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I also worked in hospitals and during my breaks the staff  would come from all over the hospital for Healing. Based in a Emergency Department where I worked with Nurses, Domestics, Consultants, Pharmacists, Surgeons and even Managers- everyone needs help. 

One day a Consultant said to me “Yes they need to believe in it”, after some thought I disagreed with that because I’ve gone back after many healings' and asked fellow Consultants Nurses and other staff and they say the same thing, They are still amazed at how they are improving. But never believed it would have done anything.

Luckily I saw these people every day and they still couldn't  understand how it is that they are were free of the symptoms they had before the healing? But they did give me permission/consent and actually asked me to try and help. That’s why I don’t think anyone needs to believe in what happens they need to just ASK or give PERMISSION. This is the spiritual law I work with.

Working in a very busy chaotic Emergency Department where they get very little time to believe in, ask or try anything different is a testimonial within its-self, if what I did was a placebo or belief system, the odds of it working there would be quite slim? I counted an average of 80 healing’s a month, during my break time on staff with; Chronic back pain, stiff necks, knee pain, exhaustion, inflammation, period pains, migraines, headaches, also old injuries, ganglions, heel and feet problems, palpitations and anxiety, emotional traumatic upsets, bullying, depression, shortness-of-breath during chest infections. All of the above which had been helped greatly in nearly all staff members.

​Duration of the Healing’s varies with each individual as you can understand we are all ill at various levels and if a diseases has taken years or decades to form it’s not going to go away in a day,  week or month necessarily. 

however my experience have shown me anything can be possible; please read the 

It is fair to say that not everyone can always be helped, during any form of treatment in life, however if a patient is chronically ill and has suffered most of their life and has tried many other orthodox, allopathic treatments. Then a better quality of life could be possible.

And I will do all I am allowed and able to help.

​My Clinic is situated in the centre of Newport above The Optic Shop, South Wales, UK. The Clinic is able to deal with adults, children and animals alike and specialises in the treatment of both acute and chronic conditions using a variety of methods including Homeopathic treatments as well as Reiki, Spiritual and Crystal healing.

I am  an Master Reiki Practitioner, providing Reiki and Psychic Surgery when needed for Animals and Humans.

Having worked in Hospitals and a very busy Emergency Department as a Treatment Nurse for over 20 years. This experience and knowledge combined with running a busy private practice over 20 years; Kishan is able to provide a kind, caring and compassionate therapeutic programme tailored to the needs of the individual.

I have been a Homeopathic Consultant and Healer for over 28 years, people have come to the City of Newport in South Wales UK with all manner of illnesses to see me, patients include;
Therapists, Healers, Mediums, Drs, Surgeons, Professors, Politicians and Religious leaders- many from all over the world. I am Qualified in Therapies and Treatments such as; Crystal, Spiritual, Reiki Healing, Mediumship and Homeopathic Medicine. one or more treatments may be given when a patient comes and asks for help. 

I work on the Several Body-system not just the one Physical (Etheric) body. These layers of the body have to be treated, each one being just as important as the next layer. Clearing and taking away the blocks within that field of energy, has to be achieved before we can bring a patient back to the point of homeostasis, thus having more chance of fully restoring the vitality and health of the individual.

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Homeopathic Consultant and Psychic Surgeon