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Psychic Surgery 

There are basically two different forms of Psychic Surgery

1- The one practised by most Western Psychic Surgeons NON INVASIVE working on the outer bodies.

2- The one practised by healers such as the famous Filipino Psychic Surgeons. These are also known as "Bare Hand Surgeons"

    INVASIVE is (removing Physical Matter)

Western Psychic Surgery

Nearly All Western Psychic Surgery performed is NON INVASIVE, The Psychic surgeon works on the etheric body (the aura). They do not penetrate the skin or the bones and does not remove physical matters from within the body.
This Psychic Surgery is felt seen and experienced in many ways, and levels by Nearly all of my patients that  I've treated over the years most of  which are Consultants Drs Professors Pharmaceutical employees and there family's.

This is done during distance hearings' to. For eg I have chatted with  patients in Africa, Canada, America Cyprus, etc and they can feel all this as I'm working.