencing a fear of going outside, the inability to sleep and when i did i manage to sleep i would wake a couple of hours later with vivid screaming nightmares, night tremors and profuse sweating. I was edgy and a shell of myself, it had been going on 4-5 weeks with no sign of getting better. I found Kishan via the internet and visited him for a consultation. He is an extraordinary person. I had a fear of men at that point but there was nothing about Kishan that scared me at all, I felt safe. He performed healing on me and knew about broken bones I had forgotten about, amazing!!! He prescribed me a remedy and that night I slept for 8 hours, no nightmares, no waking, no sweating. I contnued my treatment for another five days and as I slept more the anxiety that had overtaken me was slipping away and I became myself again. I now see Kishan and my daughter although quite cynical at first visited Kishan last month. She had issues with food, her weight, her skin, her attitude and laziness. Kishan performed healing on her as well as prescribing a remedy. In the past three weeks everyone has noticed how she has lost a lot of water retention, her face has become clearer and in general she is less defense and agitated. She has even asked to start trainng with me at the gym three times a week, this shocked everybody who knows her!!! We are both looking forward to our appointments next week, Lauryn is so much happier in herself and so am I. Thank you Kishan.

Nov 30, 2016 
by Una on Kishan’s Clinic
Travelling With A Dog

We were recently moved from Europe to Texas with my husband's work. We have a young dog, who is very sensitive and does not like being left, so were very worried about her having to fly in the hold of the plane on her own for 11 hours in a crate. Kishan helped and it worked brilliantly. She travelled better than we could have hoped. Her crate was completely clean and she was not stressed when we collected her, just her normal self and delighted to see us. Thank you Kishan.

Nov 30, 2016 
by Claire on Kishan’s Clinic

After many trips to ENT, allergy tests and even a CT scan I couldn't get to the very bottom of my very painful sinuses, my head was always dizzy also my confidence was rock bottom, didnt want to be around lots of people as i just couldnt cope with it

I had tried nose flushes, endless medication including nasal sprays which just made it worse.

My friend told me about Kishan so i made an appointment, just talking to him about it all helped, ive had my fifth and final appointment today, i feel so much better, my sinus pain has just about gone, i feel much more confident and dealing with everyday stresses much better

Kishan has given me my life back ????XxNov 30, 2016
by Michelle on Kishan’s Clinic
Such A Difference

started seeing Kishan in September for anxiety, after suffering terribly for so many years. After the first time I saw Kishan I felt better than I had done for along time which is improving every time The homeopathy and healing have provided me with a sense of calmness not known to me until now. Kishan is wonderful and is quick to put you at ease. Why did I wait so long to go!!

Nov 24, 2016
by H.jones on Kishan’s Clinic

I brought my 4 year old daughter to See Kishan as her behaviour was hard to control due to angry outbursts, she didn't really want to eat much food, she wanted all my attention, didn't want to go to nursery. Each day was an constant up hill struggle. 

Kishan gave her a few homeopathic remedies over 3 months & now Her behaviour is so much better, no angry outbursts, she is a pleasant little girl to be around. She has excelled at her school work, she doesn't demand 'All' my attention, she eats all her food without complaint. Bed times are easy, no more tantrums because she doesn't want me to leave. She is anger free & a more happy, secure little girl. This change has made both our lives So much pleasant & we are enjoying each other's company. 

Kishan was fantastic during each session. She really did take to Kishan. He made the sessions fun & enjoyable for her. She always looked forward to going to see him. He has such a great affinity with children. I highly recommend him.

Kishan has made such a difference in mine & my daughters life through homeopathy.

Thank You so much Kishan, you are a Gem.Nov 24, 2016
by H.jones on Kishan’s Clinic
Thank You With All My Heart!

For over 10 years I constantly suffered with back & neck pain, anxiety, paranoia, bloating, panic attacks, debilitating mental tiredness, anger to name but a few. I had no joy, no happiness, I wasn't coping with day to day life...I needed help...

And Help is certainly what I found when I met Kishan. 

I had a homeopathy consultation & healing session with Kishan. 

The healing was an instant massive emotional release quickly followed by my tiredness & anger just melting away within only a few hours. 

Fast forwarding nearly 3 months on, I am symptom & pain free. For the first time in years I have a reason to Smile. .. I am no longer dragged down by pain, anxiety & exhaustion...I am Free!! I am Happy, Confident & Content . 

Kishan, I can't thank you enough. Your knowledge & passion for healing & homeopathy raidiates from you & made my sessions with you comforting & easy. 

Thank you for being a part of my healing journey. 

You are indeed a special man. 

It took me awhile to write this review as I didn't think my review would do Kishan justice...I hope it has. You are a miracle worker & I will carry on recommending you to everyone that needs help. Thank You again Kishan, you have changed my life in a brilliant profound way.Oct 6, 2016
by Mims on Kishan’s Clinic
Healing To My Son

I took my 11 yr old son to Kishan as I noticed he just wasn't coping with knock backs very well. He was aggressive when faced with difficulties and stuttered in stressful situations. In addition to that he wasn't growing physically, add in emotional growth that was desperately needed. He had been like this for a few years and I couldn't see any changes, so I'd heard of Kishan but didn't expect much.
However after a detailed assessment Kishan saw my son a few times. He gave a Homeopathic remedy to my son, just two tablets each time - (called a split dose) In 4 months my son has physically grown, has became emotionally capable of dealing with difficult situations and school, and hasn't stuttered for the last 2 months. Thank you so much Kishan for your healing intervention.Sep 20, 2016
by Becky on Kishan’s Clinic

I took my daughter to see kishan as my last resort of help! Being a single parent to a 9yr old can be very hard and testing on times.Her behaviour became quite unmanageable at times and her sleep pattern was awful, she would be awake at all hours and become very aggressive and angry towards me,she would also try to become controlling over me. I would absolutely dread bedtimes, No matter what approach I took, nothing seemed to work. I then decided to taker her to see kishan for advice and help. 
What an amazing man, i feel i finally have my daughter back!! She sleeps all night now, no behaviours or aggression at all, i cannot believe the difference in her after just seeing Kishan once, and the follow-up.
We are both so much more happier now, so big thank you to you kishan!!Sep 12, 2016
by Marsha on Kishan’s Clinic
What A Difference :)

I've suffered with IBS for around 4 years and I'd try to manage the symptoms myself by not eating spicy foods, limiting the amount of dairy etc. My stomach was constantly swollen, I had terrible wind and was always constipated. One day, I heard of Kishan through social media and so made an appointment to see him. I was slightly sceptical, having never considered anything like it before. But, it was my last hope and I was at the point where I was willing to give anything a go as not even tablets from my GP had made a difference to my condition. After two sessions, I really noticed a difference. I had hardly any wind, my stomach was not as big and I was more 'regular.' I was so pleased and relieved to have finally started feeling better. I wish I'd known about Kishan sooner. Great experience and such a lovely man too. I felt so comfortable talking to him and he really put me at ease. Thanks, Kishan!Sep 4, 2016
by HP on Kishan’s Clinic
Thank You Kishan

Kishan was introduced to my family by a friend, when my late partner’s health became progressively worse suffering from seizures. The hospital performed countless scans and tests but could find no cause for the seizures, which were increasing in frequency and intensity. The seizures were so severe that he was prescribed the heaviest doses of anti-epilepsy drugs. They did not help the seizures at all, they continued as before, but with the addition of horrendous side effects from the drugs…sleeping for long, long hours, loss of appetite, and an effect on his mental health. He decided that it was not worth taking the drugs and so stopped taking them. It was then that we went to see Kishan. It was the first time we were introduced to homeopathy. I found Kishan to be very friendly and approachable. His desire to care for people radiates from him and you feel confident that he is very knowledgeable in his field. Kishan puts you at ease, he’s a good listener and you instinctively know and feel that you can trust him, confide in him and open up to him.

Kishan prescribed a remedy which we saw the effects of very quickly. The intensity of the seizures was controlled for the first time and the frequency was decreasing too. There were no side effects and he was able to resume a near normal life again. Through Kishan and homeopathy, he was able to find an inner peace towards the end of his life and passed away contented. This improved quality of life brings me comfort now to think of, and I have Kishan to thank for that. I dread to think what it would have been like, had he continued to take the heavy doses of anti-epilepsy drugs prescribed by the hospital. 

Kishan has successfully treated many members of my family, including myself, for a range of ailments. Everytime has been amazing and cements my love for homeopathy even more. From my daughter who suffered awful eczema from a milk intolerance, to hayfever in my present partner, to helping me to stop smoking and treating my high blood pressure, I am confident in Kishan’s ability to treat any ailment that presents itself. He’s even made my anti-social teenager more sociable  

Since seeing what homeopathy has done for my family…it has cured where traditional medicine has failed; Kishan is always our first port of call for my family’s healthcare.

My words cannot express my gratitude to Kishan for how he’s helped my family, and I would (and do), recommend him without any hesitance.Sep 1, 2016
by Jane on Kishan’s Clinic

A friend recommended Kishan to me and I have felt a completly different person emotionally ..... Try for yourself!Aug 30, 2016
by PG on Kishan’s Clinic

In 2009,after a particularly severe asthma attack, a friend suggested that I should seek advice from Kishan. Since then, I have benefited from healings, holistic and homeopathic remedies. In addition, Kishan has given advice on lifestyle and dietry changes. During all my consultations, I have been impressed by his professional and kindly attitude. Thank you, Kishan, for all your help!Aug 30, 2016
by Hannah on Kishan’s Clinic

Kishan is fab and has made me feel a million times better with regards to my driving phobia. Since seeing him I am now able to complete long journeys on my own in rush hour which is something I was completely unable to do beforehand. Many thanks.Aug 26, 2016
by Linda on Kishan’s Clinic
Miracle Worker At Large In Newport

I have several ongoing physical health problems, but the one that impacted most on my life is Fibromyalgia and more especially Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was at a very low ebb and considering making yet another GP appointment, but what would be the point, conventional medicine can do absolutely nothing for chronic fatigue?

A friend of mine sent me the link for Kishan, and with nothing left to lose I contacted him. He is a very lovely man, with such a calming manner. The “healing” is an amazing experience. I could tell which part of my body Kish was working on, despite my eyes being closed and no physical contact. The heat his healing generates is unbelievable and results are instant.

Anyway after just one session I felt amazing. No nerve pain in my arms, legs and neck, and I had so much energy it was like being 25 again instead of 85, which is how I felt until I met Kish (real age 54).

I first saw Kish on 22 July and I still feel amazing, and I have my social life back as I no longer have to be in bed by 7.30 p.m.. I cannot thank Kish enough and would strongly recommend that if you have any health problem that is blighting your life please go and see Kishan I guarantee you will be glad you did.

Aug 18, 2016
by Melanie on Kishan’s Clinic
Feeling Old Before My Time

I love my motorbike and anything about bikes...its my job and my passion, but my ambition outweighed my talent and i took a tumble. After 6 months off the bike,physio and painkillers the pain in my hips was not improving. After numerous visits to my gp, the solution he suggested was 'to rethink my career'... really helpful, gee thanks for that. So i was at a low point, wondering which way to turn, hobbling around like i was an eighty yr old woman when a colleague suggested that maybe a healing would help and gave me Kishan,s number...the best call ive ever made!! 

The moment i met Kish i knew he was an amazing guy. During the healing i could feel the energy, i knew exactly which part he was working on even though my eyes were closed and there was no physical contact...it was like static jumping from his hands..

Days later i would feel the static sensation right down my left side and i knew Kish was working his magic whilst i was sat on the sofa!!

Anyway,enough rambling from me..3sessions later im back in the gym, on the pushbike to get my 2 wheel confidence building and will be back on the motor before the end of summer

Call Kishan, it will be the best call you will make, thank you Kish for stopping me being eighty when im fifty xxJul 22, 2016
by Sarah Williams on Kishan’s Clinic
Stomach Problems 12 Years, Anxiety, Unable To Lose Weight And Swellings.

Kishan is a warm caring person who was easy to talk to.I've suffer for 12 years with my stomach.Also I suffer from anxiery but since my two visits to Kishan my anxiety is so much better. My throat and chest used to tighten but thankfully no more. My stomach is a work in progress, but after the first visit to Kishan it's is definitely getting better. I've lost some weight which was impossible before.
My clothes fit me better and I look and feel much better. Also lots of other things too.My skin has improved my ankles don't bloat or ache any more. I am so thankfully to Kishan for listening and helping me as I was getting no where with my GP.Jul 14, 2016
by Callie on Kishan’s Clinic
My Mental Health Illness Improved By Kishan

When I first heard of spiritual healing I was a bit dubious and to be honest it was my last resort.
I've been suffering from severe mental health problem for some time and I'd tried all different therapies and exhausted the possibility of new medication (as Have been on so many) I concluded that I'd give it a go.
I had meet Kishan a couple of times in his previous job he made me feel at ease. So lucky I heard about him through others so I made an apointment to try A Healing.
The Healing itself was so peaceful. 
Since that healing my life has completely changed I still get low periods but the highs last for longer now. I've also moved on in my life building around the limitations of my mental health problems rather than be defined by them. If I could do it again for the first time and tell myself how it would change my life I would have done it ages ago.
I should have gone back for the second healing - that was 6 months ago!Jun 13, 2016
by Eve on Kishan’s Clinic


I have been suffering with my stomach for nearly 9 years now :(

It has been so draining to the point to, I literally gave up hope. My illness has effected me emotionally, physical and mentally.

You wouldn't believe how many consultants/dietitians I've seen and the amount of time I've been to my doctors. I have lost count, even with all the tests I've had done & medication have tried. Which some made me so ill I couldn't work. Eventually I had to put my notice in. As my immune system was low from all the antibiotics I was on.

I was getting so frustrated and angry as I felt no-one was listening to me. They just gave me medication or asked me if I needed me if I needed antidepressants. It got to the point I couldn't even talk about my illness without crying. All I wanted to know is why I looked pregnant all the time. After being told by one of my consultants that the only option was to have a colostomy bag I was devastated. So I went to the Heath for a 2nd opinion. He was amazing & of course my doctor at well spring.

I finally got some answers & they were treating me for helicobacter pylori and bile reflux. Last year I got told I'm lactose intolerance. Then this year I got told to cut out gluten as well.

Unfortunately in May my stomach went up after cutting out lactose & gluten. I was devastated, I felt so ill worse than I ever felt before. I couldn't even force myself to eat. On the 19th May I got antibiotics but didn't take them as I was having a camera down my throat on the 31st May.

*So on 27th May I went to Kishan's clinic, as I was so uncomfortable and in pain.*

One word UNBELIEVABLE. I seriously can't describe what happened or what he done. It felt so unreal. I was emotional and I could feel everything. I can't describe the feeling your just gonna have to take my word for it and see for yourself. He asked me how I felt afterwards. AMAZING of course and my stomach was flat. I was on cloud 9. It's been 17 days now and my stomach is still flat. I can't thank you enough Kishan, I just wish I knew about it sooner.Jun 10, 2016
by Sue Morris on Kishan’s Clinic
Kishan's Clinic

Autistic son.

Our 3 year old son had recently been diagnosed autistic and we were struggling to come to terms with this when we were introduced to Kishan. From the moment we booked an appointment for our son to see Kishan we noticed a marked improvement in him. The improvement over the last 3 months has been nothing short of amazing – medical professionals who see our son every few months have commented on how much he has improved in ways which they would never had expected. He goes to nursery and the nursery staff have also commented on his rapid development over the past few months. It’s a long process as it’s a complex condition but we intend to keep on seeing Kishan!May 29, 2016
by Phillip Wedlock on Kishan’s Clinic
My Nan

I would like to thank Kishan for all the work that he has done for my nan.
The first phone call I made last week, I explaining my nan's situation and she was in so much pain.
Upon short notice he agreed to see her, he was so helpful. My Nan lives in Weston-Super-Mare.
I took Kishan up to see her, my Nan explain to me from the moment she saw Kishan he did healing some psychic surgery on her foot and within minutes she felt it just start to go. Kishan called us into the room after a few min to see the difference before he could start taking the full case and finish the rest of the treatments.
of which she was in terrific pain not controlled by anything else. she felt like she had known Kishan for years .
After seeing my Nan we popped off to the seaside where Kishan bought us fish and chips in Weston-super-Mare front where I didn't know myself that he treated me for some problems I felt. just by talking and being around me and the following day when Nan call me to say that she felt fantastic I was so happy it's like a weight had been lifted.
My Nan is 98 years old, the next day she had no pain in the feet and she was more mobile.
I know it may take time, and she's been ill for a while but I can only go on what I see and feel.
One thing I must say is a great big thank you from my nan, your a great person Kish.May 6, 2016
by GM on Kishan’s Clinic
Kishan's Clinic

My husband and I had been trying for a baby for nearly two years, but I was having some problems with irregular cycles which were affecting my ability to get pregnant. After having a miscarriage I had had tests with my GP who found nothing to explain the problems we were having.
Kishan gave me healing on a number of occasions which was an amazing experience, very relaxing but at the same time I was very aware of the energies in the room. My cycles seemed to become more settled and I'm happy to say that my husband and I are expecting our first baby later this year. I'm honestly very thankful to Kish for everything, I believe that he was able to fix something in me that was causing us problems. A wonderful person and friend, I would and have recommended his clinic to others in a heartbeat :)Apr 17, 2016
by Jen on Kishan’s Clinic

I first met Kish with friends on new year's eve, and I had no idea of his skills. Later on in the evening conversation turned to a solid bone like lump I'd had on my foot since Childhood . Kish was intrigued and before I knew it, shoes were off and kish was inspecting this lump. I thought it was all a party trick but the room went quiet, kish closed his eyes and I could feel something in my foot but I didn't know what it was. I was freaked out and kish stopped. I looked and the lump was half the size. Since then kish has healed my foot again and it now is completely gone. Absolute magic ! Thank you Kishan xApr 8, 2016
by Una on Kishan’s Clinic
Chronic Knee And Tendon Problems

thank you Kishan for your help and healing with my arthritic knees and torn meniscus plus Achilles tendonitis. After my first healing session my knees are the best they have been for years and now after 2 my chronic tendonitis of both Achilles ((more than a year) is on the mend
He also has helped my horse (from a long distance) with a knee ligament injury - after just 1 session and some homeopathy he is much better. His physio is surprised at how quickly he is better
Kishan is a generous, lovely gentleman who wants to help and heal others.Apr 6, 2016
by Jane Evans on Kishan’s Clinic
Lifesaving Distant Healing

My family and I have recently been through the most traumatic time. Someone very dear to us became unwell with flu, this progressed to a bilateral severe pneumonia and Sepsis. Rapidly transferred to a large Intensive Care Unit our boy continued to deteriorate on a daily basis and was subsequently transferred to a specialist Intensive Care Unit in London. Things continued to deteriorate alarmingly rapidly, I watched a young man of whom I had grown fond, battle for his life against seemingly insurmountable odds. I experienced the agony of watching my child go through agonising worry and fear. Things were absolutely desperate.
Despite having a long career in conventional medicine I now realised the fact that it was not working and despite the finest medical care this country has to offer it seemed that we were going to lose our boy. I turned to Kishan for help.
I explained the situation to Kish and asked for help. Kish needed permission from my daughter and asked for her to contact him. From that moment of first contact things started to change. I felt reassured and comforted, my daughter said that for the first time she felt calm. Kish worked on our boy all night, helping him. The next morning, for the first time in a week of crises our boy turned a corner.
Over the next five weeks Kishan continued to help, working frequently on our boy, literally pulling him through each life threatening event as they happened. All the time providing calm and warm comfort to myself and my daughter.
Our boy is now well on the road to recovery, getting stronger day after day. I will never be able to thank Kishan for what he has done for my family. He has performed nothing less than miracles, I don't even care how cliched that sounds. In our deepest darkest hour he was there as a bright shining light.
I have no doubt at all that Kish saved our boys life, and alongside that brought immeasurable comfort to us all.
If you are lucky enough to come into contact with this wonderful man you are indeed blessed. I wish Kishan every good wish, from the bottom of my heart .

Mar 24, 2016
by TORICIA SALVO on Kishan’s Clinic

Have just had my first echocardiogram in 12 months. Absolutely amazed, my heart function has gone from 10% to over 40%.

Do I really need to explain that to all those medically minded ? Thank you Kishan for your Homeopathy and Healing Combination treatment. Such a lovely caring man as well ! So glad I was refered to you so many years ago.Mar 21, 2016
by Mike on Kishan’s Clinic
Kishan's Clinic

Kish is a excellent man, his skill and knowledge, complimented by his deeply caring personality allows him to make you feel at ease and relaxed. I saw him after suffering with kidney stones and he spent time discussing what made me tick, as well as just the problem I was sufferinig from. I left feeling better in myself and more positive. as well as fully recovering that was some years ago and I've had no recurrance !

You wont be disappointed if you see this man!Mar 21, 2016
by Naresh on Kishan’s Clinic

 Kishan’s Clinic
Great man, Very approachable. Takes time to listen to your concerns. Goes out of his way to help people during difficult times. We have found this a better alternative and definitely would recommend it to anyone.Mar 19, 2016
by Ffion on Kishan’s Clinic

Kishan has helped me heal deep sadness during a difficult time, and helped me with anxiety. He is understanding and will ensure that he does whatever he can to help you heal. I found this a much better alternative than taking tablets to help me, because it goes to the root of the problem. He has helped me connect with myself, recommend to anyone! :)Mar 17, 2016
by Valerie Harding on Kishan’s Clinic

I recently had the privilege to receive healing from Kishan. As soon as I entered his practice i felt the warmth and love that surrounded it. I felt at ease instantly.
I have never had healing before even though I am a spiritual person. It was an amazing experience. Kishan's warmth and pure love emanated. During the process I could actually physically feel movement within my body. It was all very special. After the process Kishan talked me through the healing. I am very grateful Kishan and I thank you.Mar 16, 2016
by Pc on Kishan’s Clinic

I'm grateful to Kishan who has helped me over the years. In my 20's I would often have panic attacks when I was surrounded by people which worsened when attending meetings. I never really thought there was a cure. Kishan prescribed a Homepathic remedy which quickly worked. It's now been over 20 years since I had a panic attack. I feel more confident as a person not only has he cured me but the remedy also strengthened my constitution. Recently I attended Kishans clinic at the Optic Shop in Newport. Kishan took time at short notice to give me healing. Since the healing my energy levels have increased and I no longer feel as fatigued. Kishan is a specialist in his field and has dedicated many years of his life to simply treat the person as a whole and not just the symptom. Thank you Kishan, God bless you always for the help you give to others.Mar 12, 2016
by P Colter on Kishan’s Clinic

I worked with Kish in the ED at RGH. He was always a great source of support, and helped me with headaches and vertigo which I often had, especially during busy shifts. I felt so much better after Kish did some healing, the vertigo resolved completely within about half an hour. I would definitely recommend visiting Kish's clinic as I know that he can always offer kindness and empathy, as well as his healing expertise. Thank you Kish xMar 12, 2016
by Dan Harris on Kishan’s Clinic

Kishan helped me with my health and rebuilding the strength of my heart following an infection called Pericarditis. He helped me recover through various healing sessions and remedy's. Kishan also assisted me in times of self doubt and disbelief regaining confidence in myself. He has done a lot of good things for my family.Mar 11, 2016
by Naheed on Kishan’s Clinic
My Mums Miracle Worker

Like a lot of people i was quite worried when mum's health deteriorated. Mum had a lump on the side of her face. Again like most people the first port of call seemed to be our GP and then hospitals. Following several appointments with medical clinicians we became frustrated and disheartened with the lack of engagement and no clear outcomes. Feeling alone and not understanding medical jargon made life really difficult. Eventually they diagnosed a  Warthin's tumor or Warthin tumour, also known as papillary cystadenoma lymphomatosum, monomorphic adenoma or adenolymphoma that was dormant. Unfortunately a nerve was running through the centre of this so it was painful and to operate  there would be significant risks. I was at the end of my tether all I wanted to do was help my mum. Then someone recommended Kishan. At first there was a bit of sceptism but when I met him I quickly realised this could make a significant difference. Following a consultation Kishan took a more holistic approach. He listened, understood and spoke of all the options which led to the road to recovery.

The results were amazing. The tumour significantly reduced. Kishan achieved what the range of doctors and consultants could not. A miracle ? Or a miracle worker. I think the latter.

what I found strange was that the ENT consultant wouldn't comment on my mothers nearly gone Tumour! And they kept changing our dates for review like they didn't want to see us.

I'll leave the rest for you to decide and would definitely say pay him a visit first before wasting too much time with other medical professionals.



 Mar 11, 2016
by Lauren on Kishan’s Clinic
Kishan And Healing

I highly recommend Kishan to anyone who needs healing! I received my first healing from Kish and I felt the healing energy instantly! He was amazing and talked me though what he was doing as he connected with me and sent me healing.

I felt the healing instantly, the feeling is hard to explain but I felt the energy, I felt different to usual by the end of the healing I could feel the unwanted energy leaving me, as I become quite shaky and had a little nausea. The healing was very powerful. Kish then kindly gave me after advice and told me to drink lots more water than usual. I woke up the next morning sweatier than usual I guess from my body releasing all the toxins!

Since having a bad brain bleed back in June 2015 I found it hard to go to sleep because of my head spinning every time I lied down. Since my healing the spinning has stopped, I feel more grounded and even more content with life, I also feel more connected with the Devine life force and my meditation has grown to a higher level very quickly. I was and still am in awe over how powerful and beneficial the healing Kish gave me was and I am ever so grateful to have received this from such a kind, peaceful wise man!

Mar 11, 2016
by Deena on Kishan’s Clinic

What an amazing man he is!

Kishan has been helping me the last couple of months with anxiety and depression. I thought I would never get better but with his help I'm in a good place again.  I would definitely recommend him.

All the GP's  want to do is throw antidepressants at you. Kishan actually takes time to listen to you and he is an amazing man inside and out xMar 11, 2016
by Lara on Kishan’s Clinic
Morning Sickness Nightmare

Having suffered from day one of my pregnancy with horrendous morning sickness, Kishan could see I was struggling. Work had become a no go, and generally couldn't leave the house for want of trying. I lived in the bathroom!

During work Kishan saw me struggling and said he could work his magic on me, and by this point I was willing to give it a go. Well, I didn't regret it! The symptoms eased dramatically, I would still get the odd occasional queasy feeling - but nowhere near as bad as the 24/7 vomitting I had experienced. Kishan made me feel that little bit more human to be able to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy. Something I didn't dream of at the beginning.Feb 15, 2016
by Lynn on Kishan’s Clinic
Neck & Shoulder Pain

I was suffering with severe neck & shoulder pain for a some  weeks. Painkillers wasn't really helping and I didn't know what else to try, I'd been trying to get hold of Kish in A&E and sent messages, but he wasn't around. Eventually I managed to catch him and he was very busy as usual, he explained he only had a few minutes, I was pleased for any of his time.

We then went into the ECG room and Kishan stood about a meter away and  asked me to give him permission to help, which I did.

Kishan noticed exactly where my discomfort and problems were straight away and I couldn't believe what happened in those few minutes.
He treated my neck & shoulders and I started to feel pain relief straight away.

I repeatedly told him it was gone, but he just said "I believed you" and that he does it for the staff daily during his breaks.

I was just so shocked and suprised as I've never had this kind of healing before nor did I know it was possible. I was telling every one for weeks.

I know Kishan has helped so many people in the hospital for years.

Would throughly recommend Kishan and his treatment and we miss him in A&EFeb 8, 2016
by Hayley on Kishan’s Clinic

Kishan provided treatment to my neck and shoulder. I was quite sceptical at first, but was amazed by the instant relief I had following treatment.
Kishan is a kind, caring gentleman, who makes you feel relaxed, comfortable and confident in his work.Feb 3, 2016
by Vicky on Kishan’s Clinic

Kish is a lovely man with a natural talent. He knew exactly where my pain was without having to tell him!
Definately worth a visit if all else has failed, you may be surprised.Feb 2, 2016
by Sue Williams on Kishan’s Clinic

Kish is a inspirational person who is blessed with superb healing powers. He has helped me on numerous occasions when I have been suffering from pain or infection. I would recommend a visit to Kish for anyone needing help with a medical condition.Feb 2, 2016
by Sarah on Kishan’s Clinic

I went to see Kish many years ago after suffering with dermatitis for two years from having constant antibiotics. The doctors had thrown everything at me and nothing worked and it was making my life miserable. I went to see Kish as what I considered a last resort at the time, and I was given homeopathy and it went within the month!! After suffering for two years beyond measure I was amazed. I cannot recommend him highly enough :)Feb 2, 2016
by Anonymous on Kishan’s Clinic

A few years ago I had a really bad back and was spending a lot of time moaning about it. Kish said he could fix it for me-I have to be honest and say that I didn't really believe him. However he worked his magic and I can honestly say that only once since then have I had a bad back!!! Great job well done!Feb 2, 2016
by Chris on Kishan’s Clinic

The things Kishan has done for my health are absolutely amazing. Every time I have been in need, he has been there to help. He has healed a varietey of injuries and ailments and definitely opened my eyes to a world I knew nothing about. I will always put my health in Kishan's hands.Feb 1, 2016
by Aaron on Kishan’s Clinic

After having a very stressful morning I first met Kishan properly in my office and he came in to see how I was and to introduce himself after I had previously spoken to him when I seen him looking stressed as I was finishing my shift a previous day in A&E I told him not to let people get him down and he seemed to take a shine to it. As we were in the office together he noticed I was now looking quite stressed and then he had a chat with me asking me a few questions regarding how I felt and I started to feel relaxed after releasing my thoughts, he then told me he would release some positive energy into me and as he placed his palm on my shoulder I instantly felt as if my mind had been totally freed and my stresses seemed to disappear within an instant, I definitely felt comfortable at all times and wondered why I couldn't feel like that in the first place. 5*

Jan 27, 2016
by Leanne Langley on Kishan’s Clinic
Kishans Clinic

Kishan had been known to my husbands family for a number of years and they had visited him in his clinic for a range of reasons. The main reason was for my husbands hayfeaver. He suffered terrible for years and nothing chemists could offer would help. Since he went to Kishan he doesn't experience hayfeaver any more. Due to this both myself and my husband have been to see Kishan for a variety of problems. He helped me with my depression, the general infections but also helped with fertility. I have since taken my children to see him and he has done wonders with both.. He helped my sons colic. Before seeing Kishan my son was taking the prescribed medication but with Kishans tablets it was gone in days. He has since been back for eating and sleeping issues and both have improved greatly. I have lastly taken my daughter. She suffered with terrible reflux but and despite seeing paediatrician and dietician nothing worked. Again seeing Kishan and having his help sorted the issue and she started drinking more than she had ever drunk.
I truly believe Kishan has a gift and would recommend him to others. If I ever have an issue with myself or my children in the future I will visit Kishan first as I truly believe in him and his work.Jan 23, 2016
by Jill Bond on Kishan’s Clinic
Kishan's Clinic

Kishan was recommended to me by an experienced nurse. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease causing some distressing symptoms. Kishan's treatment has alleviated my problems meaning that I do not need to resort to the steroids that had been prescribed. Since then he has gone on to treat the whole family. My son had dreadful warts and we tried everything to get rid of them, all the over the counter treatments, duck tape and regular trips to the doctor. Nothing worked for over two years, within weeks of consulting Kish the warts had gone and have not come back.
Kishan has also been able to help me through the menopause and recently healed a nagging shoulder injury caused by a cycling mishap. He is my first port of call for any health issues and I cannot recommend him highly enough.Jan 9, 2016
by Ross on Kishan’s Clinic
Kishan - An Amazing Practitioner!

I have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing Kishan for nearly two decades and during that time I have benefited significantly from the treatments and healing that I have received from him.

I would thoroughly recommend Kishan for the treatment of any physical, mental or emotional ailment or problem. Being trained and highly skilled in a range of therapies including homeopathy, reiki treatment, crystal and angel healing, Kishan’s practice offers great opportunities to tackle your health problems and improve your general health and wellbeing.

Since being a patient of Kishan’s for nearly 20 years, he has helped me to cope with and overcome chronic conditions and pain. He has also helped to improve and stablise my emotional state for many years. I used to have quite severe asthma and was back and forward to the GP looking for help, only to be given steroids and increasing strengths of medicines - none of which had an affect on improving my asthma symptoms. Through Kishan’s help with homeopathy, my asthmatic problems disappeared and I cannot remember the last time I needed to use an asthma inhaler. Also, through general maintenance of my health and wellbeing using homeopathy, I can confidently say that I feel much healthier and balanced in my life. My trips to the GP have declined significantly as I know that homeopathy and healing can tackle many health problems and, importantly yield lasting results.

Latterly, I have received healing from Kishan which I would thoroughly recommend for physical and emotional problems. I must admit I was initially a little skeptical of treatments such as reiki but that was simply because I had no understanding of it. After receiving healing on several occasions from Kishan I am no longer a skeptic. Its quite an amazing experience to put it mildly and helps in many ways.

Kishan is truly a great individual and gives you undivided attention during his consultations. He takes time with you and his relaxed and caring approach helps to ensure that the treatment and healing he provides can get to the heart of your problem, whether physical or emotional, or both.

If your health and wellbeing is suffering and you need help from a very caring, considerate and highly skilled practitioner, I would not hesitate to recommend you to Kishan.Jan 7, 2016
by Tracy on Kishan’s Clinic
Thank You Kishan

When we first took our 6 year old daughter to Kishan she was so weak with a history of asthma and recurrent infections. She was pale and worn out and frankly we didn't know where else to turn.

We'd had enough of antibiotics because after antibiotics we were actually out of options.

The visit to see Kishan was a breath of fresh air. He explained more about what was going on clearly and made sense.

He explained how treating the disease only and not the whole person causes deterioration in the vitality of a person.

Hence a Chronic state of disease.

Kishan's explanations were simple and gave us the answers to all our questions.

He started her on treatment and she picked up in front of us. We haven't looked back and its now been 9 years, the last time we saw Kishan was 8 months ago. My daughter was having an asthma attack and he gave her a Homeopathic remedy and timed her response ; after 8 min she was breathing normally.

This was filmed with our permission as research and for future education.

Unfortunately we have never seen an inhaler work that quickly in our lives!

We are very grateful to kishan over the years for all the treatments and help he has given us.

We took responsibility for our health and decided to think outside the box and not follow the herd. In doing so our quality of life as a family has been amazing.

My daughter has been to see Kishan less and less over the years for her hasthma and she's hardly needed to use her inhalers anymore and has grown up to be a bright, energetic, healthy and confident child.

We have all seen him over the years, we have seen the treatments he gives work faster and more permanently then other treatment we had received by our GP.

We are grateful for our health and realise our quality of life is better than it would have been and free from chronic disease.

Thank you Kishan.Jan 6, 2016
by Alan Cammies on Kishan’s Clinic

In the winter of 2014 I had the flu injection after this I had become ill. It started with a chest infection which led to polymyalgia in both arms. This was extremely painful which made using my arms limited. I also felt tired all the time with headaches violent shaking and nausea. Having had tests hospital visits medication I was not improving but getting worse.

I contacted Kishan who I have used before, most of the symptoms went after 2 weeks of Kishans treatment and though it has taken nearly 3 month of his time and patience I cannot thank him enough for helping me to get right again.
He is the kind of person who in the end feels like a friend whom you can always put your trust in.Jan 2, 2016
by Raye Bower FRSA Wrexham on Kishan’s Clinic

Last week I had the pleasure of experiencing a treatment from Kishan.

It was professional, powerful, intense yet gentle! Many personal issues just faded away, I felt lighter more peaceful and at ease with myself.

Kishan has worked hard for many years, he is a natural healer with the added benefit of a solid foundation in the medical field also many other qualifications, all of these facts, together with his attention to detail, makes him a valuable asset to anyone seeking help, on any level. I can honestly recommend Kishan without hesitation.

My testimonial comes with the benefit of my background in Healing and Teaching;

Qualified Assessor and Teacher.     

International Reiki Master and Teacher.     


CRTh Instructor.     

MIACHT Master of Cryptology.     Dec 27, 2015
by Phillip Wedlock on Kishan’s Clinic

Only got one thing to say about kishan absolutely fantastic in what he does listens is amazing with a couple of tablets what he can do for you. My mum love him for is work and is one of the kindest people you meetDec 27, 2015
by HJ on Kishan’s Clinic
Kishan's Clinic.

The work Kishan has done on me is phenomenal. I was very lucky enough to receive help from Kishan unexpectedly. Since this summer I have not looked back. My quality of life has improved muchly. He is highly professional and approachable. I would most definitely recommend and encourage friends and family to visit his clinic if required.Dec 27, 2015
by Derek E on Kishan’s Clinic
Kishan's Clinic

I met Kishan over 15 years ago while renovating his house, I was due to re-sit a exam which I was extremely nervous about. Kishan picked up on this and very kindly sat me down and calmly talked me through my emotions, after receiving the treatment; I passed the exam with flying colours the following day; and felt so confident in myself.
15 years on, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, a grade 2 lobular cancer in one breast and a grade 1 in the other.
As you can imagine, she was distraught; as was I, I had lost contact with Kishan over the years, but when I phoned him, his reply was; come up this evening.
Kishan started the treatment immediately, and when we left his clinic after that first time, she was a much more relaxed and calm person, over the weeks leading up to the operation, Kishan continued to treat my wife, when the time came for the operation; another x Ray was carried out and it was discovered that the grade 2 had shrunk and was now categorised as a grade 1, to this day I don't know how it works; but in my experience, it do. Kishan is one of the most caring, generous human beings I have come to know, and have been what I consider to be a life saver. I have and will continue to recommend this extremely talented and gifted man. Thank you so much Kish for everything you have done for me and my family,Dec 24, 2015
by Susan on Kishan’s Clinic

Kishan in one word is Fantastic!   After being ill for such a long time, even my partner had seen the change in less than a week of me seeing Kishan.
He is a very gentle & caring soul,  he picked up on issue's that I've had for many many year's.
I would suggest if you feel you are down and out, and have nowhere to turn please try a healing session with Kishan.
I have no doubt in my mind that he will help you!

Dec 22, 2015
by Allyson Cox on Kishan’s Clinic

I had heard how special Kishan was for years as my best friend and her family had been having treatments and healing. After a string of health issues was getting me down and extremely anxious I decided to book an appointment with Kishan. I was not disappointed! He is extremely approachable, caring and makes you feel so relaxed. I started homeopathic treatment and was amazed at how quickly I began to feel better. Also Kishan is always there to answer any questions any time, unlike GP's!! I also had a healing session which was wonderful! Kishan is highly recommended by all who have experienced his amazing healing abilities. Don't hesitate to book a session with Kishan, you won't regret it!Dec 20, 2015
by Shannen on Kishan’s Clinic
100% Amazing

Kishan is a very talented man with a heart of gold! He has helped me overcome many things I'd never thought I'd do. With healing from Kishan I feel a lot better in myself I feel more confident and outspoken. Kish is such an amazing person, he has made me believe in myself and I couldn't thank him enough. I 100% recommend him to anyone as you will never be dissapointed :)Dec 19, 2015
by KM on Kishan’s Clinic
Kishan's Clinic

I have known Kishan for a number of year, as well as used his services for a long time. An amazing individual, and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him for the treatment of just about any ailment you can think of.Dec 19, 2015
by Stephen Metcalfe-Davies on Kishan’s Clinic
Amazing Healing

It is truly a privilege to know Kishan, such a lovely person, and his healing abilities are phenomenal. I was fortunate to receive healing from Kishan just over a week ago and it was an amazing experience I really recommend him to anyone.Dec 13, 2015
by Daniel T (Nottingham) on Kishan’s Clinic
Kishan's Clinic

I have been fortunate enough to reap the benefits of Kishan's treatments for many, many years. He has the natural ability to treat holistically, efficiently and accurately. Kishan is an intuitive, knowledgable and gifted clinician and a wonderful, loving and modest human being. For this, I would recommend Kishan's treatment services to anybody who seeks physical, mental and spiritual balance.Dec 8, 2015
by Louise on Kishan’s Clinic
A True Master Of His Work

I first met Kish for treatment over 10 years ago. He cured me of labrynthitis at the time. This time I have visited with more complex health problems. He treats with compassion, empathy, experience and superb knowledge. Kish ensures he leaves no stone unturned when treating you. He genuinely wants to see you fully healed and well again. As a therapist I rarely seek treatment, but Kish is that one therapist I trust with my health implicitly. I highly recommend him to my own patients. If you book an appointment with Kish you will not be disappointedDec 8, 2015
by Mel on Kishan’s Clinic
Highly Recommend

I took my son to see kishan 18 months ago for his nevus, its now much smaller an paler! Much to the Drs amazement and expectations .

My son was also treated for; delayed speech and growth. Also clumsiness, OCD,  lack of confidence, fearfulness. Aand one of our main concerns were that he wasn't speaking.

He is now more out going not clingy and a very bright healthy taller child who started speaking 2 languages!
I have complete trust in kishan and would definitely recommend him.

We regard him as our family Physician and his healings are amazing.Dec 8, 2015
by Melanie on Kishan’s Clinic
The Best There Is

I'm also a patient of Kishan not just my son. I have had homeopathy an healings to treat anxiety, grief, trauma, anemia, back pain , bruising, frozen shoulder and painfull-heavy periods.

Clearing my Aura field has helped me on my spiritual journey. I'm now more calm and relaxed with life and have a different, positive and  grateful attitude. I am mentally physically and spirituality more balanced.  I would be in a nut house if it wasn't for kishans amazing knowledge, healings an homeopathy ???? I'm extremely grateful for knowing such an amazing healer.

Kishan is extremely easy to talk to and tell any problem to. He is also very caring an kind.Dec 7, 2015
by Anna Evans on Kishan’s Clinic

Very pleased with my treatment with Kishan felt better the same night, after a week of pain :))Dec 7, 2015
by GM on Kishan’s Clinic
Kishan's Clinic

A wonderful experience. Kishan is very knowledgable in a number of different disciplines and is well able to combine these to meet the individual needs of the situation. He is very approachable and you can't help but be put at your ease. Thank you Kish for everything you do - I'm confident that the treatment I have had has made changes for the better.

Dec 7, 2015
by Bev Lewis on Kishan’s Clinic
Kishan's Clinic

Kish is an amazing person, I've been suffering for the last 18 months with a back injury and within a week of seeing Kish my back has improved 100 % unbelievable.Dec 7, 2015
by Morgan on Kishan’s Clinic

I started seeing Kishan for my social anxiety, and after only a few visits I had improved a lot. He is a genuinely great guy and you can tell he really cares about you and wants to help you.Dec 7, 2015
by Paul T on Kishan’s Clinic
Kishan's Clinic

I have visited doctor's and physiotherapists for treatment and a friend recommended Kish to me; after one consultation I immediately felt the difference. The guy is amazing. Well done, keep up the good work!Dec 7, 2015
by Mary Sander on Kishan’s Clinic
Kishans Clinic

Kishan has treated me for a chronic condition and numerous other problems over approx 10yrs. He is a very kind and thorough practitioner. His treatments have helped me both mentally and physically. I can't praise him enough.Dec 7, 2015
by Jo on Kishan’s Clinic

My son has anxiety and confidence issues so following a recommendation from a friend we thought we would give homeopathy a go. We are really pleased with the improvement in him since visiting Kishan. Consultations are relaxed and even fun at times!Dec 7, 2015
by LF on Kishan’s Clinic

I am a healthcare professional and met Kishan initially through work, however over the last few years Kishan has treated me a number of times when I have asked for advice regarding my health and well being. Kish takes time to determine all of the symptoms of a condition and his kind manner allows you to feel able to talk openly to him. I have received treatment in the form of both homeopathy and healing and have found the results and outcome exceptional. I would highly recommend taking the time to consult Kish, a certain 5 star rating!Dec 7, 2015
by Derek McGillivray, (Fortwilliam Scotland) on Kishan’s Clinic
Great Guy

Lovely guy makes you feel relaxed and is very good a what he doesDec 7, 2015
by Mandy on Kishan’s Clinic

Kish is the most amazing man! I can't describe how wonderful you feel after having healing treatment! Myself and my family have been using him for years for a variety of treatments! He gets a five star rating from all of us! It's lovely to see what Kishan can do to help people !Dec 7, 2015
by Keith Harris on Kishan’s Clinic

I have have had many treatments from Kishan over a few years including a new knee,clearing chronic nasal congestion,treatment and healing for my fractured coccyx and help dealing with grief. 

Kishans abilities have helped me live and deal with anything in my busy life running a number of businesses.

Amazing person who I am lucky to have met