Homeopathic Consultant and Healer


This Clinic is able to deal with adults, children and animals alike and specialises in the treatment of both acute and chronic conditions using a variety of methods including Homeopathic treatments as well as Reiki, and Crystal healing.

Kishan is able to provide a kind, caring and compassionate therapeutic programme tailored to the needs of the individual with a Homeopathic Consultation and then The Healing the patient is in need of. Kishan has from years of experience, study and self research devised a combination system of Medicine that he finds works best for his patients.

Kishans' Combination Healing price (most popular)

Homeopathy and Healing/Psychic Surgery: £60* 

*Combination tailored treatments is for chronic and difficult cases. Response from this combination treatment has been most popular with 90% of the patients I have seen over the last 2 years, most of which have left a testimonial. please read them.

A maximum of 2 prescriptions are given with this treatment which is usually enough. If others are needed its £5 per prescription. 

Homeopathy prices

1st Consultation (usually 1hr) with treatment: £55

Follow - up only (usually 20min): £35

A Homeopathic prescription: £5

Follow-up time (exceeding 20 min): £20 for every 20 min

Healing price- Animal/ Human

Healing and Consultation (usually 45- 60 min): £40

Distance Healings prices- Animal / Human

Single Healings £40

Chronic illness and end of life support varies on number of Healings discussed needed and arranged with patient and family .

Work/Clinics through out the country and world

Prices vary in different parts of the country and world

please ask before booking.

Please note there is a charge of £30 for cancelations less than 24 hours without notice.

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