​​​​​Kishan's ​Clinic

Homeopathic Consultant and Healer


This Clinic is able to deal with adults, children and animals alike and specialises in the treatment of both acute and chronic conditions using a variety of methods including Homeopathic treatments as well as Reiki, Psychic surgeries and other therapies .

Kishan is able to provide a kind, caring and compassionate therapeutic programme tailored to the needs of the individual with a Homeopathic Consultation and then The Healing that the patient is in need of. 

Kishan has from nearly 3 decades of experience, study and self research, devised a combination system of Medicine that he has found worked best for his patients.

Kishan's Combination Treatment price (which is what most patients come for now)

Homeopathy and Healing/Psychic Surgery: £60*(inc max 2 prescription) 

*The Combination tailored treatments are where Kishan uses all his knowledge skills and experience that he has acclimated over nearly the last 3 decades, patients have benefited greatly from Kishans  combination treatments. Patients have left testimonials. please read them.

A maximum of 2 prescriptions are given with this treatment which is usually enough. If others are needed its £5 per prescription. 

Homeopathy prices

1st Consultation (usually 1hr) with treatment: £55

Follow - up only (usually 20min): £35

1 Homeopathic prescription: £5

Follow-up time (exceeding 20 min): £20 for every 20 min

Healing price- Animal/ Human

Healing and Consultation (usually 30- 50 min): £40

Distance Healings prices- Animal / Human

Single Healings £40

Chronic illness and end of life support varies on number of Healings discussed needed and arranged with patient and family.

Please take into account Kishan works every day, this can be where ever he is at that time. so be thoughtful as he will be with other patients or working through out the day and most nights.

Work/Clinics through out the country and world

Prices vary in different parts of the country and world

please ask before booking.

Skype/Facetime/Video Calls Prices

£60  1hr

(inc Treatments).

Not Postage

Please note there is a charge of £40 for cancelations forgotten with no valid reason and less than 24 hours without notice.