"Everything is connected, If you sit with your eyes closed and just breathe- you may get a glimpse of what I mean ! “

 Kishan Takahashi

Kishan Takahashi came from a little town in the West Midlands called Willenhall. He was born in 1968 and soon realised that drawing and art was his passion; he has painted, sketched and undertaken design work from such an early age. Kishan  can remember drawing passionately as far back as 5 years of age.
He worked as a designer in a local night club aged  just 13, he did murals on school walls, children's bedrooms and on local ice-cream vans.  As well as Illustrations for companies, schools and also private portraits for clients.

Having received awards and local magazine coverage he went on after school to acquire a Diploma with distinction in General Art and Design from Walsall Art College. From there he began his journey to Newport, South Wales to start his Degree in Graphics Design and Photography. 

During his studies in Newport he worked part time in the local Hospital, this was done intermittently and after finishing University. Kishan went on working there along side freelance Art Design and Photography commissions.

Kishan has also taught Graphics and Art at CrossKeys College, and Kishan has always thrived on undertaking difficult projects.

​​​​​Kishan's ​Clinic

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Homeopathic Consultant and Psychic Surgeon